Trump Is An Archetype Leader

At my wife’s suggestion, I read the 1990 Playboy interview with Trump, and find it worthwhile.

Changed my view of Trump, not all positive. Very competitive attitude, insightful in ways practical to him, but an idiosyncratic world view, it seems to me. Not unsophisticated, but idiosyncratic. The things in his head are things he has thought or learned from practitioners who did, much less from general reading, although he seems to have listened to a lot of talk shows to learn how to connect to voters, what the hot buttons are. Strongly inner-directed, but real sensible, as judged by results. Business and personal life, he has tried a lot of things, some didn’t work, but a string of big ones apparently did.

I doubt that anyone looked at all of his claims of how much he profited on the various deals, and the man is his own PR agent always on the job, even so, big numbers. And a guy who has paid attention to the PR side of things for a long time and makes it pay. Cautiously aggressive, is one view. Not a megalomaniac, the way many depict him, he can’t be from the results.

The guy has built a brand around his name and associated it with luxury. I believe his claims of people working for him for long periods. I just read 2 pages of reviews on Trump_Organization at, great majority are pretty positive, ‘good ethics’, etc. Anyone in any area who can make tips says ‘demanding guests’ and ‘pay is great’, meaning good staff who earn the tips. So I have to conclude he has built intelligent organizations, is an intelligent person who deals with others well and fairly.

The self-promotion includes his skills as a deal maker, it is very difficult to assess the reality because he is so good at self-promotion. But overall, judging from results, the Trump Brand and properties are worth a lot, it took serious effort to produce that. He is an opportunist, took on bigger and bigger projects as his assets grew, learning from each. Beauty pagents when those were good $. Wresting in its heyday. Gambling in Atlantic City in its heyday. Trump has done a lot of different things, everything produced more contacts and potential allies, Trump didn’t lose much money in any of them as he is careful with downside risk, did very well overall.

And did all that without being significantly criminal, apparently without falling into traps of the many kinds waiting for the rich or powerful or wannabe-rich or -powerful. You know that because Trump is working against Clinton. If he had fallen into the standard traps of paedophilia or serious crime, Trump would be working with her for the Deep State mafias.

It seems to me that Trump is one version of a Mensch, an archetype of a leader, the kind of person that people identify as a do-no-wrong winner who they want to follow. Very aware of image, real self-confident in a careful way. He builds alliances, demands loyalty and gives it.

Just looking at the ‘what box’ thinking he has been doing, ignoring the press, Tweeting to directly communicate, Trump plays a deeper game than his opponents and is outplaying them consisitently

Strong leaders in times of turmoil are so dangerous, and this man is visibly strong, competent and an archetype. As simple as some of his assertions are, he is not simple himself. And a winner playing the game at a deeper level than his opponents, visibly. I think he is going to be doing a shock and awe campaign inside the government bureaucracies, will have the momentum from the first day.

Be interesting if he really decides to drain the swamp. If he doesn’t succeed, shooting revolution. Not just me saying that, also Peter Turchin, the leading historian-sociologist model builder, publisher of a half dozen popular books. He says it is an over-production of competition among elites for the few slots at comfortable levels, a population explosion of the sons and daughters of elites and wannabes, combined with immiseration of the masses that produces revolution. Turchin says this is a dangerous time in history.

One symptom is the insanity of the legacy media and the Stasis Quo, so obviously colluding with Trump’s political enemies in the Deep state, these astound me every time I look at the situation. This entire attempt to de-legitimate Trump is going to come back to bite them hard. So far, their biggest guns have been popguns in effect, although I am surprised at how many people still believe the ‘golden showers’ episode in Moscow. Nobody reads 4chan or ZH, I guess.

Who is benefiting by the de-legitimization campaign? The media reporting it and the people who expect the de-legitimization to further their political aims, which could include anything from halting confirmations through impeachment or assassination.

The media will be first to lose, the comments on ZH to the press conference are “What do we need them for?”. Trump can go directly to the people via the web and Twitter.

I see people wondering if Trump can run a government via 140-character Tweets. Well, he is decimating his political opposition with them, has made Tweets for political effect something of an art form*.

The fight will be fierce and the Deep State has enormous cash flows and payoffs and power at stake. Also the DS plays real dirty, bribery, blackmail, character assassination, disruption of individual lives by everything from id theft to causing them to lose jobs and spouses and children, gang stalking, murder and false flags are standard tools. To date, those have been enough to control things very well, it is only since their 9-11 over-reach (clearly Israeli influence) that the Israeli-neocon control of government has become shaky.

This is the first time in history where a politically sophisticated populace with access to so much information goes against the entrenched power of mafias.

I have great hopes for the open source investigations and the power of exposing the crimes. The outrage is building as the information and understanding accumulate into a big picture. The powers that be can’t censor the Internet, no matter how stupid the current big social media sites are in doing so, the consequent boost to their competition will be their undoing. Trump will be able to rally a lot of people for petitions or rallies or other political action, more and more as more crimes are exposed. He is going to seize the initiative, generate momentum and ride over the oppositions.

I think the attempts to disrupt the inauguration will have the opposite effect on Trump’s political position, they will move more people to support Trump. The left will be blamed for violence, I can’t see how it will de-legitimate Trump or the government (any more than the government already is, I mean). The most they can hope for is an over-reaction from the Bikers who promised to show up to opposed them, or the police and national guard, and therefore a way to keep rallying the leftish troops against the ‘fascism of the right’. That kind of thing doesn’t ever work completely, because of alt-media.

It is a propaganda war, we on the alt side are winning, it seems to me.

Interesting times.

*Extrapolating to the future and a yet-more sophisticated populace and smart phones with voice input and 1024 character limits to Twitter-like social media, we can expect other politicians to use Haiku or other short-form poetry, perhaps Limericks. Yes, the intellectual party using haiku, and the populists using limericks, that seems right, and so of course is not the future that will happen, it isn’t unbelievable enough.

One thing this election has taught us, the future will not be at all believable even the day before it happens.


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