Daily Reading #64

Greenwald “The Deep State Goes To War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, As Democrats Cheer”. Greenwalds view is the Deep State is attempting to replace an elected official in the US, the President-Elect. I add, or to set him up for failure :


My wife found this and told me I should read it, the Playboy interview with Donald Trump in 1990.  Wish I had read it at the beginning of this campaign, it completely changes my estimates about Trump, and not entirely positively :


Our Intelligence Agencies think we are very stupid. This gem of a disinfo piece completely fails, it has no evidence. Further, it gets so many things wrong, the bit that made me laugh was the quid pro quo of Trump agreeing to ‘sideline discussion of the Russian’s Ukrainian invasion’.

Both countries know that is not the reality, and it would not be part of any agreement with Trump :


And if the so-called ‘intelligence services’ can’t identify real sources from dreck like this, we need to abolish all of them, not just the CIA and NSA. And if they can, nevertheless they put their reputation behind said dreck for reasons of political power, and need to be abolished. It is not the job of the CIA or NSA to favor candidates here in the US of A. There were many blogs like this all day, calls to abolish the CIA :


Of course, before the day (yesterday now) is out, the CIA and NSA have egg of incompetence all over their most intelligent faces. This is so wonderful, so perfect, I could not stop laughing. NSA’s filtering of reality from non- on the net is perhaps not so perfect and systematic. And/or, if you want to make up believable fiction, 4chan writing fan fiction in the /pol/ threads beats the hell out of a bunch of cia analysts in creative mode. Just lovely, and the comments on the reddit thread are even funnier. I could not stop laughing. Nobody could invent this :


Comments include. I am sorry I didn’t include names, they deserve attribution, but I missed on the first 2 and then it was too much trouble to go back and fix things :

  • 17 intelligence agencies are highly confident of this.
  • It’s only the beginning, I’m afraid. When you drain the swamp, you get to see the muck at the bottom.
  • This might be the greatest Troll ever
  • I honestly have no words. When I first saw this I thought it was funny as hell. But if you take a step back do you realize what this means. The establishment just cited 4chan as to why they think trump engages in bizarre sex practices. What parallel universe are we even in anymore?
  • So Russia “blackmailed” him. Forced him to run for president. And then dumps the blackmail before he’s sworn in (which ruins any further chance of leverage)…to Buzzfeed? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA buh bye Buzzfeed.
  • Ok – so let me get this straight… /pol/ made up a story about Trump hiring prostitutes to piss in a hotel bed that Obama slept in and CIA, NSA, FBI says that is proof of Russia hacking the election?
  • This will inoculate Trump from scandal forever. Why are the media shooting themselves in the foot like this?
  • This could be a really interesting strategy of further beating the corrupt media. Sending a bunch of reports their way and force them to fact check everything or risk this being a weekly occurrence while their ratings plummet.

Comments like that go on forever, I think. 768 replies when I looked last.

There are very very many creative minds on the internet. Those minds are now engaged against our bureaucracies, a standard evolutionary game of center against the periphery. The periphery got much stronger since the web arrived, and is just now realizing its power. President Trump is the first major win.

President Trump is winning this bureaucratic battle before he even takes the Oath of Office. For the loss of face the Stasis Quo has experienced, the power of the alt-media this episode displayed and the threat to the their power and existence, they have to kill him.

This presents the case of “The Russians Did It” coming from an agency at end of life, moribund by bureaucracy, which has not been correct on any item since their Al Qaeda-ISIS boomerang aimed at the USSR. There is no way to defend the CIA presenting it to Trump as ‘what the intelligence services of the world know’ AND CNN and Buzzfeed. They will now claim they were trying to reassure the President-elect, as he would know it was all untrue, because otherwise it would have come out before the election. After all, this was the standard kind of dreck opposition research accumulated, nobody believed any of it, every news organization knew all of this before the election.

Why CNN and Buzzfeed NOW? Who is benefiting by the de-legitimization campaign? What do they hope to accomplish? aThose are some of the questions President Trump needs to ask his Intelligence Agencies.

I think it was fellow criminal organizations providing each other services. CIA pays salaries and bonuses, CNN and other editors run the stories they are given :


I still disagree with the William Binney segment of this, NSA cannot connect both ends of all connections, and could not even if they had a tap on every single Fiber Optic link. The reason is they would need meta-data on every single packet, the entire packet header. Even if they had all of that, and it isn’t possible for reasons of data storage. exabyte is 10**18 ~= 2*10**15 packets. Need the entire set of protocol headers for ‘deep packet inspection’ guess 100 bytes. But that is just for one hop, one link on the net.  The number of hops is perhaps 10, so we are back to storing the amount of data transmitted per day over the net. Not possible for long.

Could they combine it with deep packet inspection, so select what they store? Yes, but then tracing is statistical, and anyone who varies their connections enough or uses segments of the net that NSA can’t monitor is nevertheless safe. Note that NSA didn’t connect the intelligence report above with 4chan, and that could not have been for reasons of protecting sources, they could have cited any search engine.

The latest Intelligence Report says ‘US leadership is ebbing’. Wow, really insightful :


This discusses the new laws in the EU that give the states powers equivalent to the NSA, ‘vacuum it all’. Much quibbling about ‘economic espionage’, as tho prohibition would actually stop the acts anywhere. Touchingly naive faith in laws wrt intelligence services :


Peter Turchin is always interesting, an academic, but dealing with hard reality of social systems. The first is the decline of cooperation, the 2nd the reasons for our social discord :



John Whitehead is very good, always :


George Soros obviously has a huge amount of influence around the world, including here in the US. The man can do what he wishes with his money, that is Freedom. But if he was working for better health, for better local economies, etc, things in our interest, we wouldn’t need to get our information from email hacks. He isn’t transparent any more than absolutely required by law, and thus is obviously working against our interest. We should not give anyone with money or power any benefit of any doubt, and should doubt any non- or anti-transparency very much :


Israelis depend on immunity from criticism, are consistently far outside the bounds of civilized behavior. This kind of hubris will come back to haunt them, Israel is a failing state, it is not a sustainable enterprise as currently managed, it is building up a charge of hatred around the world with arrogant and crminal acts, just like the US is doing. Not good for Jews, not good for Israel, not good for the world. And the US’s behavior is ditto.

Any country that does this would normally have their entire Diplomatic Mission declared unacceptable, followed by a long delay in accepting any new mission’s diplomatic credentials. This behavior should be punished, and normally is, except for the US and, it seems, Israel. What is Israel doing here in the US, I wonder? With Israeli dual-passport citizens as agents in our highest corridors of power? Of course, Israel has a much easier time manipulating the US government, AIPAC owns Congress, for a start.

It is interesting to compare the specificity of information in this news article and Al Jazeera’s videos accompanying it with the ‘Intelligence report’ reference above about Trump. Maybe Al Jazeera could get a contract to train analysts at the CIA :



The story of 4chan, /pol/, Pepe, memes, … Genuinely awesome example of cultural evolution, it is not possible to invent this detail, only reality can do it :




There are rational arguments for a populist ideology, e.g. Freedom is people defining their own values, elites always want to impose their own, among many other arguments :


Erdogan’s position, Kagan’s anti-diplomacy, CIA-Israeli-Neocon failure everywhere :


I thought Fred was fun and true today. He is always fun, of course :


National Police Union President Says Asset Forfeiture Abuse Is A ‘Fake Issue’ Generated By The Media :


If Alefantis had nothing to hide, he would show everyone he had nothing to hide, don’t you think? Instead he threatens murder, very convincingly, I thought. And, of course, the video in question got even more visible, was not deleted from the internet as everything is archived now. Yes, Alefantis and Comet Pizza are getting intense scrutiny, now because of the murder threats. The second link is the archived video, worth watching to understand what an open source internet research division can do. Pizzagate is being cracked open, brick by brick :


If they had an argument wrt Pizzagate, they would overwhelm the researchers with fact that cleared them. Instead, they hide and threaten :


A prediction by Cockburn, a few days after Mish’s, of radically changing Saudi fortunes, as their foreign policy has failed everywhere :


A different view of feminism.  I couldn’t finish it, it seems an uneven argument to me, but much truth in the class and race issues, imho :


Sensible view of ‘The Russians Did It” and the divide in the Democratic Party, and the Clinton’s move to supporting the CIA and its former allies :


After Trump’s innauguration, Republicans are set for historic success, if only …. McClatchy, Andrew Malcom :



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