Daily Reading #5F

I was stuck in traffic again today, had to listen to National Propaganda Radio. This was Science Friday pushing the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam. They had a sociologist, I think, and probably the one that did that recent survey of conservatives and liberals wrt AGW, and also assessed their science knowledge. Assuming, of course, that their assessment of science knowledge was also a sufficient measure of ability to assess the validity of climate models and the reasons for the complete failure of those models to accurately predict global temperatures in the last 20 years, as well as the science behind alternative interpretations of the actual evidence of the climate and its variation over the last million years, said sociologist, normally not a math-heavy specialty nor strong on physical science, concluded that the liberals adopted their correct opinions as a result of their concern for all of society in the long run, and were thus willing to endure short-term costs. Selflessly concerned for their fellows, all of humanity, obviously. The conservatives of equal high-science understanding were judged to be acting according to ‘tribal interests’, concern for their membership in the club, what everyone else thought. Also, looking out for their economic interests, of course. In either case, willing to forgo truth for base reasons.

Brilliant propaganda. I have to admire it.

As logic, as analysis, as a truth-seeking effort, as an effort to enlighten their audience, no, it is the opposite extreme. Trump needs to defund all of this propaganda apparatus.

The number of bombs dropped per year is not a measure of a country’s strength, rather the amount of effort they have to go to and the extreme measures that need to be used to maintain their position in the world. We are not winning :


This I think is correct. No matter how Scalia died, an event of such importance should not be allowed to go unexplained. A transparent society requires that information. We should never allow doubt about anything important in any sphere. It is a requirement of a Just society, one that can trust. This steals that ability to trust, which costs us all immeasurable losses of civilization and wealth. That is not ‘utopian ideals’, rather partly ‘engineering requirements specifications’, partly ‘engineering failure analysis’ :


The Durbin Amendment made Walmart a lot of $ and cost consumers $Billions. Crony capitalism at its best :


Glen Greenwald is one of the few genuine and honest journalists left in America. I can do no better wrt the latest claim of our ‘intelligence agencies’, actually propaganda organs, than his tweets did :

Every time IC repackages its same assertions in a new form, media acts like it’s been proven, even though it – again – includes no evidence: https://t.co/C5yRsZsJbS

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 6, 2017

This new report: 1) literally half of it is about RT; 2) contains same assertions made multiple times; 3) includes no evidence for claims.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 6, 2017

It’s shocking how much this report was hyped and how literally no effort was made to include *any* evidence at all, even stuff like this: https://t.co/wvompG6Nyl

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 6, 2017

Although, I will add that if by some wild chance the Russians did have something to do with giving Wikileaks the emails, we owe them a great debt of gratitude, as they may have saved us from WWIII :


They need a war or the tensions of a war. I see no evidence that Russia is any threat to any country that is not causing it problems on its borders, and those are to the exact extent that those countries cause Russia problems. Russia is playing a very intelligent game, it seems to me. Its moves in Syria, with Erdogan and now Duterte are good for peace, in no way provocative of anyone else. The case of Erdogan was especially intelligent, because Erdogan was a lead player in the US’s proxy war in Chechnya, Russians have a good reason to dislike him. Although, of course, the CIA and fellow oligarchs have not taken their losses calmly, double down everywhere. You see it in the propaganda, more and more threats, more and more provocations from the US and NATO, more and more extreme claims wrt ‘Russia Did It’, whatever ‘it’ may be on a particular day. NATO, btw, also has quite a lot of people in its ranks who will hang if their crimes are uncovered, many of whom have been working with the Clintons since he was President :


The Russians did not invite the US to the negotiations ending the current Syrian conflict. Groups supposedly representing 60K jihadists signed. Israel and Britain opposed the agreement. Daesh/ISIS and Al Qaeda did not sign. US delivered more arms to them. Iran, Russia, Syria, Turkey are becoming stronger allies. Turkey is supposedly a member of NATO and ally of Saudi Arabia, this may be the beginning of the dissolution of NATO, even more of an anachronism than the EU. All of this as a result of the Israeli-Neocon ‘strategy’ that produced this amazing mess, 300K Syrians dead, up to 1M Iraqis, Kurds, … All for geopolitical-oligarchy power and $ games. Those games are combined arms in ever-more dimensions of finance, trade, soft and hard power and the stakes continue to increase, so can never be a stable system :




The FBI never had access to the DNC’s hacked servers! So there has never been any evidence, at all. And thus no basis for an judgement about whodunit. Thus entirely propaganda !!! Wikileaks is one of the few the genuine sources of news we can trust :


Soon, you won’t be able to believe your video screen at all. I can’t find a link, but believe that I read that it is possible for AIs to imitate a person’s voice and manner of speaking :


Teaching academic economics and how neoliberal ideology came to dominate. ‘Publish or perish’ in the academic world tends to produce groupthink. “Some of our fundamental institutions – universities and the media – are perhaps failing to sustain an open society. And this even more dangerous than the flaws in economics.” :


Bayer-Monsanto and Scotts-Miracle-Grow intend to take over the cannabis industry :


Conservation of western lands == rule from DC :


Yes, they need a war to keep the public’s mind off of the horrible economy, Pizzagate, Wikileaks. the CIA’s continuing coup here in the US, and the Clinton Foundation’s takeover of all ME assets :


This came from CHSmith, who I haven’t linked to in a week or so. Need to look at his web site again tomorrow :


Charles continues to get better in every way, understanding of the diagnosis, expression of the solutions for individuals, what we can do now :



Reading the comments in this discussion of the latest CIA ‘leaks’ to the entire legacy Press BEFORE the President gets it and Trump’s reaction is interesting. There are several excellent comments :

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-06/angry-trump-demands-congressional-probe-media-leak-top-secret-intelligence-report?page=2 :

aardvarkk auricle Jan 6, 2017 12:36 PM

So basically, things are going to get nasty. That’s okay. Hillary found out that you don’t want to wrestle with a pig because you’ll just get dirty and the pig likes it and is probably going to win.

None of these congresscritters–NONE of them–have ever had to endure what Trump had to endure in order to get into their position. Quite simply, none of them are prepared in the least for what it would actually take to defeat Trump in a political battle.

It just occurred to me that Trump has never lost a political battle, never mind an election. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that before…though Trump is a relative newbie. But it bodes well for him being able to get shit done, and also perhaps it shows that he knows how to pick his battles.

Mike Masr Jan 6, 2017 12:37 PM
This is a Political Witch Hunt!!!

This bullshit Russian interference story is more sour grapes meant to discredit Donald Trump’s election victory. 1.) The anti-Trump protests and street riots didn’t work. 2.) The idiotic Jill Stein recount failed miserably and actually gave Trump more votes. 3.) Death threats to intimidate the Electoral College failed. So now it’s more sour grapes from the sore loser liberal crybabies and Obama’s fake news narrative that “Russia did it”. It’s already out there from a close friend of Julian Assange that it was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders DNC insider that “leaked” the emails to Wikileaks and NOT Russian hacking. Maybe Seth Rich? Assange said on Hannity that a 14 year old could have hacked John Podesta’s email account. The Obama Administration is ignoring this and continuing with its idiotic “Russia did it” narrative. All of it meant to discredit Trumps election victory. Donald is right, not one shred of real evidence, or facts. Just politicized hyperbole with a circumstancial narrative. None of the ambigous assertions being made by our 17 spy agencies would stand up in a courtroom.

gregga777 Jan 6, 2017 12:38 PM

If the rule of law existed in the United States then we could depend on law enforcement agencies to investigate political leaks of top secret information. But, instead we have the US FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) secret policemen whose sole role is to protect the status quo ruling establishment by the ruthless and violent suppression of dissent. The FBI has been covering up crimes by Hillary Rodham “Rotten Rodent” Clinton’s and her KKK (Klinton Krime Klan) Pedophiles ‘R Us criminal gang for years. But, the FBI doesn’t have any problem falsely imprisoning or shooting to death American Patriots protesting the tyrannical Feral government.

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