Daily Reading #5E

The CIA’s fight with Trump, who, along with the Russians, have been making the CIA look very bad, inept losers in fact whose propaganda no longer sways many American minds, is escalating. George Webb warns that the stinger missiles the CIA sent to ISIS in Syria and Iraq are lose in the world, no plane is safe. ISIS and the Gulan forces work for the CIA :



The CIA has still not presented ANY EVIDENCE that The Russians Did It!, not for any of ‘It’. 100% fake propaganda, and it isn’t working, it is inoculating sentient minds against further invasion of their memes. Soon, nobody will believe their story on 9-11 either, the most recent of these 100% false stories that have driven recent history :


I can make a good argument pro- or con- wrt the possibility of shooting revolution in the US. The major ‘con’ is that the elites will quickly and decisively lose their asses in any actual conflict, they don’t have the loyalty of enough people to guard enough installations and people. Police forces and military have big numbers and are heavily armed, but they are outnumbered by the armed and prepared populace. They will never be able to round up enough people and shut down communications between resisters fast enough to prevail. This makes that point another way, the correlation of forces is strategically against them.

However, elites are not very intelligent in end-of-eras that are draining their power, and often do not follow their long-term interests. The Deep State actors in this era are going to lose, the only question is how high the price the rest of us will have to pay to restore honest government :

The major problem in the drug trade is preventing your troops from taking the drug, as most drugs do not enhance decision making. Same as any ideology, religions excepting the Discordians, and markets for sexual perversions. Pedophile traffickers are very likely to have begun as pedophiles by exchanging child porn, then creating child porn and exchanging children locally in a pedophile community. Some few appear to cultivate access to children, and to provide those children to the people who can pay with $ and protection. All very normal criminal behavior, it is true in every other area of crime and ethnic or social group, why would it not be true of pedophiles? Every type of crime has its entry-level through many levels of sophistication, and jails are training grounds for criminals. As with every crime, both trading and using sets up conflicting priorities, known to generate lousy decisions. Exactly how all of them will be caught. They have been too open in linkages. Were I a Podesta or Alefantis, I would make damn sure I had enough incriminating evidence in enough different places with a dead man’s switch on their release, because lots of people’s future freedom depends on who says what.

According to George Webb, “Where is Eric Braverman” series on Youtube, he thinks there are links between the pedophile world and every political power, ditto for all of the sex trade. Historically, illegal supply rings are unravelled because of police noticing some using their product, the investigation shows they are supplying other customers as well, and then catches other consumers of their product.

I have been going through more of the Webb videos in that series. He obviously has done some humongous research to put together that overview. It was a bold claim of his that ‘he has confirmation’ that Clinton’s people killed Ambassador Stephens because Stevens knew about the Sarin being shipped to Syria. He first said he suspected that, some days later said ‘confirmed’ as a solid claim.

The last ones I saw were instructing the FBI and Senate committees who they should begin serving with supoenas, and the questions to ask. And also who cannot be trusted with any of the investigations they now head, beginning with Comey, head of the FBI.

These are social-political-business correlations with enough criminality in more than a few participant’s various relationships to make you suspect them all. Still evaluating, but George Webb gets a lot of stuff right, uses the same terms I have been applying to the various groups, so we have a common world-view, tho he is far ahead of my understanding of how all of that worked. It took serious research to produce his grasp of the dynamics. I need to find out more about him.

Many of his assertions are easily checked by any honest investigation, e.g. “where did Gadaffi’s money go?”. Can they track it through the laundering organisms he claims? I believe the Secret Service could answer that, it has the ability to track inter-bank transfers, it is part of the intelligence they provide to the Cabal that is this particular mafia apparently centered on the Clinton Foundation.

Also, these are clearly arenas for an open source investigation, as with Pizzagate. Pizzagate overlaps many of these, these are more like what is the current open-source results from Pizzagate, very suggestive connections needing an investigative agency to connect criminals to victims.

There must be some new sociology or change in the drug trade driving Chicago’s murder rate. 75% increase in 2 years, all in the inner city by the demographic that deals drugs. Recall the guy who said someone was ‘dumping crates of guns in allies’ in Chicago ? I can’t find real evidence to support these claims that it has been going on a long time :


This is a strange interview and presentation, the cultures have drifted far apart.  ~7 minutes : “People suspect the government is providing the guns” and speculations about other sources.” Doesn’t seem like a smart way of disposing of weapons you want to get rid of, I don’t see any of his possibilities being real. But as an anti-gun measure, inner-city black males are cheap. Just another version of the ATF’s ‘gun walking’, approved by the Justice Department, which gave guns to Mexican drug cartels for the same reason. Another version of the CIA’s smuggling drugs, distributed through the black community. Those cases shows that our government is perfectly capable of spending lives to attain propaganda and political ends, so they are the best answer to the death rates in Chicago :

Certainly there are no shortages of guns, stolen or not, many many articles and videos of gun seizures :

OTOH, looking at the police’s seizures of guns, I see no mention of ‘fully automatic’ weapons or otherwise exotic weapons. So unless the CPD is suppressing that evidence, or street cops filter out the good ones, so the CPD doesn’t see them, there is no reality to ‘crates of drugs dropped in alleys’, it is an urban myth. The many reports of people having amassed 100s of guns, stolen or otherwise, means there are plenty of weapons and normal smuggling will supply Chicago gangs with the 1000s of guns seized every year.

Here is a possible explanation, social contagion, an emergent phenomena. A warning, however. The CDC has been funding research against gun ownership. Medical people are not sociologists, and so far, the studies that JAMA has published have been terrible science that do not prove anything. I don’t see anything in this study that says that guns are special in social memehood, very likely exactly the same statistics for being arrested, doing drugs, having sex, fistfights, indeed, violence of any kind. But, of course, there are no such analyses as a ‘control’ for the importance that one form of violence relative to others, nor of any of the other forms of violence as predictors of using guns or having them used against you. Propaganda, not science with the goal of understanding reality in full dimensions :


This is the solution for after Obamacare, cash-only medicine except for catastrophic problems. High-deductable insurance policies, and that cuts billing costs for everyone, and MDs can charge much less without the overhead of their back office staffs. Note the lighter workload, solid income for the medical people.

The indigent have to be taken care of same as always, free clinics, charity hospitals. Those used to be everywhere, and the the government started paying, step by step medical care decisions were centralized, ending with Obamacare :


I find much intelligent comment on the failures of government from Progressives, although I point out again that many people who call themselves Progressives are more sophisticated than this following piece believes, e.g. NakedCapitalism writers and commenters nearly universally preferred Trump over Clinton. This points out that the left generally fails to understand any of their own history, they keep making the same mistakes and leading to the same terrors and totalitarian governments :


Sibel Edmonds is a serious analyst on Turkey and the ME in general. She comes to many of the same conclusions as other serious analysts and is referenced by George Webb, who otherwise depends on the top investigative reporters around the world. That is the kind of cross-reference I use to check on the many povs, and the consistency for Webb makes me take him more and more seriously :

I have been saying ‘CIA coup in progress’ ever since I understood 9-11 as a False Flag. Again, if you don’t have that understanding, it is only because you have NOT LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE!. Nobody can look at the evidence and not understand, which is why so many people don’t, why the propaganda makes looking at the evidence silly, foolish, mere ‘conspiracy theory’. Notice the lack of refutations of any of the serious evidence. The various 9-11 Truth groups can’t even get anyone to debate their analysis and evidence. The Deep State is losing around the world, the US Empire is losing power as we watch, and nevertheless, Webb’s story says that the Clinton Foundation segment of the Oligarchy-Deep State mafia’s strategy has the resources to carry on without any government power.

Boiling Frog’s Newsbud is building a fine team, it seems to me :

Pilger’s take on ‘professional journalism’ and propaganda, the rulers of the world in the Invisible Government. Pilger is one of the serious analysts, tho I don’t know much about his political philosophy, I think rather leftist, but when a leftist says ‘corporations’ he means what I mean when I say ‘oligarch’. Corporations are a tool of the rich, they don’t generally have motivations of their own, the people setting the priorities and managing rewards control much of their behavior, but not all of course, surprising things still happen. He gets a lot of these analyses right, imho :

Scheduling algorithms are important, “Dynamically scheduled ride-sharing could cut NYC’s taxi count by 75 percent while still providing the same number of rides.” :


A new organ in vertebrates, including people :


Clearly, Al Jazeera is being run by some intelligence organization also. Too bad, although I hadn’t depended on them very much for some time :


The very next one is an Al Jazeera story talking about the Turkish Coup, never mentioning that Fethullah Gulen is a fully-owned subsidiary of the CIA :


More publications burning their trust, their only real asset. Glen Greenwald is a good mind and fine writer :


It wasn’t just white working class that is in this position in life. Why real America voted for Trump, very much the same story as that sociology professor. I think the ‘deep story’ is a direct copy by this author from that professor, tho Sharon is genuine :

View story at Medium.com

Mathematics does not have a natural rate of coincidence, and the unnatural rate is very high. The problem is, mathematicians have so many ‘obvious’ functions available, and just don’t report the ones that don’t work, so there is nothing to compare this list against :


The FDA is entirely responsible for the dearth of new antibiotics in the face of bacteria’s increasing resistance to the existing antibiotics. This lowers the initial development cost, which will help, but is the smallest part of taking a drug to market. Clinical trials are 100s of $Ms and take a long time for rare diseases. Thus, nobody funds drug for rare diseases, or ones with a small market. When 100K people a year die from antibiotic-resistant diseases, the pipeline of treatments will be enabled, and it will drop again if a drug is successful and cuts the number of deaths below that. $B markets is what the drug companies want, so 100K * $10K per treatment is $1B. What insurance companies will pay X number of cases per year is what determines what drugs can be developed at a given cost of the FDA’s clinical trials.  If we want more drugs, get rid of the clinical trains, but that means more competition for Big Pharma, so it won’t happen until we abolish the FDA :



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