Daily Reading #69

Rainy weather is good for my allergies, and thinking, I think. So much noodling today and not many links. This is first-draft thinking, done mental armor before reading, of course.

Youtube suggested some different videos. I watched a lot of Numberphile’s videos a couple of years ago, my kid was watching them. This series is interesting, and the Flynn Effect for kids who spend time watching the many sources of intelligent videos is much larger than for kids in school :



There are some interesting feedback loops in the culture I want to explore at some point.

I tried to order a non-prescription drug online yesterday. There was no option to pay via credit card, only bitcoin and ‘eCheck’, which required me to provide my bank checking account information. No way, that is the kind of information that cyber criminals prefer, I could lose everything in the account, repeatedly. So even if I trust the vendor, their web site admin has to be perfect so long as they have my information, and I have no way to evaluate either one. Bitcoin has the problem that it is entirely software, and software is buggy, so keeping it online in a bank has proven to be lossy. Thus, their online drug sales are way down.

The reason they gave is “Due to issues related to payment processors reluctance to support the products on the website, we are restricting regarding the payment options we can make available to our customers”.

That is the oligarchs who own Big Pharma colluding with the oligarchs who own and run the CC industry, working together to restrict my options in everything.  That started as a way of preventing people from ordering prescription drugs from overseas, where they are uniformly much cheaper, and so hurting the profits of the US manufacturers.

It is cartels protecting and reinforcing each other, to be expected as cross-ownership and regulatory capture grows and consolidates. The proposal to eliminate cash is just another aspect of that, ownership of government will have been consolidated. If we only have cards and card-equivalents, every one requiring a payment processor to approve, all purchases will be known and approval may not be given. “For your own good”, of course.

Anti-Freedom, extremely. The US is one of the most restrictive countries in the world, not one of the most Free, as we are encouraged to believe. Many countries do NOT require an MD’s prescription to purchase drugs, except for opiates and other illegal drugs, and even that restriction is gradually being relaxed, e.g Portugal, where it isn’t illegal to possess heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine, although selling them is still illegal. Those countries persist as civilizations, e.g. Portugal’s drug usage is now far below the rest of Europe or the US. Any problems they have certainly cannot be traced to the restriction of drugs.

If Trump wanted to cut the cost of medical care, abolish the FDA, abolish all of the drug laws, and make it clear to the banksters that restricting my purchases with their cards is anti-trust behavior. Also, of course, abolish all medical licensing laws, and for the same reasons. Certifications from private institutions are fine so long as they are not a requirement to practice. And, of course, claiming expertise, experience, or training you don’t have and charging patients for care (clients receiving services in other professions) would be fraud, with enough of a penalty from fraudster to effectively deter it and to attract careful evaluations. This is another area where open evaluation of professional’s competence is necessary, and will be superior to the existing system. Easily.

These are Nanny State laws, the cumulative effect of which have destroyed Freedom and the economy.

No matter who you voted for, the government always gets in. This suggested that the Stasis Quo is still in charge of our government. We all keep hoping for intelligent change and voting for the promise. We have been very disappointed so far. I keep hoping that Trump is as intelligent as he thinks he is. As estimated from historical facts, a bad bet :


Gatestone is an Israeli-Neocon disinfo operation, look at the funders and directors/advisors. I have seen at most one ‘rational and balanced’ article from them, either their mistake or mine, I couldn’t tell. This is so well known that we all wonder what ZH’s incentive is in providing this propaganda :


‘Propaganda’ is proven again by the frame of the Charlie Hedbo ‘terrorist attack’. Charlie Hedbo was, almost certainly, a false flag operation. The assessments I have seen say those were very professional operators, highly trained. You don’t get that in a jihadi training camp, you have to have been special forces of some kind. (For proof, look at the Jihadi videos on youtube or any other video site. Their tactics are very unprofessional, in every one I have seen. They win by taking big risks against largely-untrained opponents, and by using poison gas. Sarin, in their series of wins that established the Islamic state, all due to the plans of Hillary Clinton.)  Every analyst who traces the events and the strength of evidence for the government’s preferred interpretation, what got into the legacy media, says ‘lousy evidence’ and the connections of EVERYTHING back to government informants, usually anonymous, and government’s agencies that are in charge of monitoring and preventing terrors, but which have motive and means of implementing terrorism. As well, we KNOW there are training manuals for how to do that, they are a standard part of the Intelligence Community’s capabilities, used to begin every war. It would only be unusual if these tools were NOT being used in time of need, here a need for enemies.

Again, this is the newest version of a standard answer I and many others have come to every time we walk down a newly opened chain of evidence. So many false flags, so much obvious corruption obviously ignored by so many agencies, people with careers on the line. How can the Pentagon still have such a lousy accounting system that they can’t balance the books? Even with the advantages of black programs and black audits, where the non-black world only sees the balances and ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on audits, they can’t balance the gd books.

They blame that on different accounting systems, but the banks and private venture firms, for examples, have rolled up so many organizations with wildly different accounting systems, but apparently have no problem producing a consoldiated financial statement of the new enterprises. Some claim it is a significant strain, but the big 5, or however many international accounting agencies still exist, must have pretty good procedures for doing that by now. Why not the Pentagon?

Either accounting incompetence or fraud.  Given the Israeli under Rumsfeld that was running the accounting office when that unfortunate 9-11 event blew it up, killed 31 of the 32 people who were working on the problem, set it back a long time. In fact, we haven’t heard much about the problem since, except once in a while the total of debits vs credits that need to be hand-plugged, one accounting system to another, hits a new high. $6T, I think, is the most recent number I have seen. So many entries by hand must be hard to audit, in themselves, lots of errors, I bet.

I doubt that there is even a program to correct that. I mean, who would allow themselves to be assigned to it? The 32nd individual in the team had some problem that AM, he couldn’t get to the meeting on time.

The Israeli Team Leader was elsewhere, leading the meeting via video, of course. That happened a lot that day, FBI guys on their first day of work in the offices where the first airliner hit. CEOs and other high up people in companies being out of the office for one reason or another, so many contemporary records of contracts and trades lost.




The overall story of the intelligence agencies is a large incongruity. On the one hand, we are expected to believe they have the vast spy apparatus to detect terrorist events, but the only ones they detect are the total amateurs with a direct trail back to the FBI, ATF, etc. One level  indirect, at best. People who were lead into the terrorist attack by handlers, who they thought they were acting as informants for, or who was acting as an older leader needing help from the budding accolyte.

And, on the other hand, despite huge budgets and near-universal surveillance of communications, they never prevent anything significant, e.g. the 9-11 19 terrorists, and obviously terrorist, wandering the US for a year obviously and intentionally attracting attention with their pilots lessons and lives. Not detected by the CIA, despite being on watch lists, etc. Those range from the super-obvious (with investigation, but legacy media keeps those out of the news), but well-covered such as 9-11, Charlie Hebdo, the London bombing, … others too many to mention, to less-obvious, but still very suspicious events such as San Bernadino. Probably San Bernadino and many of the others just haven’t received enough scrutiny.

It seems to me, from so many lines of evidence tracing back to real reality, real facts, first-order information directly from primary sources, events they have experienced, reports of known origin read, or know from evaluation of such primary sources, which they can cite*, the New World Order is a CIA-oligarchy operation. Easier movement of people and goods fosters their power.** Centralization of power is to the CIA-oligarchy benefit, they have fewer levels they need to corrupt.

It is not entirely a centrally-planned conspiracy, just broad outlines with leaders. An amalgam of interests, negotiations, capabilites.

Mafia rules rule. Whatever you can get away with, so long as you cut enough people in to insulate you. So the CIA corrupts entire governments and bureaucracies with the Brownstone operations, drug, arms and trafficking prostitutes and children for prostitution, and business deals of all kinds, using and being used by Clinton’s CF and various private corporations proceed to take over entire countries in the ME, e.g. Libya, using NATO as their AF, and Syria, using France’s aircraft carrier.

That story connects more threads better than any alternative explanation for the wild state of world affairs than any I have yet understood.

I started out generally anti-authoritariand and contrarian, but have always been skeptical of single-reason, huge conspiracies through long history syntheses and explanations. I have to believe in conspiracies, that is base human behavior, daily life and there are so many well-documented historical examples. The issue was trust. So they still can’t trust, but this is a relatively civilized mafia, more effective and efficient than the brutal local versions.  It prefers to buy people off rather than kill them and rewards the people who have been corrupted with career advancements in return for continuing cooperation, quid pro quo for every favor. Also, it is cheap and the model scales well, hardly necessary given the relatively few people who need to be corrupted and the size of the spoils, the wealth of entire nation states, estimated to be $250B+ in the case of Lybia. Brownstones make $. Inside info and inside actions make more, at all levels, drained from the public one way or anther. Untold business expenses are approved, bogus charges actually paying for prostitution, etc.

Yesterday, I concluded that the fact Trump is opposing Clinton rather than cooperating and profiting meant he was not part of that Cabal. That is still a good thought, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t an independent mafia, intent on his own win, his own sources of massive wealth.

None of this is simple ‘conspiracy theory’. No, this is actual conspiracy as accomplished in the reality of the Deep State and associated oligarchies, cabals and police and intelligence groups at all levels, including groups and interests from many nations and implemented by assassins, bribes, blackmail, drones and special forces. It is now so large as to have become obvious, and/or, the internet’s evolution of information flows and analysis and    cross-checking has made that so.

Made so obvious to people like me, dependent upon the sources I use and the background and abilities I possess, of course. So certainly only a partial understanding, but I cite a wider range of sources than most, and my grasp of the reality underlying events doesn’t see many contradictory items in evidence. I have many examples of my thinking being accurate so far (but people always over-estimate that and underestimate how many would have happened by chance, the real statistics). I also haven’t seen any solid refutations of this line of thought, rather the usual ‘unthinkable, inconceivable, you are stupid for thinking such thoughts’ diversion from dealing with evidence. But, of course, I can’t see everything, those would be lagging with respect to the new analyses.

I think this interpretation of modern history is being widely accepted, and versions of it are what are driving events. The fact it is so wide-spread is what is causing the CIA to be so obviously partisan, and the fact of Stasis Quo corruption is attested to by how uniformly the Stasis Quo lines up with the CIA’s opinions. Otherwise, how do you account for the Progressives supporting Hillary supporting the CIA, and the full story of ISIS, Libya, Russian hacking of the election, the whole range of fake news == out and out propaganda, …?

Where did the Libyan money go?, another question nobody asks or answers.

So many unasked questions, corruption everywhere. The CIA done it! Not Russia. Russia hasn’t been in the game since about 1990, not until our Deep State started the provocations, seeing the need for a new serious enemy, and a way of defeating Russia’s coalition building having such serious effects as losing the campaign to unseat Assad and put our puppet in his place. And thereby blocked an oil pipeline that would have cost the Russians $Billions in European sales. And thus opened up more of the ME and E Europe to the kind of exploitation that Libya experienced, total theft of the nation’s accumulated wealth.

And universal surveillance, with the automation that would allow following any person from their home in the morning throughout the day, logging every address they go to and often the names or photos of the people they talk to, as well as knitting together of the entire sequence of personal visits and communications, who called who and all emails read. Note the many gmail accounts associated with Hillary’s State Dept negotiations, apparently different threads as the quid pro quos and overthrows are negotiatiated and arranged. Those were apparently on Wiener’s system, along with many videos in a folder labeled ‘insurance’.

So many sources and destinations of blackmail information. Understandings of the implication of all of this have been growing since the first revelation that AT&T was copying all internet traffic to NSA.

They have over-reached, things are coming into the open, this will not be hidden, revelations will continue, too many other interests are coming to oppose them, they are too vulnerable in child trafficking and the CIA’s treasons against the US of A and criminal behavior around the world. The momentum is no longer on their side. Crisis approaches, is another way of saying that.

If I am right in pursuing this line of thought, of course.

*Not all media accounts are Truth, anyone can be mislead, etc. So you have to evaluate many sources and sort them by their consistency with other, independent sources, gradually resolve credibility for each sources for different kinds of information.

**At least, it used to. Trump’s next moves will tell us whether anything has changed. If Clinton is seriously investigated and indictments follow, excellent.  Otherwise, it will take revolution to dislodge them.

As always, the warning. Could I be wrong?

Of course, I could be wrong on many details. After all, I rely on mostly other analysts doing the same as I do, relying on combinations of primary sources we see online and each other. Is group think possible in that system? Obviously yes, but it is also obviously less corruptible than the system we think has been been corrupted. This is a resilient system, it will survive people being wrong, we move toward our understandings in parallel, correcting each other as we go.

George Webb is a current leader in this, I have added a few insights to his in the last few days, I think.


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