Daily Reading #67

This is fun, tho Greenwald doesn’t mention the 4chan/pol icing on the cake :


Pointing out that it takes a long time for revolutions to produce positive results :


Very progressive Ds voted to restrict competition in the crony-capitalist drug industry :


I find it very hopeful that the Trump team is proceeding on so many fronts simultaneously. These are people looking at the big picture :


I believe Obama was one of the Senators under Shrub who lead the bailout bill, contrary to this, which says “he can’t be blamed, as the bailouts were passed before he was elected”. ‘Reporters’ and ‘fact checking editors’ at WaPo don’t do their jobs.

Otoh, this is a good article, I have to pay more attention to Matt Stoller, NC reposts a lot of his articles ?blogs?. This makes many good points about failures of governments and political parties, is a good analysis of why the Ds lost power so dramatically over the last few admins. Honest analysis, I thought. WaPo must be trying to regain some small shred of credibility :


This is one of the Deep State’s mafias’ armies. Our armies sort-of-protect so many nations from threats that our other armies create as a side-effect, sort-of, maybe :


What happened to the Zika scare? This is a tab I have had open nearly a month :


Still here, and also the first of the expected cases of microcephaly :



I hadn’t understood about eminent domain laws being so different in the western states. So Progressives, who are willing to invest infinite public money in the latest renewable energy scam, are suddenly against Eminent Domain. An intelligent article, overall :


Strange to have the Secret Service writing reports on ISIS. This guy is a serious reporter, he was 10 days inside the Islamic State a couple of years ago :


Whoda thunk? “Davos Wonders If It’s Part of the Problem. Did the global elite’s devotion to borderless capitalism sow the seeds of a populist backlash?”. The repeated failure of the Davos concensus to predict the future has lead to self-doubt so deep they speculate their world-view might be wrong.

The bottom line: The Davos consensus nurtured by four decades of World Economic Forum meetings is at best broken and at worst dead.



Rolling Stone calls BS on the “Russia compromised Trump” story :


Nanowires introduced to cells as a means of controlling them. ‘The cells do not appear to have been harmed’ :


The further I go with George Webb’s Youtube videos, I am up to Day 78 in one viewing and 83 in another, replays, etc. The man makes a lot of connections, he claims a much larger group in the conspiracy, enforced by such things as embassy bombings. Also, by all the child trafficking operations. Leading men and women in every sector of society, but especially police and military, are targeted for blackmail via child sex. Standard CIA manual to do all of it, how to take over a country. After being compromised, progress depends on your skill at negotiating quid pro quo. Long-term plans, institutional frameworks being exploited by their power and the secrecy need by everything, perfect cover for their large-scale, very large-scale, crimes. The Deep State has done well for itself, now the Internet has come along and people noticed :



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