Daily Reading #5C

vid.me is the new destination for the serious stuff that Youtube is shutting down. Too bad about Youtube, this is a bad marketing move. This is the same as funding the people who will run over you down the road. Seaman is correct “Youtube and Google are on the wrong side of history here”. The people who Google and Youtube and Facebook ban or restrict now are the ones that will lead the movement away from those web sites, this is generating opposition with skin in the game, and then you don’t control your fate, as the Generalissimo tells me very often.

So I will now begin to watch vid.me :

This is a very interesting talk on Google’s AI progress. “Intelligent? Not yet, but brainlike and probably getting there, soon”. I am impressed at the recognition tasks a smart phone can do, and yes, it is low-level intelligence, but no, it is far far from thinking, which we are far from doing well ourselves. Our serious thinking is very much a social effort, we individuals are the ‘federated learning’ he talks about. It takes a lot of local effort to produce the people and organizations which produce the ‘individual discoveries’ that power science, technology and engineering. The implicit bias discussion at the end was important, our AIs will have human biases if trained on human-created media :

AI in robotics is impressive, but still far from useful in the real world. I strongly doubt the claim for Pillo ‘100% secure and safe’, as it is a computer connected online. Great ads for 5 different robots, most of them claim ‘safe and secure, and are wrong by being computers connected online. Frame is ‘computers are a valuable member of the family’. These are all Alexi, Siri, etc. scaled up slightly. Their brains are out there on the net somewhere, so all of them are ever-more capable and intimate spies in the midst of your family. These butlers will always know who did everything they do. These are far from a ‘make me a hamburger’, ‘do the dishes’ home assistant, I don’t see much progress in those areas yet :

The sad state of our fragmented government and dysfunctional CIA.



And part of that, I want to remind you of George Webb. This is another author that Youtube is trying to shut down. This is serious research, and do note all the reporters killed who looked into the various Clinton crimes :


This makes the very good point that “they are not our responsibility”. I very much agree with his analysis and agree in rejecting the choices.

Which, however, is not the same as not being interested in improving the lives of others. Reasons may well be :

0) Richer people are customers.

1) Healthier people are better customers and better producers.

2) Better educated people are healthier and richer, on the average, and desire more sophisticated products.

3) Educated and content people in political systems providing Freedom are better trading partners, as they tend to go broke less often, risks of loss by illegal use of power are minimal, and less often cost the US in military preparedness or ameilorating famines or stopping pandemics.

It seems to me the problem is how we express these interests, and more accurately represent people’s wide variety of interests in people they don’t have time to care about, how to expand our humanity, the reach of our individual caring, and allow those to improve the long term prospects for all. And in engineering terms, not professional charity and not abstract idealism used to power another NGO :


I had dinner at a friend’s over the holiday, and people got cheerful enough to discuss politics.  Discouraging for me, their opinions. They were uniformly anti-Trump and pro-Clinton and Obama, based on Obama and Clinton being ‘liberal to progressive’ and Trump being a right-winger, sexist, racist, and maybe anti-semitic

They marveled at so many working class people ‘voted against their interests’.No discussion of the many people among Bernie’s very progressive supporters who voted for Trump, nor the fact that a majority of women voted for him, nor that Trump got 15% more of the immigrant communities than Obama got last election. These people know nothing of the reality of life in this country outside of their urban existence.

They cited a number of examples of behavior they claimed Trump does not disown and so, in their view, Trump has set back liberal civilization in America by several generations. I didn’t recognize the examples they cited, some sports team turning their back on black opponents was the big one. They are not entirely wrong, I see more comments I think are stupid-racist online and those have been building since before Trump, but also quite a few black commentators pointing to examples of that in the black community, but Israel is the source of most of the anti-Muslim propaganda, a point never mentioned anywhere, but easy to prove to yourself, track some back to the source. Israel funds media just like the CIA, pays for stories to be distributed.

Overall, in their view Trump was an embarrassment, and they were merely waiting for the wave of political opinion to reverse.

One of the men agreed with me that Putin was the most effective politician on the world scene, otherwise I didn’t hear much I could agree with. Painful to listen to things that are objectively incorrect. And of course, their minds would explode had I asserted the fact of 9-11, False Flag or Sandy Hook, Hoax. They cannot call things by their correct name, and therefore cannot think, and all their actions are futility in a fantasy world.  Not good for any of us, people like that are easily used by political extremists.

I don’t agree with Trump on much, either, but he is a big improvement over Clinton’s war mongering. And no doubt, Trump will misuse his True Believers, but much more of Trump’s support is provisional, it seems to me. He aroused a lot of hope, there are going to be a ton of illegals and temp visa going back home soon.

This is more the reality of Obama’s miserable results and what got Trump elected.

I don’t have a lot of hope that Trump will fix much, and fully expect the financial crisis to hit soon.

But, I think a lot of the leftish commentary is likely to be wrong, e.g. this Guardian article predicting Trump will aggressively expand the surveillance state. That is not my reading of his Generals, nor ‘ultra-hawkish’. Also, we don’t need a Muslim registry, NSA has every person in the US in their databases along with a full set of information about each, very likely including all unique location data points for anyone with a cell phone, and from that information credit history, tax history, … is easily available. What could a Muslim registry add to that, except intimidation.


But it is a good thing to check.  If NSA is not rolled back to inside the 4th Amendment, it means the intelligence groups are not being reformed, and General ?? either failed in his efforts or wasn’t sincere.

This is a thorough discussion of cyber attacks, contains all of the latest opinion and data and references the fundamental documents the whole line of flimsy reasoning depends on. No, they don’t know The Russians Did It!, don’t even have firm evidence it might have been any Russian at all. The way the internet works doesn’t make it easy to know that even before an opponent begins to obfuscate his source. Obfuscation technology is far ahead of the technology to reveal the obfuscated.




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