Daily Reading #5D

The ‘War on Fake News’ is evolving as predicted. So far, it has all been private companies doing what is entirely legitimate – If they don’t want particular kinds of business, then fine, we go elsewhere. There is a privacy-enhancing version of facebook, open source software. There is Gab to replace Twitter, voat.co to replace reddit, and now vid to replace youtube. DuckDuckGo.com replaces Google search. There are already many replacements for Google mail, but most people are paying for secure email. I need to do that, everyone should be using completely encrypted email :




The counter-attack on ‘Fake News’. There were other suits threatened, at least, against WaPo for their list of ‘fake news sites’ :


Progressives aren’t very good at figuring their taxes, I guess :


“The Titanic Sails At Dawn” John Whitehead on 2017 as a dangerous time:


Thinking about George Webb’s claim of 50+ gas attacks by ISIS as they conquered Iraq, I wondered why that was not a big news story. Here is one, but there weren’t that many while it was happening, and repeats that Syrian government has conduced many more such attacks, but I don’t know if that is true. This article also claims they don’t know how ISIS would have obtained mustard gas, but the US Deep State shipped it from Libyan stockpiles, according to Webb :

This says more than 160 attacks in Syria alone :


And ‘as often as twice a week’ in attacks against the Kurds :


Those are far down the list, page 4 and 5 in a search for ‘gas attack Iraq’ on news.google.com. Gadaffi died October 2012, all of those gas attacks and ISIS pushed into Iraq 2014. Clinton was Sec State all during those years, she supervised all of it.

Clearly, ISIS works for the CIA and Mossad. The attempted coup in Turkey was a CIA-lead coup, and the attacks by ISIS against Turkey are more CIA acts :


The Ministry of Truth opens in 2016. $160M to suppress news our Deep State-CIA-State Department-MIC don’t like :


Pat Buchanan as if Trump and Putin can Avert a Cold War II? Good thought, and imho the smallest part of the thread from the CIA-State-MIC-Deep State. The Deep State Cabal running the ME is in a long losing streak. They lost Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood the CIA supports lost out to General Sisi. They lost Turkey when their Fetulah Gulan-lead coup failed. They are losing in Syria, not winning in the Ukraine, and getting significant opposition in WEurope because those ‘rightist’ parties are nationalist, not pro-US, they are winning because anti-US and anti_EU, in fact. They are under siege here in the US because of Trump and the alt-media. It will be a hell of a fight, oligarchs vs us peasants, via proxy forces in politics and media, at least to begin with :


Syria was the 2nd country on Clinton’s list of “seize the government, sell the assets to Clinton Foundation donors, proceeds to fund further overthrows of companies.  George Webb’s analyses say that Libya’s Sarin gas propelled the ISIS push to Baghdad and Mosul, and that Ambassador Stevens questioned the Sarin gas being shipped to Syria and that is the reason he was killed. The man’s research is solid, so far as I can tell :


Reporters who expose the various ‘rat lines’ that Clinton Foundation was using in these takeovers, were killed, making you think that the bad guys had inside info that allowed them all to be captured or targeted :

I have read stuff by William Engdahl before, remembered his name, George Webb said that he had just discovered Engdahl who had anticipated much of Webb’s understanding, reminded me. This guy is a history professor and well-known analyst of current events in the ME oil arena, this is an interesting talk. The history of ISIS and CIA cooperation goes way back to British times, the Muslim Brotherhood ended up fighting for the Nazis, and after the end of the war they wanted to go on fighting Communists, that group ended up working for the CIA ever since. Lots of interesting overview, very fine answers to a series of leading questions, an impressive lecture-equivalent. The CIA is scourge of the earth and must be abolished for Freedom here in the US, entirely for our own benefit, again I conclude. Engdahl is someone else I need to read :


I just saw this in a comment on zh :

It’s China ! If Obama can’t start a war with Russia he’ll try his hand with China

Meanwhile the Chinese flap their wings around South china Sea:


That describes Chinese baby steps on the way to having an operational carrier, a learning process that will take years.  Meanwhile, the Sun Tzu in me wants to think of it as the cheese in the trap, pulling the US carrier forces into the range of the Chinese hyper-sonic anti-ship missile that is the real threat. So expensive the bait and would be the end of the Chinese navy. Except for all of the little boats disguised as fishing vessels that carry short-range anti-ship or anti-air missiles. And the diesel-electric subs that are so quite they surface in the middle of our carrier groups again and again.

But, I must admit, the paranoid in me makes me wonder about that, also. Signal analysis is very far advanced. I would think they can use natural noise from a carrier’s screws, for example, as a ping-equivalent. Why are they not pinging? Surely they have buoys in the water, those ping? Can you make an entire submarine disappear with the equivalent of nose-cancelling headphones? We need another Tom Clancy novel to teach everyone about the latest in that. But I think it would take some amazing tech to allow a submarine to surface in the midst of a modern battle group without having been detected.

20 years ago I read papers about seismic mapping being done by setting up a field of geophones and then using natural geologic noise to act as the pings.  It took more code and much more time both collecting data and processing it, and just like standard geological mapping, the number of repetitions per point and the spacing of censors and amount of processing controls the quality of the images. Another example is the ability to detect stealth bombers from cell-phone frequencies broadcast by cell towers, tho I can’t recall what detection and processing that required.

I just happened on this example of how good signal processing is. Watch the video with good headphones, very impressive sound :


The use of GPUs, Graphical Processor Units, in geological processing is now standard, both Google and Amazon clouds have GPU clouds. Google is combining those for their Deep Learning experiments, which allows very large Neural Nets, NNs, to execute at reasonable speeds, it must take 10s of Ms of trials to learn to recognize faces.

We simply cannot defeat this level of Russian technological supremacy 8), Russia has taken the crown in far-outre Artistic Sensibilities. wrsa produces good links and good meme-images, I steal from them often :


More Robots. Amazon has grown on cheap money. It is an interesting bet, but companies that borrow a lot have high interest rates beginning this year. At this point in my adult understanding of things, a particularly difficult point to identify, it has taken a long time to accumulate, I have seen 4 or 5 cycles of ‘best and brightest’ in politics and different arenas of technology and have a grasp of the dynamics, just what a Discordian would predict, that being the world’s only empirically-valid religion. ‘Winning companies’ have variable arcs, but all are the arcs of fireworks, ending in spectacular explosions, often elegant and awe-inspiring at the same time. Remember the hedge fund with the best and the brightest? Amazing leverage, and cleaned up the market, there for a while. Eventually, as the dry recounting has it, their assets under management were $102B, they had achieved 40% returns, year on year, and ‘as their easy profits dried up, their complex mix of heavy debt and ever-riskier bets very nearly toppled the financial markets’. Playing in a market with similar-sized firms is a very different thing than playing in a market with a player so much larger than the others, you can discern their strategy watching the tape. It may take a while, meaning LTM had big gains initially, but the losses of the others sent them looking for more optimal plays against the LTM’s every larger bets and bets on hedges. Nature itself, as an emergent property you can rely upon, as Discordian gospels do, generates the opposition that restores disorder, a Kosmic variety of Karma-angst. Do you really expect that Apple and Tesla and Amazon and Google and Microsoft will continue to do well? If you do, say your retirement plan depends on one of them, you really need to re-read the beginning of yesterday’s blog. :


 Which is another reason to ignore the NYTimes wanting to control these companies. Don’t worry, they take care of themselves, hubris guarantees it :

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