Daily Reading #63

A major force in the world today, certainly the major criminal activity, is the US Deep State and its oligarch components. Read these for some indication of how deep the rot goes in our government and media :




We still have no idea whether Trump’s admin is genuinely in favor of changing any of that. “Drain the Swamp” covers a lot of territory, including some not acknowledge by anyone in Trumps incoming admin yet, e.g 9-11, Sandy Hook and Pizzagate.

I still believe that Pizzagate, the worldwide pedophilia and sex trafficking ring(s) are very much part of the corruption in our society. There are too many indications of that from too many points of  the compass to ignore, and every time any one of them is pursued sufficiently, it connects to many other suspects, very often up the social and power ladders. Britain is the country that has done the most investigation, pedophiles populate their highest levels of society. Kids, boys and girls, who don’t have parents watching out for them are vulnerable. There are FBI raids on trafficking rings nationwide every year or so, they rescue dozens of under-age victims, and local police arrest people in our area nearly continuously for pimping under-age prostitutes. Selling sex is a big business, not even counting all of the Asian Massage Parlours springing up everywhere.

This is Boiling Frog Post’s Roundtable on some of those threads. Wayne Madsen is a serious investigative journalist, he has been pursuing high-level corruption for a long time. :


That has to be pursued, and if Trump doesn’t do so, then Trump is not the man to drain the swamp.

Likewise, the banksters, and the FBI’s Comey, who has covered for the Clintons forever. The Clinton Foundation is the current vehicle for the 7-state ME takeover, and needs serious investigation. That will lead directly to the Deep State, huge criminality, war crimes and broken Constitutions all around the world. The CIA should be abolished, it has caused more problems for the US than it has provided benefits.

If Trump does not pursue these, I will consider him a wasted effort. Jobs are important, but without seriously draining the swamp, the jobs will evaporate again because the oligarchy+criminals are sucking the lifeblood out of the economy. Health care is a major corruption, most of it legal, but US medical cost-effectiveness is far out of line of other civilized countries. Subsidy and competition-restriction schemes have warped all of the major components of our economy and society.

Getting rid of all the corruption and all of the crony capitalism that is both cause and effect of the corruption is the only thing that can return this country to stability.

End the CIA, the Fed, the DEA, the ATF, Energy, DHS, HUD, Labor, Agriculture, Transportation the FCC,  the FDA and CDC, the Commerce Dept, Education Dept (abolishing public education should be a goal for restoring America’s greatness, carefully defined as a place ordinary people can do well in life as judged by their own values, not as a world-encompassing Empire), all business subsides, all farm subsidies. Also, all higher education subsidies, the Universities are now firmly anti-Freedom in their fundamental values. Also, all research support, as that has produced groupthink, big science projects at the expense of more blue sky small projects with much higher social return, and shut out alternative ideas in too many areas of science.

If they don’t do this fast and hard, the Trump administration will not succeed, because cleaning mafia and corruption out of government has never been successfully accomplished short of revolution and allowing nobody from an old government to come near the new. Italy is the country that has made the most serious effort over 75+ years, and has not succeeded yet.

Corrupt judges protect corrupt bureaucracies and businesses and politicians. Corrupt politicians only appoint corruptible judges and bureaucrats. and meanwhile, the mafia side of things are killing the whistle blowers and investigators and enough politicians to keep the rest frightened.

This is NOT an extreme view of our society, rather the one everyone who works through all the evidence, and can keep enough of it in mind simultaneously against the standard frames of every legacy media article, comes to. This country has failed to work for anyone except the oligarchs, the bureaucracy and its dependants from welfare recipients through the entire medical system, and the criminals. Until Trump there were enough Stasis Quo voters with the ideologies that made that corruption possible.

Worse for stability, we are in the midst of a major change in the economy, as a result of automation. If even another 10% of jobs are gone in 20 years, it is a very major deal.  50% is a civilization-changing event. We have no idea how to handle the loss of 10% of the jobs. 10% of jobs in the lowest income groups is consigning many more people to homelessness, and we already have a serious problem with homelessness. We can’t handle the problems we have. What are we going to do with that size of problem? :


I think the economic problems will mean that Trump will need criminal cases to maintain his political position. If his Justice Department doesn’t go after the bureaucracy as well as less-well-connected political figures, he isn’t cleaning the swamp.

Without very thoroughly cleaning the swamp nationwide, Fed, State and local, we all fail. And if Trump doesn’t completely drain the swamp, if he leaves office with K-Street fat dumb and happy and Wall Street Banksters even more in control, the next step is shooting revolution.


Charles Hugh Smith is very excellent today :


Russia is not to blame for Hillary’s loss, Israel is :


“After eight years in office, Barack Obama leaves our nation with a weakened Constitution that has been dealt one crippling blow after another by court rulings and government overreach, with more militarized police empowered to shoot first and ask questions later, with more SWAT team raids, with more government corruption, with more debt than ever before ($19 trillion and rising), with more racial tensions bubbling over into confrontations, with even greater surveillance intruding into the privacy of the citizenry, with less tolerance for free speech and thought, with taxpayers groaning under the weight of even more taxes disguised as fines and fees, with a more “imperial” president empowered to act unilaterally through the use of signing statements and executive orders, with a greater risk of blowback from military occupations, drone strikes and endless wars abroad, and with a citizenry more broken and oppressed than ever.” :


There are many reasons to hack email and other computer accounts :


Free money experiments are bunk, they don’t scale because there isn’t that much money  :



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