Daily Reading #61

Sibel Edmonds on media integrity wrt pedophilia in high places. Federal judges have to be cleared by the FBI. Nobody who gets into a federal position is innocent of crime, because they select people who have ‘the highest number of skeletons’. The Deep State is a blackmail organization, why do you think the NSA investigates mainly Americans now? The ‘terrorist’ scam is BS, the US as a going concern and our individual lives are not threatened by any Islamic State or other terrorists, we are threatened by our Deep State.

Boiling Frogs Post is a plain speaking group, they know full well there are conspiracies, they investigated them, her as FBI, the rest as reporters. Serious journalism dealing with reality, I like these guys. This is a sales pitch, but there is actual context for the news about 3 minutes in for 6 or 8 minutes.

“This is a corrupt system based on illusion, you have no power to change it, your leaders are criminals” :

CHSmith is always good :



Corbett Report on “Rule 41”. Warrants are search warrent, for a particular home. Rule 41 meant they could get a warrant for more than 5 devices at the same time, which now means 6 or 7 million. Thus, the FBI is breaking into computers legally, all around the world. The FBI is no a global adversary of citizens everywhere. Beginning with ‘jurisdiction’, extremely illegal everywhere the same as any random criminal :

Another Victoria Nuland coup d’etat under way in Cyprus. Israeli-Neocons have to go on winning, or many hang, I think including Nuland, a war-criminal at least :


‘Russia did it’ is strongly supported by US warmongers :


The reality is that the ruling socialists live much like ruling capitalists everywhere :


This guy Kelly is very interesting.  The first is a long article about why 3rd world people consistently choose cell phones and Facebook over plumbing and electricity, and why the 3rd industrial revolution of cell phones and computers have not affected GDP numbers. His discussion of productivity and increased GDP vs the many results of creativity and combining possibilities into new everything, creating new needs, is excellent. Progress is new work even more than automation–>productivity. Impressive understandings, imho :


The are two senses of growth: scale, that is, more, bigger, faster; and evolution. The linear progression of steam power, railways, electrification, and now computers and the internet is a type of the former; just more of the same, but only better. Therefore the productivity growth curve should continue up in a continuous linear fashion.

I suggest the growth of this 3rd regime is more like evolutionary growth, rather than developmental growth. The apparent stagnation we see in productivity, in real wages, in debt relief, is because we don’t reckon, and don’t perceive, the new directions of growth. It is not more of the same, but different.

Say we are watching an organism evolve. It might over time become extremely efficient in its energy use. Or it might become very large, cleverly optimizing its metabolic rate to manage its new girth. In either case, if we were biological economists watching it we would declare the organism to have grown in productivity.

The 2nd about how problems define solutions, and the answer to big problems is often to switch problems :


Deep understanding of the structure of literature from Kurt Vonnegut :


A theory of the formation of capitalism. The facts are correct, I am sure, but cause and effect in historical events are not so easily discerned, so new interpretations of history like this need 20 years of debate before the first serious economic historian will adopt it as even one of the possible, relatively accepted, interpretations. I think there were already more peasants than land, and all peasants were not indolent, some few rose in their society in every generation, day labor was needed everywhere in plowing and harvest times. So, not convincing, imho, but interesting facts :


Hypernormalization, accepting the fake normal because no one can imagine an alternative. We Americans certainly should be able to imagine a working reality, our own Constitution worked fine before it was discarded by our courts and government :


The many obfuscations on all sides of the Syrian devastation. 12.5M people displaced, as many as .5M dead. War is nasty, nobody is innocent :


More bills centralizing everything, in this case water. Salmon vs farmers, farmers win this round, no lawyers get rich  :


Good PR, otherwise I don’t have an opinion. Interesting data on fishing stocks and means of regulating them :


Immigration reform is a fight between elites who want unskilled labor to be cheap and the most of us who don’t :


The gentrification of East Palo Alto has the usual side-effects :


More intelligent uses for over-staffed police departments :


ISIS in Mosul is a tough adversary, not much progress for a long time. I think we really should accept all the Russian help they are willing to give :


This is a result of sensors being able to detect ever-smaller amounts of chemicals in biological mixes. It will apply to blood also, so all diseases will be cheaply identified, maybe 20 years :

Scientists have developed a breathalyzer to diagnose 17 diseases with one breath from a patient

If you are an engineer, you will like this :

Empathy is not always useful :



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