Daily Reading #62

Clinton Foundation is a scam. This is Amy Sterling Casil, the author, with a summary of each the long list of articles she has published on various aspects of the CF’s operations and donors. Worth reading :


Orlov’s clever and insightful view of history is one of national mafias, proto-Deep States, seizing the assets of other countries and the history of our boom times are the trickle-down result. From that, his foreign policy recommendations are both interesting and do-able, many Americans could get behind it, as it would be a significant economic benefit to the oligarchs of the US. This is very worth reading, interesting view of Saudi Arabia’s future. Also good comments :


Good point — The WaPo’s own fake news shows the power of fake news :


Rule of Men, not Rule of Law. Ian Welsh, a serious progressive, puts Trump’s leaning on corporations to keep jobs in the US into perspective and finds it small potatoes compared to the massive violations of rule of law in the last 4 administrations :


This is a convincing argument that manufacturing jobs did go overseas beginning in 2000, the year the trade deficit exploded to 6% of the GDP :


UN Peacekeepers abuse children wherever they are sent. Coverup protects them, and so nothing every changes, or gets worse because they become a favorite service for pedophiles. That is what happened to the Catholic Church, probably 100s of years ago. Also, high government service around the world, apparently :


Politicians find it so difficult to go after corruption on the other side of the isle. You can tell who is clean, on a particular topic at least, by who pushes hardest, D again R and R against D. There aren’t that many, I think. It isn’t possible to tell for most of them what the problem is, it could be the high cost of running a campaign, but it freezes both Ds and Rs into stasis as fellow members of the Stasis Quo.

We will have a clean legislature and executive, local through state and national, when we most-vigorously pursue crimes within our own bureaucracies. If we don’t hold them to a higher standard, we end up where we are. Fewer laws, more honesty in everything, and public servants held to the very highest standards of open conduct.

Their business and social lives must be completely open, their government emails and phone call numbers shared as they are made, just like a visitor log. Family is off limits to the extent that business is open, otherwise we have to check for crony- and family-benefits. Sex and religion are not topics of public interest unless there is exploitation involved, and then we are back to the very highest standards required.

Come on, we know how to run a vibrant and alive economy of very mixed people, it is done successfully all over the world. Those are interesting places, I live in one. Yes, it requires the sophisticated common sense that people evolved several thousand years ago, but I am sure we can resurrect that social wisdom, we just have to get government and the Stasis Quo out of the way :


Harsh words from even anti-Russian insiders on the Intelligence Community’s report wrt ‘Russians hacking the elections”. Various more or less polite ways of saying ‘BS’, e.g. ‘evidence is thin to non-existent’  :


Interesting detail about the processes for implementing anything by either party, but the Daily Kos is not an unbiased observer. We will see, it is an unusual year, and Trump makes pretty good use of social media. I bet the man could deliver petitions on just about anything to every senator’s DC and home offices doors at the end of the week with a few million signatures, don’t you ? For the right issues, along with a mob or two of POed citizens for emphasis.

I think the media will be quoting Trump’s statements to Youtube, and his answers to questions on some social media platform, direct from citizens. Now Trump begins building the machine which sweeps the swamp, if Trump is the farsighted guy we all hope he is :


Most of the supposed social skills failures I have seen in companies was political games :


A more humble version of an economist’s usefulness :


I read this expecting to find something to argue with, but this is non-ideological economic analysis, aids to thinking about systems :


“Yes, Donald Trump’s voters may be confused and in pain — but no, they don’t deserve our empathy. Some Trump voters may well feel traumatized by historic and economic change. But that’s no reason to forgive them” Salon’s analysis of the ethics of the election, entirely based on the usual BS of “The Russians Did It” and the list of reason Hillary’s loss was undeserved, accidental, a statistical fluke, and the fact that many don’t deserve empathy, being the kind of people who voted for Trump based on terrible values. Not clear thinking, imho :


“The central concern of the Alt-right is race. Richard Spencer, a movement leader named in the article, who popularised the term Alt-right, couldn’t be clearer or more explicit about his goal, which is to create a white racial consciousness in America.” I have no idea who Richard Spencer is, never heard of him nor of ‘Radix’ his publication. I found Radix, he definitely is a racist. radixjournal.com is ranked 33,064th in the US, 134,707th globally. So he may be the leader of the movement, but it isn’t impressive at all :


And this as another measure of such extremist groups’ power. I couldn’t read all of it, deep into ideological genology :


Everyone should disable voice-command purchasing in all home helpers, otherwise the TV or radio might order a bunch of expensive stuff for you :


Yet another academic paper showing why economics cannot predict the future any better than any other pseudo-science. This will be ignored also :


“Self-driving cars have arrived”. No, not until there is a legal framework to handle the inevitable problems and complexities. Smart people don’t buy V1.0 of anything with software, and if it is complex, you should wait until V3.0 or later :



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