Daily Reading #66

I am such a sucker for bottle-neck slide guitar blues and unconventional instruments. Justin Johnson is an interesting musician, plays such a variety of instruments, and whoever is building those instruments is adding value in innovative ways. So far as I can see, the sophistication of his music is entirely dependent upon the number of strings. Surprisingly good tone from the shovel, don’t you agree? :


The resistance that Trump will now experience from the bureaucracy and their D and R enablers will be fierce. The weakness on the Stasis Quo side will be the corruption, that is the weak point that Trump must attack, and is also the arena where he can rally support for changing the Stasis Quo :

Trenches, Human Nature, and Numbers, by Robert Gore

This is the Stasis Quo talking. Continue institution and mode of thought from the past, because elite’s cash flows depend upon them. Our allies distrust us because we are using all of those institutions to control them, to prevent them changing their circumstances :


This talks about how little control citizens have at even the local government level wrt pay of their executives and their pensions :


Deep State overlords are at war with the President-elect :


Glenn Greenwald Discusses “The Deep State” With Tucker Carlson…

A standard evil bastard on the net would provide this phishing link as a clickable image to a warning about it, of course. I like the meta of warnings as the danger. You can’t be too paranoid, but you should damn well try hard :


This is an interesting discussion of the Deep State. Note that it bridges any partisan divide, as would a discussion of wide-spread corruption in our Stasis Quo. Paedophilia as a control mechanism among the elites will become a significant area of agreement this year, and bureaucracies will live or die by how honest they can be on that and other subjects. Most will die, we can hope :

Glenn Greenwald Discusses “The Deep State” With Tucker Carlson…

The meat of that comes from this :


And Moyers was 10 years behind a number of academics who had published books on the subject, and they were lead by the first generation that started being alarmed by the power of the CIA and MIC. These understandings have been a long time coming, to say that the legacy media has downplayed their importance is an understatement.

If topics are not kept at the top of the news, the general public forgets them. But enough people eventually see the incompatibility of specific things they remember and the claimed history, the actual state of things vs the claimed states, and the estimated life of our system of government continues to decrease. It is a law of existence, you can’t ignore reality forever, you can’t ride roughshod over people, it eventually causes opposition, oppositions eventually combine, the ruling classes eventually go down, always. Of course, eventually might take a while, but history seems to be moving faster, a combination of much larger absolutely forces moving people and materials ever-longer distances, many more of them in combinations of ever-more complexity, mediated by and driven by modern communications.

Complex games, they take large risks, have long planning cycles. 30 years for the 9-11 + looting of the ME to be set up and implemented, although I don’t think George Webb starts there. The base dynamic of this is that people who want money and power can use others who want money and power and are willing to take risks, provided they get protection. And they do always get protection, at a cost, a quid pro quo..

This is very much a propaganda war, and the only people who still believe the Stasis Quo’s story are the ones who need to because of ideology, position or income, all aligned, including the new juxtaposition of the CIA and so many supposed Progressives. As the system fail, supporters are fewer and fewer, but opinions and expressions of opinion more and more extreme on both sides.

This is a note from a friend and my reply :

On 01/13/2017 11:36 AM, xx wrote:
> So at least they’re being done.
> Other researchers whining about the risks – as if getting old has no risks.
> https://www.technologyreview.com/s/603242/questionable-young-blood-transfusions-offered-in-us-as-anti-aging-remedy/?utm_source=MIT+TR+Newsletters&utm_campaign=b1d4b8bc6a-The_Download&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_997ed6f472-b1d4b8bc6a-154331529

And as if donating blood did not shorten life, which it must by the logic of stem cells suffering from aging as a result of dividing. :


They can only hope a generation of geriatric life extension researchers figure out other fixes for that. Maybe, but only if we get rid of all federal support of research, which is inherently centralizing, inherently weeds out the non-obvious hypotheses, many of which would be cheap to test, but probably won’t produce anything. I don’t have much hope of progress within the current funding mechanisms, e.g. :


I find that analysis BS for many reasons, which I have an independent blog started on, may finish some day.

But there is a reason nearly universal in government-funded research, the need to avoid risk, don’t do anything that won’t result in publications, meaning positive results. This has resulted in ‘science’ being extreme over-statements of the importance of basically-nothing special research in all kinds of areas, hyped by the press office. Embarrassing to see, I feel for the scientists in that system.

The emphasis on certain positive results means scientists and funding agencies perform depth-first searches until the depth ends, either because analytical techniques don’t go further or too many negative results in a row direct attention elsewhere. By which time something randomly comes up that provides new theories and so a new area to probe deeply, papers all the way, etc.

The research world is driven by $ and prestige, and allowing researchers to control research $ based on their reputations has created an elite, of course. Just as working for judges for a while in law school creates the connections that can start a new lawyer on a career through DAs and into the court or top defence law firms, a different version of the same phenomena, as DA is the major route into legislatures.

As compared to the intelligent breadth-first search, which in an unknown search space of huge dimensions means ‘test many, many cheap, random hypotheses’. Anything based on a theory is depth-first. As soon as there is a legitimate market for access to negative results, which will happen as soon as the first major new phenomena is found via random search in any area of science, then research will return to early-science rates of return on the investment.

Intellect- and theory-driven research agendas have had a declining return on investment for some time, and the bigger the projects the more disappointing the results, e.g. CERN, US high energy physics pushing the Tokamak, the many big-pushes on cancer, even genomics has not yet much affected medical care, …

The Generalissimo has been speaking to me again, lying in bed at night, one of the voices in my head. I have to start writing some of it up soon.

I find this video absolutely incredible BS, very wrong wrt historical causation and aspects of sociology. However, it is very convincing BS, and is an inevitable result of Feminist ideology pushed into so much public policy via a general Progressive agenda, an agenda which is now seen to be a massive failure. We are about to throw the baby out with the bathwater in many areas of our civilization through the general inability, equality of the sexes being one of the leading candidates. That isn’t good for anyone, it also means a general regression in the openness of sexual expression, always the first thing to go in any reformation. The openness, of course, not the sexual behaviors, even long after serious punishments are inflicted in examples, people pretty much go on doing what they have always done, they just don’t talk about it as much.

I find I can’t quite explain why, have to think about that :

Pat Buchanan doesn’t read Reddit or 4chan, I guess :


My breadth-first search through the information space trying to figure out wtf? is getting too much, probably because I am concentrating too much on the leading edge, day-to-day events. This is an exciting time in history, so I probably have to keep that up through the early days of Trump’s admin, at least, but I need to get back to the science and engineering necessary to check on The Generalissimo and Scherrhy’s stories. They have been bugging me again to get started with their experiences building the future civilization, both such important people in making it happen, the reformation of society via super-human human intelligences and budding intelligences in the servicebots and their evolution through embodiment and consequent emergent trust-based civilization. I find the engineering design and implementation The Generalissimo describes very impressive.

I have been spending a lot of time with videos around George Webb’s series “Where is Eric Braverman?”. It will take a couple of replays and a lot of writing just to get my mind around it, but already I see consequences and connections. Various points me makes about mechanism and relationships explain a lot of events and facts I hadn’t understood before. As I go through the videos next time, I will follow along with the notes and read the links he has in support. Without those, I didn’t know the evidence for relationships and so not the plausibility of his thinking. However, even so, his story makes a lot of sense. I think the 52 Sarin gas attacks in Syria and Iraq, finally reported in the NYTimes, I believe, are the evidence that unwinds the Deep State. These people are far too dangerous, and the next level of escalation is obviously a nuclear bomb. We have to end this ery evil regime.

Youtube goes on killing conservative accounts. Mention Pizzagate, you are often gone quick. Oppose Clinton, not so quick, but they are disappearing one at a time. Google is at the peak of their stock value, sell now and buy a portfolio of the emerging competition. There are full replacements for every function on Google, no reason to allow Google to make $ selling our data.

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