Daily Reading #57

John Whitehead’s assessment of the last year, “Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year”. Yes, trends are sharply down in many measures of civilization, and you have to keep reminding yourself because it all becomes a new normal, when each case should be a cause of outrage. The Deep State and oligarchs have not been defeated, pray that Trump is up to the task :


There is no global warming and the US was not hot this year. This is the best description of NOAA’s altering the base data I have seen, it has been coming out in pieces for the last year or so :



Every time I look around on sites like that, I am struck by the priors — people who are skeptical of the AGW argument are gullible wrt the Israeli propaganda, the anti-Muslim propaganda, and/or anti-immigrant sentiments. What happened to the world that nobody can deal with all of reality any more? This correlation makes it easy for the leftists to claim that deciding against AGW is not any more rational than the other opinions the sites appear to advocate.

Guns are another reality. Liberals have lost the argument, probably even in states like California and NY and CT, but it will take a while to reveal that. I think Democrats will continue to lose power in all Blue states as they have in the now-red states, and for the same reason : they fubar their economies with high taxes and regulation. All Democratic states have large budget deficits and ever-larger state debts. As their pension funds fail and more cities and counties declare bankruptsy, citizens will throw out the Democrats :


“Network” was a prediction of this future, in retrospect :


Yes, just what was needed, and thus Trump as President. Beating pots and pans was a recent version in South America, is easier on the vocal cords :


Pizzagate is real, which we know because the media is doing a bad job of covering it up and censoring subjects they would normally love, the deviant sex and power. Maybe just not this high a power, perhaps :


A von Mises article on how government regulation makes us all poorer, especially people in sweatshops :


The Pizzagate investigation powers along, very impressive the set of connections they are finding. Comet Pizza is connected to a wide range of people connected with human traffickers and orphanges and adoption agencies and missing children, as well as known pedophiles. No smoking guns of connections to particular missing children, but the FBI is getting a lot of work done for them.

Now, Comet Pizza’s Alefantis was in the White House at the same time as the Sandy Hook parents, 3 days before and 2 days before the ‘horrible murders of poor innocents at Sandy Hook school’. Nobody died at Sandy Hook, just to remind you. Very amazing connections, with the White House a nexus. The nexus for this, as it is based on the White House visitor log, which people can download.

The George Webb videos “Where is Eric Braverman” and others mainly focus on foreign policy and associated crimes, but have connections to human trafficking, so those links are being followed. There are many people working on all of this, and many public records and photo sets to be checked, a single agency such as the FBI is at a disadvantage relative to an Open Source investigation because it has less total research-hours it can devote to projects like this. The Generalissimo was prescient in this, at least.


It is good to see senior bankers seeing the light, at last. This has been clear for at least 100 years now, maybe we can get the US straightened out in the next 100 years. The major flaw in his plan is that real estate , etc. are not the highest quality of capital, gold and precious metals are. That is, the price of the dollar in gold varies a great deal more than the price of the gold in a market-basket of currencies, and ditto the price of a piece of real estate or a stock or a bond in gold vs gold in terms of a portfolio of real estate. A bank that did its accounting in grams of gold would have a considerable advantage, as it was based in the most solid asset. Banks that do their accounting in fiat currencies are wiped out again and again by the value of that currency going to zero. :


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