Daily Reading #68

Ron Paul interview in the video this contains has the same worries about the CIA killing Trump I have read across the political spectrum :


Gaius Publius is a careful analyst, the ‘Russians are blackmailing Trump’ propaganda is BS in so many dimensions, he found a new one :


Trump won because he was the anti-war candidate :


AIPAC owns congress :


H. Res. 11, the House statement, effectively equates opposition to the illegal colonization drive by Israel’s right-wing government with opposition to Israel itself. This would appear to be part of a bipartisan effort to delegitimize any criticism of Israeli policies.

UN Resolution 2334 simply reconfirmed the longstanding consensus that such settlements are illegitimate. Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention — to which both Israel and the United States are signatories — bars any occupying power from transferring “parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

The United Nations, through such measures as Security Council Resolutions 446, 452465, and 471, has repeatedly recognized that the West Bank and East Jerusalem constitute territories under foreign belligerent occupation — and that Israel’s settlements are in violation of this critical international treaty. A landmark 2004 decision by the International Court of Justice confirmed the same. In that ruling, the World Court enjoined the United States and other signatories of the Fourth Geneva Convention to “ensure compliance by Israel with international humanitarian law.”

Women are inhibited in competing with men. The explanation of ‘stereotype threat’ is backed by what seems an intelligent analysis :


I was watching Sargon of Akkad. The name and solid presentations means he was some kind of classics scholar. Smart guy, solid research, and he hammers evidence. “The Reality Of Child Trafficking Rings”. Very solid analysis, I have read other accounts of many of the cases he discusses, see no problems with his evidence.


Going through that with the point of view, so quickly evolving from his Open Source Investigation, of George Webb in his “Where is Eric Braverman?” series, that ‘brownstone operations’ were standard CIA methods, written up in training manuals, of controlling countries from the 1960s on, were set up and operated all over the US and the big cities in Europe. Lots of people have discussed them, but he cites 2 recent books from ex-cia people I need to read.

Cameras and girls became too common, no blackmail potential as the society got liberal. Gay sex was still good, so many boys were entrapped one way or another, but for the average man, blackmail required younger girls. And then younger. Eventually so very young the men were paedophiles. And there was a psychology and progression in the parties, always many men, many young women, then as the men became accustomed to the situation, over parties, younger women, … progressing to paedophilia. Low-light cameras from many different POVs around the party room.

Those were organized entrapments, they start with the highest officers and executives and work down through the organization until they control whatever resources they need. People must do things because they are part of the network, and people prosper by being part of the network. It doesn’t take controlling many people within an organization to control it all, maybe a half-dozen to a few dozen for one larger and more complex.

Paedophilia is nothing new in history and paedophilia networks a natural result of increasing social disapproval and legal repression, but the CIA has spread it around the world as part of the spread of our Empire, a price for the win against the USSR and dominant military and political power, or so they will say.

If you search for “documentary child sex trafficking’ on youtube, you will find 263,000 results. World-wide, it is an industry. Starts retail, with pimps recruiting, sophisticated understanding of psychological manipulation and slave dealers and outright theft of children. Those feed international rings that transport and sell to brothals and ‘brownstone operations’ of the CIA.

Fake news is as old as politics :


This is the CIA shutting down a cut-out operation, I think. The records will be destroyed, of course, although the 650K emails on Weiner’s computer probably are enough to unravel everything, if the law enforcement agencies do their job :


Countries whose citizens think they are on the right track have a more-controlled media and less politically-sophisticated citizens, it seems to me. Although, we have to wonder how politically sophisticated US citizens are when they believe ‘terrorism is the most worrying issue’. You are more likely to be killed slipping in the bath tumb than killed by a terrorist, and the US’s bombs and sarin gas are the big causes of death in the ME.

The contrast of those facts with opinions is the most worrying issue, a symptom of the Deep State’s control of political opinion :


It isn’t April 1, so I suspect that Onion writers are moonlighting again :


A relative sent me this. Europe has taken America’s boogie woogie and raised it to new heights of sophistication :


And also kicked off one of the major threads of evolution in dance, the boogie woogie dance contests are amazing, this is one of the early couples that went on to win many international competitions :


Another link I was sent. There are as many different styles of dance as there are styles of music. This is heavily influenced by various black dancers, maybe going back to the 1930s. Clearly his parent’s basement, and he is making good use of it :




This talks about the incoherence of opinions on Syria. For anyone who digs down to the foundations of things and rules out the impossible, almost everyone’s opinions are incoherent on almost every issue. Reality is a lot more complex than most people’s thinking :


This is both TRUE and complete BS. Backpage was indeed incredibly profitable, and what they blame backpage for as ‘coverup’ was their attempt to eliminate ads featuring child prostitutes. But banning Backpage, which happened recently via a criminal case for pandering, I believe, didn’t help in the slightest. It isn’t as if there are not dozens-to-hundreds of sites waiting and ready to take equivalent ads, it is a repeat of when they did this to Craigslist. Craigslist had more eyes more critical, and ads were ended faster. Craigslist didn’t even make money from their ads, and donated proceeds to charity when they finally were forced to start charging for sex worker ads.

Every diffusion means less eyes, less critical, and less willing to do the work to shut down individual ads, so shutting them down is counter-productive. The problem is real, the solution is stupid, mere feel good facade.

I started writing about the problem of paedophilia last year, and decided the answer is the same as all other problems with sex and drugs, eliminate the laws and put the responsibility back on people to be involved in their communities and deal with social problems socially. Drugs and prostitution will never be ended, laws can only force them into the shadows, meaning we won’t know what problems we have, the reality is hidden. That is mainly what reforms and more policing due, they cover the problem up enough that the community thinks it is gone, when it is just another corrupting agent for the police and justice system, of which there are far too many already :

Paedophilia can’t be eliminated, but surely can be minimized if everyone who notices anything immediately does something about it, including pulling out a gun and/or recruiting a posse then and there to rescue the minor. Policing is clearly useless for drugs and sex, the problem keeps growing along with the fragmentation of the society. Community and community expectations about individual responsibility as well as reasonable behavior therefore must be the answer.

I need to write a guide to ethical prostitution and the use thereof. Probably my wife won’t let me do the necessary research 8) :


We are going to a party, so I am ending this for the day.


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