Daily Reading #60

There is a new political activism at work, fostered by the internet. Wide-spread focus on local officialdom can begin to clean up this country, bottom-up :


I don’t watch much TV, never the news, only hear NPR and am amazed with how blatant the propaganda is lately. But I looked at the CNN clip in this for the first 27 seconds, can’t stand it any more. Wow, beyond blatant propaganda, blatant big-lie propaganda. The legacy media is dead the moment oligarchs stop funding it, and Trump is making it irrelevant with his Tweeting and going direct to youtube. (Nice phrase, that.) I hope we are learning enough out of this episode of history to fix the problem. This diversion from the paths of good societies with good government is getting scary. It is not sustainable AND the opposition to good society and good government interests can’t lose, they hang.

Really, get your mind around that, normalcy is an enormous barrier to overcome in understanding this situation. That is, I could be wrong about many things, but too many measures say it is absolutely not a normal situation, and far from normal. The CNN clip, for one, who could have predicted we would lose a free press so quickly and totally? That it would go from being merely biased to outright propaganda, and knowingly propaganda? And, another example, whatever your opinion wrt the desirability of President Donald Trump, President Donald Trump. Who could have predicted that, or even a world in which it was possible? :


And as another example of the legacy media absolutely not doing its job, where did the case of all the Oakland police having sex with an underage girl go? 12th and 13th of May 2016, a few articles. By the end of June it had spread to more law enforcement agencies, the article said Livermore was the latest.  :




A pro-Trump and hopeful post on Trump and the election from NakedCapitalism, a rather progressive site :


And a dissing of the DNC and their preference for oligarchs over voters :



Never let a good crisis go to waste, especially not if it is completely fake. The ability to protect elections given to a single power is also the power to guide the counts :


The Federal Reserve is crucial for the US government’s funding major wars, whatever good you might imagine it has done otherwise, that fact is a crucial reason to abolish the Fed. Since it was formed in 1913, we have had WWI, the Russian Civil war, WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Afghanistan, Iraq, and simply innumerable smaller-scale fights of one kind or another. 1 very major European war, 1 very major European+Asian war, 2 very significant Asian wars and more recently 2 others that have cost $2T, I think is the latest estimate.

For World Peace, Abolish The Fed :


This works to rehabilitate people who abuse themselves with drugs, and works cheaply, and so of course the bureaucracy is likely to shut it down :


This has the usual from of ‘government as benevolent caretaker for the people, preventing corporations from abusing them via too much market power’. In fact, government always sides with $, merely needs to extract, extort some say, its share in return for making the abuse legal. #5E, I believe, had the comment that we didn’t need to worry about them, if we could get the government out of the way, we wouldn’t have the telcos still, and already the shift away from all of these big companies has started. MS is not the powerhouse of tech that it was, and is consistently losing market share in every one of its markets. Amazon is a cheap money play, who knows what high interest rates will do to it? Many companies have shared that trajectory of a fireworks rocket, with the big bust at the top, and most of these will also. Unicorns uniformly do not produce baby unicorns, and are prone to hubris, a very debilitating disease :

This is very good, a discussion of the dangers of Cold Wars in an era of nuclear weapons and computerized everything, so the probability is much higher than we can know. His new book recounts his experiences at the brinks of nuclear war. If not an accident, I think it far more likely that the first nuclear terrorist act will be a false flag event. This is a good article, rational. “Massive blind spot” sums up attitudes, nobody thinks about the dangers of nuclear war, or what to do about it :


I was reading this ‘election night news coverage oral history’, people’s experience inside the media, how very shocked they were by the events, how very wrong they found themselves in predicting events. One of a couple of significant things was “We were wrong, but Republicans were all wrong also.  They are half our sources”. Indeed, your opinions are only as good as your sources, and proper hedging says you need a lot of very diverse sources.


They don’t want to acknowledge it, but our elites are out of touch, and all of those reporters are part of the elites, in spirit if not in salary. Other than that and the schadenfreude I read it for, I was mainly disappointed in them as reporters. I mean, for supposed professionals in the information, collection and translating understanding into interesting stories business, how do you let yourself get out of touch with the market you sell into?  And obviously they have become more makeup artists for the establishment’s barnyard than they have objective-as-possible collators of the information we need to make good decisions about the direction of our lives and country.

Also, these people are immersed in that newsroom worldview, the sources and quotes and … necessary to get their stories out, they didn’t have other points of view they could use to think about things. Again and again, I see ‘I didn’t see it coming. Anybody who says they did, I think they’re lying’. This from professional information analysts who didn’t see it coming.

Maybe they weren’t looking in the right places to see it coming? The polls were very screwy for anyone who looked at them. The enthusiasm for Trump, the great lack of any visible enthusiasm for Clinton, crowds of 20K and up vs a few hundred. His were often arranged last-minute, and he still had people standing in line for tickets, or outside hoping to see Trump. The number of socially prominent women and Progressives and serious feminists who published reasons not to vote for Hillary. The amount of effort that the Clintons and media had to use to make her win seem inevitable, the obvious disdain for Trump and supporters, Mark Blyth and others talking about the end of eras and predicting populism will sweep the world for a couple of years, all of that escaped his attention.

And he is nevertheless arrogant enough to believe that I am lying when I say I was predicting Trump’s win ‘going away’ 3 months before the election, and sort-of repeated the prediction the day before. (I said he would win the popular vote, but be denied the election via fraud, just enough evidence to cause outrage.)

I am not sure that is wrong, Clinton’s people rigged the primaries, that is indisputable, from analyses and from personal experience in states with caucuses and by the difference between Clinton’s votes in states with and without voting machines :


Election officials are political also, and very few, if any, of them can have their elections audited and verified at every stage from voter to final tally in the way an accountant can audit a company, from invoice and check and account, through every transaction in the company’s business and every resulting accounting entry. BlackBox voting has more than a few cases of obvious fraud and clearly incorrect behavior if they were trying to have obviously-clean elections. The 3 videos by Project Veritas showing clear intent by Clinton’s people to run up their vote and control campaign coverage in various nefarious ways. And many ‘problems’ and ‘anomalies’, hard to know how much is intentional vs lousy operations and testing :

The elites have the tools to adjust the votes, without detection so long as they results are not too far out of line with the exit polls.

While searching through email for something else, I found all of these. I am not sure about ‘meaning’, but these are funny :



And this was fun :


This tells me that international business is a high-dimensioned game. I hadn’t paid much attention to the Dubai PR hype that went around a year or so ago, but the story of their Airline is impressive. They had the advantage of location and credit and power, and so built the world’s largest airline, by a hell of a lot. Focus on the things they can do well, keep trying on the others, and the bias against them from the Establishment airlines has forced pioneering new markets. They are winning, so far, but the airline industry is not stable, too many dimensions for human minds, I think :



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