Daily Reading #59

Not so many links today, I have been reading biochemistry and medical stuff, background for checking The Generalissimo and Scherrhy’s stories, e.g. :



These are fundamental mechanisms in cell biology, examples of cells evolving to evolve, sophisticated cooperation in maintenance of each other when stressed and thus protection of the overall organism and a means of avoiding the worst consequences of mistakes in discarding/mutating into unusable states genes or controls of genetic expression. New fundamental mechanisms are being found every quarter, it seems to me, we are far from a complete understanding of biochemistry of individual cells, much less their cooperation in producing an organism, much less the genetic control of all that. However, one of the things that is very impressive is how quickly complex mechanisms such as the nanotubes are unraveled. But for every one of those, others such as how mitochondria are transferred in living systems rather than cell cultures still need explained. To me, that last seems like a very direct path to life extension.

Aubrey de Grey has been pursuing mitochondria for that reason for a long time, but he is working on long-term, permanent solutions, not mitochondrial transfusions such as now seem possible, tho it will take some work to understand how to do that. This is a report of his latest successes, and the one following discusses the long-term prospects :


#Pizzagate continues to develop.  This is an old-time NYPD detective who was the first one assigned to pursue the pedophile rings and money flow. He said they got stopped 3 times, whenever they hit the DC level, their investigation would be shut down. He said this one will be much harder because of the Wiener-Abadeen emails which have very incriminating evidence, ‘people are going to jail’. Also, ‘Trump has people working for him who understands all of this’. I have seen his testimony in at least one other interview. Rothstein is solid, so far as I can see from those and other background information. Fetzer is not entirely solid, some of his opinions on 9-11 mechanisms are screwy, I believe, but in Pizzagate and Sandy Hook, overall seems solid also. :


I haven’t followed the refugee, illegal immigrant, immigrant situation, except to know that many, many are now in jobs and so part of the economic life of the US. Even the day laborers, our area obviously depends upon them, you see work trucks picking up people at their meeting grounds, dropping them off in the evening, every day. One of our stores dispensing lumber and other supplies for contractors working on homes, apartments and office buildings, inside and out, has 25 or 30 people early in the day, and most of a dozen any time of day, people come by looking for assistance all day long. There are a dozen sites like that that I know of in our area, in fact, one or more in each city on the main street passing through a half a dozen cities in our strung-out metropolitan area, more near the obvious stores. Then, searching for ‘where to find day laborers’ in one of those cities, there are many pages of links to companies wanting to be a source of that resource, obviously many funded by government. I suppose those are sort of a non-union hiring hall, and friends who do contracting say they hire people known to them, have long-term relationships with day laborers who do good work and are reliable. It is a good relationship for both sides, as contractors can’t depend on a steady supply of work, so can’t provide it easily. That part of the economy and the shifting jobs, doing gigs, is not new, it was normal when I was in college and my mother told me the same kind of stories, all the different things she did while going through college, house keeping for room and board, other jobs for tuition and others for books and spending money.

I don’t know this web site, so can’t evaluate the report, and think some of the comments are less than rational, but overall it is an interesting pov, and has at least some merit in those specific industries, I think. The generality of the industry, and of the supports for immigrants from government and NGOs vs support for citizens, I don’t guess :


The entire ‘False News’ and ‘The Russians Hacked The DNC AND Election!’ threads have been pure propaganda, with no foundation in fact. I first noticed this departure from normal news with the Ukrainian coup, the Russians were constantly invading the Ukraine all through the episodes of Kiev’s war against the people of East Ukraine. Normally, there are some facts being mis-interpreted, e.g. the Aluminium Tubes problem with Iraq, but recent stories need have no basis in fact. It seems to work as well, this says 50% of Clinton voters believe both of those :



The Berlin Truck Massacre has the usual identifying signals of a False Flag. In fact, the entire ISIS episode does also. The Ministry of Truth is clearly in control :


Buchanan thinks the US is going to be forced to deciding whether Israel is a proper ally. I think not with their current government, we hope we have just gotten rid of their equivalent war mongering empire builders here in the US :


T.L.Davis wrote this as mind expanding speculation, mostly, I think, but I agree with his ending whole-heartedly :


We have much more to fear from our Republican Senators and House of Representatives, who will fight to maintain the globalist vision in the government against the efforts of Donald Trump. I am still not sold on Donald Trump, but, by his cabinet selections, it seems that he is striving to do away with a number of bureaucracies that have long-vexed the American public. By selecting Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, he is signaling a likely elimination of the Department of Energy since Rick Perry, during his 2012 bid for President proposed eliminating the Department of Energy as a campaign promise. By selecting Scott Pruitt, he chose someone who, as the Oklahoma Attorney General, sued the EPA several times, challenging its authority. Pruitt might be in a position to eliminate the EPA all together. By selecting Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education, he chose someone who is a strong believer in school choice and has fought against the Department of Education to implement her agenda. She would be in a position to eliminate the Department of Education, or gut it from within.

Granted, there is no election that solves problems, but this one, the election of Donald Trump, might just facilitate some breathing room and momentum to bring the federal bureaucracy under control. If it can be shown that his few activities work and create a better environment for people to have a greater say in their own lives, it might spark a reversal in the minds of people that many things the government does is not necessary and in fact is a great hindrance to them. I had never hoped to see that in my lifetime, at least not on this side of civil war. Whatever gains we might achieve, before we are drenched in blood and divorced from our own sense of humanity, are true gains.

Now, if any of this can be accomplished before the next economic meltdown is anyone’s guess.

Take the cream and leave the rest, understanding can arrive from any source. I have always bragged that I can sit next to anyone on an airplane and learn something significant and interesting from them. Hardest case was a ships engineer who was intent on getting drunk and didn’t want to talk. 3 months at sea followed by an alcoholic binge in the fleshpots of the world seemed to be his pattern. I stopped bothering him, he got drunk.

I had not known there were lifestyle choices like that, before, and isn’t it interesting that people filter into jobs that allow-encourage particular lifestyles, and they become a social group? Another personality pattern and kind of job they fit themselves into. And another pattern in marriages between people holding different kinds of jobs, a link from last week, if you are interested. Wonder who marries seagoing engineers?

My son is a leader into interesting adventures for his friends. It has been a cold and wet year here, today wasn’t too bad, 40s there in the AM, I think. They did a long hike in the local mountains today, he said it was as beautiful as any photos he had ever seen, described a fern-covered vertical mountainside and standing under the roots of a tree undercut by the stream and looking up to see it spreading out limbs in in your field of vision. Nobody fell into the stream, which was much higher than before. They criss-crossed the stream, hiked more than 2 hours up the mountain then explored there before hiking back. Hiking in the local parks was always my favorite recreation, and his first recreation. My wife and I would run down the hill, with him taking giant leaps between us, as we swung him up in the air. Great fun for all.


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