Daily Reading #65

More on pedophiles in high places, the kakistocracy, rule by the worst. And the dynamics of recruiting pedophilic psychopaths. And the first discussion I have seen on how to fix things, how to understand the patterns of corruption, sharing information, public research. There are some international cooperations online. I had linked to this before, must not have finished it, don’t recall the ‘fixing it’ discussion. Corbett is good, this is a very good overview of a world-wide problem. Very few people are psychopathic pedophiles, but enough to control everything via a vetted-by-blackmail big club. :


This is another aspect of the pedophilia problem, big cultural differences. I had read about the police coverups, had not understood that some consider the problem wide-spread. Forced population merges in a short time are not going to work. Smaller numbers could have been handled, but not this amount of social disruption in the same decade as an economic crash, it will start with pogroms and retaliation and progress to a dirty war that will spoil the world for another 100 years during which our elites continue to feather their nests at our expense. Wars of all kinds mean sex workers and kids are cheap, enslaving them is easy and cheap, given corrupt officialdom and police.

RealityCalls seems to me to have a sound mind, judging from other videos of hers I have watched. She is not cracked, no hint of racism, etc. which is why I am finally coming to this point of view. The authorities could have handled all this by being serious with the immigrants at the beginning, explaining the differences in social expectations and then enforcing them very vigorously for long enough for the lessons to take. The approach they have used no doubt makes European governments appear ‘weak’ from a ME pov, and idle young men in groups are the most prone to disorder, so the situation is on the edge of out of control whereever there are large numbers of new ME immigrants. The fact that rape has long been the social enforcement of the very strict modesty-in-dress and -behavior standards of conservative Arabic societies, (said modesty standards used to be standard in Europe, you realize?), merely makes the initial understanding of new social values more difficult.

A significant number of Arabic males like their sex partners quite young, George Webb talks about that as being integrated with the CIA’s raids of all the ME resources.

So far, the US has not had enough new immigrants in one place that we have had a problem :


CHSmith lays out what true Progressive values are, surprisingly like what Americans used to mostly believe :


To me, merely ‘globalist’ doesn’t give me any sense of the motivation for welcoming a bunch of migrants with a big cultural divide. Mexicans in the US don’t seem to me to be much of a threat to the national culture, we have internal groups who are far more of a threat to our own political and social culture, and the various Muslim groups that had been in France since Algerian days were pretty French and largely integrated, at least in the music and arts and literature scenes where I can see evidence as an outsider. France was a reasonably well-mixed society, it seemed to me, as an outsider. Up until the last couple of decades if war in the ME, then this latest French attempt to return to being a Colonial power :







War has very bad effects on the warriors of both sides. Seal Team 6’s loss of civilized behavior is standard, not an exception :


As the jobs left, jailing people became a source of employment for police and jailers, is not a big industry in small towns across the US. 6100 people per 100K in some sub-populations, and unbelievable rate of incarceration :


Mexico is increasingly unstable. I read something else in the last few days that says the Intelligence Community thinks revolution is 100% probable. Our gd drug laws helped that a lot, along with the US’s decision to support Sinoa and Guzman to eliminate the other 13 cartels, assistance via ‘gun running’ to arm them. The proposed ‘reforms’ are all dependent upon a functioning government. Instead, Open Source the vetting of candidates, that can begin any time, anywhere  :


Bridgewater, like most hedge funds, makes most of their $ from insider info, not from brilliant hedging. Watch George Webb’s series to see how Bridgewater fits into the oligarchy’s plans to seize the resources of the ME :


This is George Webb’s research, and his laying out how people can help in the Open Source investigation he is running. This is an impressive effort, a world-wide overview of the connections in the Deep State mafias and oligarchy, and an ever-deepening probe into the people and companies. It explains a lot of US politics, e.g. McCain and Lindsey are so very bellicose because their investments depend on the rape of the ME’s resources that Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were leading.

This is the best overview of all of the threads that make up this criminal conspiracy, lead by the CIA and America’s Deep State :


This is probably connected. That series lays out the connection between Carlos Slim and
Muhammad Yunnis. So, restricting cash, moving everyone to using phones and banks, is necessary for tracking both people and money. George Webb does a good job of explaining how cell phones and microfinance makes it easier to control the population as well


Newton made 3 bets, all were risky. Only physics worked. Today while driving, NPR had some people talking up Joe Biden’s new push for an all-out moonshot to finally understand cancer. True, none have worked before, and also true, the question of what areas of cancer research to pursue have changed continuously, but this time, they promise, will be different.

It is the promise of centralization, of big science producing big breakthroughs.  Except, big breakthroughs come from JRandom Researcher pursuing something on the fringes of science, and the big-science stuff has produced very little for all of the $ spent. For example, the European big physics project, CERN, has a budget of 1127.2 x 10 ^6, about $1,200,000,000. It employees 10K scientists and engineers. It has produced remarkably little important science, including finding the Higgs Boson, maybe. Whether or not it was a Higgs, that has remarkably little effect on the economy, beyond the $14.5B spent to find it.

The American effort to produce hot fusion as a source of energy spends $5B/year, they have predicted a functional fusion reactor in 30 years since the first year 20+ years ago. Protecting those budgets means the high energy physics community has denigrated Cold Fusion, now called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, which is entirely new physics, but cheap to pursue. It is being pursued entirely privately now in labs around the world, and at least one company seems to have a product. The news has none of this, of course.

Big projects of economic import can be funded privately. E.g. even the human genome project was funded privately for more than half of the genome’s decode. Until that point, where the science is solid enough to begin working on a product, research dollars are best spent by many scientists pursuing their own ideas. That produces the maximal rate of evolution per research dollar, big projects are the slowest.



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