Daily Reading #58

Putin won this round in the diplomatic game, it seems to me, and the CIA lost :


CHSmith on Fake News. The chart of physician and administrator numbers explains everything that is wrong with health care, imho, and the same administrative regulatory overkill is behind the collapse of small business :


And on to censorship to control the fake Fake News :


Medical and scientific Fake News, also :


Clinical trials, which the FDA depends upon in order to approve medicines, are among the lowest  in reproducibility, down with the social sciences. This says that 9% of the scientific papers on the trials differ from the conclusions presented to the FDA :


I subscribed to the Journal of Irreproducible Results for a few years :



Clearly, the problem they had was not finding irreproducible results, those are everywhere, it was finding funny results of serious research efforts.

I told a mystery-writing friend this was going to be the case and that there was a murder plot based on it, and will now brag to her about it :


This is a good article by Oliver Stone that has excellent links that counter with facts and logic and reasoned discourse the hacking and fake news claims :


It is easy to be amused, reading his links. The legacy media, working as hard as it can for the CIA’s psyops, can’t get more than 30% of the population to believe their story, at the end of 2 months of effort. Even strong supporters of Clinton are not uniform in opinion of these topics, and everybody else is strongly opposed.

Reasoned discourse based on hard fact is the most sophisticated propaganda, just helping evolution of individual minds along in their understanding of the world as it really is. The more carefully neutral you are, the more you present everything from different points of view, the more credibility you have when it is important that someone believe you in circumstances where you don’t yet have the required facts, when people need to trust you.

It applies to all entities, individuals and organizations, public and private. The problem is that short-cuts can dominate the news cycle and implant opinions that are untrue, but those partial-truth lies will kill your credibility, absolutely inevitably. Legacy media defined itself as legacy by presenting fewer points of view based on lesser foundations of fact than has alternative- and social-medias We exposed their fake news, not vice versa.

I had not read this one, the best analysis of why NSA won’t say ‘hacked’ I have seen, but had seen other articles on the topic. The reasoning is “they see everything in the net, and don’t see evidence of that hack, therefore the information was leaked, not hacked”, with considerable technical detail in ‘knows all and sees all’. I agree with most of it, but believe NSA’s capabilities are statistical, they would have seen one end of the hack. I don’t think they can be scanning packets, deep analysis to note every phishing attack that happens. They have not, from all evidence, noticed the many databases in federal agencies being stolen in the last few years.

I don’t think they can be that good, it only takes one network with extensive links to other networks and known NOT to be copied to NSA’s servers to end the traffic analysis. I bet there are more than a few of those in the world, NSA hasn’t gotten backdoors into all of the network equipment yet :


This is the complete story of the sponsors of terrorism in the ME, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Israel, not Iran ;


The Fake News has done the NYTimes and WaPo no good at all, it merely invites more intense skepticism. The intelligence agencies have refused to provide information to Congress on the issue!!! His conclusion is the same as mine, window dressing to justify the House of Representatives failing to certify the election of Trump. I bet that is not the end of it, 9-11 was treason by a significant number of people still in power or prosecutable:


Justin Raimondo agrees with me, ‘CIA coup’, although not with the base motivation. He says ‘loss of paycheck and power’, I say ‘fear of hanging for the 9-11 false flag’, or ‘jail time for not noticing the fact’. It should be acute professional embarrassment  for being so very obvious about it, a bunch of amateurs figured it out in the face of their opposition, and faster because of the opposition, it wouldn’t have been needed for a true story, was a sure tell :


The usual alliances with political crazies is behind PropOrNot. This is the best version of this I have seen, it makes the ‘Russian did it’ into practically a one-person crusade driven by Ukrainian far right interests, and thus the attempt to sink Trump with Russia. They don’t want peace. But, of course, the CIA has been recruiting ‘journalists’ like this for a long time.  There was a lot of research done for this article, a good read :


NATO arms in Aleppo. Many tons of weapons in school houses turned into arms depots. The 30 or so advisors, US, Israeli, Saudi, … slipped out with the anti-Assad extremist fighters :



There is still no proof provided that “The Russians hacked the DNC”, much less hacked the elections. This is the same old BS, fancier packaging, but it starts with a big disclaimers about how much you can rely on it, the Intelligence Communities sly wink to let you know the did it under political duress, but don’t mean a word of it. Great at generalities, not enough specificity to convict anyone of anything, but supposedly enough to justify an as-major-as-they-can-make it diplomatic incident, to reinforce the ‘fake news’ and ‘Hillary lost because the Russians helped Trump’ memes. Several of the comments dissect the ‘report’, actually boiler-plate for the most part, with NO EVIDENCE of Russian hacking.

This is a propaganda campaign aimed at supplanting the legitimate government of the US, nothing else makes sense. Why else would Obama be retaliating against Russia when we know full well that the Russians had nothing to do with Fake News nor with hacking the election and the evidence connecting the DNC hack with the Russian government is weak-to-non-existent?. The election is done, none of this rebuilds the Democratic Party or a legitimate opposition against Trump, although, the Democrats are in a bind on strategy. The ideology they have pursued has failed badly, they need to go through a big change of ideology, those are messy. The Republicans also, of course, and the Republicans are in much the same bind.

For either party, the only strategy that could outpoint Trump would be the last thing Democrats or Republicans would support, namely a principled position on Constitutional limits to the 3 parts of government and an absolutest+ position on civil rights, human rights, and the Bill of Rights, Freedom and insistence on putting our government back into the Constitutional Box. That government will be very much smaller, but business and community could thrive once again and our country could again become great. Ending our professional military and professional diplomats is a big part of that, they are dangers to our freedom as much or more than other people’s lives. Reading comments is rewarding for this post, more info than the article:


Pizzagate is going to become a big deal in 2017. This is largely a repetition of long-known data, but really effective presentation of it. These few presenters, e.g whoever this team is, David Seaman and several others, are ultimately more powerful than all of the Megan Kellys, et al. media stars in the world :


Web sites that don’t want comments make it hard to comment, e.g. this one won’t accept my Disqus login for some reason. I hated to waste a good comment :


I very much agree with your recommendations, but find your assumption that there is more critical thinking on the leftish side of the political divide than the rightish side to be silly. The serious Fake News comes directly from the government and is disseminated by major media. AGW is a serious lack of critical thinking. The current funding mechanisms foster that kind of group think and are hobbling science by reducing the amount of ‘wild card’ research, as nobody can take risks of losing funding.

This society has stopped working, and people like Charles Hugh Smith are critical thinkers commenting on it every day. Charle’s blog today exposed the reasons for rising health costs along with declining effectiveness in one graph, yet the left goes on pushing for ‘single payer’ and Obamacare. ‘Single payer’ is ‘single controller’, and society is fubared every time there is a single controller in any area, e.g. military policy, foreign policy, drug policy, sex policy, …

You have no moral high ground to stand on, as you assume, it seems to me. And ditto the rightish side, when they do the same. Stop moralizing and groupthink and deal with the reality critically in every area, uniformly and always, then we might get somewhere in our continuing quest for civilization.


Abbie Martin interviewing Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick on Obama’s legacy “He’s a war criminal”. Sensible and low-key on their new series of feature films :


This is a long and empathetic look “Strangers In Their Own Land’ by Arlie Russell Hochschild, the reasons in reality and emotions that working class Americans have rejected the Democratic views. Nice work by a serious sociologist :


Billionaires of the world by type :



Less reading, more writing by me :



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