Daily Reading #6A

The Saker identifies the Israeli-Neocons as merely one interest group making up the Deep State. He is indeed correct. On the other hand, the current ME policies are Israeli-lead policies, the entire plan for war was theirs, beginning with the idea of 9-11. At this point, the two nation’s intelligence services are sharing a great deal of information, routinely and automatically. The payoffs for Israel are, no doubt, the same as the payoffs for any of the Clinton Foundation’s “Private Donors”, people who divide the spoils of each of the takeovers of government. $250B in the case of Lybia, says George Web. These large groups have factions, of course. And, on the other hand, the CIA and Israeli leaders have made fast progress toward a self-funding cabal that is taking over the ME, and the failures in war and foreign polices with associated challenges in every country in political spheres means the Illegal side of the Deep State, all of them, will band together rather than hang separately. The national government of the US and other countries is under threat is now a common interpretation.

Saker’s analyses are more mainstream, state actors are most important, but are consistent with the ‘private mafias lead by the CIA’ interpretation, I didn’t see contradictions :




CHSmith is excellent, as usual :



RT’s discussion of the report blaming the Russians for controlling the US election is much better than anything I saw or read in the legacy media :


It seems to me that Soros makes more sense as a CIA resource than as a conflicted financial wizard and beneficent progressive, believer in more Justice and equality in the world. He is part of implementing the strategy of tension, the weakening of nation states, from which he makes large amounts of $ in the resulting currency fluctuations combined with NSA-CIA inside information. Soros contributes some of his gains to the Deep State via the NGOs he supports and they run, etc. The games continue, there are many independent contributors to the CIA’s powers, fellow mafias pursuing their own scams on nations and people, sharing information and trust via the CIA and NSA.

This is a much more benign view of Soros, depicting him as a socially-isolated person with deep psychological problems and obsessions from his time in the midst of the Nazis taking over. He is certain of his understanding because he didn’t think Soros was ever lying in the interview, as his ‘BS detector is razor sharp’. Soros is likely a sharp propagandist, he commits crimes everywhere via his NGOs, which are internal subversion operations acting as tho they are pursuing noble goals like training people in how to pursue more open societies, more pluralistic societies :


Two years ago, I was writing about the possibility of NSA scaling trust via secure communications, and the CIA’s agent evaluation software assisting in following the adherence of parties to agreements. I have no such information, I am not an insider, it was pure speculation. But my requirements analysis said it was coming from somewhere, it takes an independent enforcement agency, some set of forces that need the total system to work. That is surely the militarized intelligence wing of the Deep State, the CIA, special forces and drone corps.

Evidence says they have very extensive control without the need for much enforcement, e.g. the percentage of sheriffs who support DC vs the people who claim to represent the people of their county. Ditto police chiefs, local county civil governments an National Guard leadership in every state.

I think it easy to imagine some crisis in which someone in the legitimate successors of Presidential power takes over the Presidency, and are under Deep State control. Plane crashes are popular, and there are many Stinger anti-air missiles loose in the world, thanks to the CIA and Hillary Clinton.

Crosstalk agrees with me, that the dissing the intelligence community is getting with its idiot report practically requires assassination to assuage. Can’t be good for the CIA to have such talk be so open, but Ron Paul did it last week, I have seen it in every blog that is skeptical of CIA purity of soul :

A good discussion of the sociology behind Trump’s win :


Abolish the CIA, obviously the correct thing to do to protect the US Constitution and society, to further our national interest in world peace and prosperity :


I just noticed an incomplete argument in yesterday’s first-draft thoughts about automation of surveillance.

The missing item is the fact that many of the cameras and microphones that every city now has in street lights, traffic lights, etc, and which all feed into a central switch, can be and are copied to the CIA, NSA, and fusion centers. The Feds subsidized the equipment and require that access in return. (I don’t know that, haven’t looked. But it is technically easy, obviously necessary for a long-term plan for automated surveillance, which I know they have been working on. And, it is the way the Feds work.)

They have been working on face recognition, can identify individual walks, can follow individuals through a crowd. (Obviously true, consider the automated connection of neuronal processes in electron microscopy to build 3D models of volumes of brain).

If they can do it for people, they can do it for cars, ably assisted by all of the license plate readers scanning the highways.

Add in access to the cell telephone companies’ tower data, they have a 2D mapping of every cell phone and also all of your data and telephony transmissions and receptions.

So, when you step out of your home in the AM, you could be followed every moment of the day by a computer program that records every move and stop, sees and hears all, including from all near-by cell phone cameras and microphones as they come in range, always your own, of course. And, given the FBI’s warrants that can wiretap the entire world on one signature, every computer with a webcam that faces in a direction where you might pass.

You cannot make a call without NSA knowing it. You cannot visit a web site without NSA knowing it. There are fewer and fewer place you can visit without NSA knowing it, and that is only if you turn off your cell phone, wrap it in aluminum foil and put that into a steel box, and walk there out of the range of any cameras. Be aware of the ‘game census’ cameras on remote trails.

If NSA knows it, pretty much anyone who wants to know that information will be able to get it, eventually.

Probably they aren’t interested in most of us, unless you have some kind of power, they couldn’t care less.  But data is cheap to store, dossiers are more detailed on everyone now, birth to death.

Personal trust is more of an advantage in hard times. Exactly why rational people worry so much about the hard times now opening the door. We have less trust in institutions and fellow citizens every year, major falls election to election.


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