Daily Reading #56

More escalation in the rhetoric, at least. What is your interest in having Russia as an enemy? If you have an interest in peace everywhere, you really should call your Representative and your Senators, because Washington DC is out of its mind again, The Deep State needs a war, and false flags are what governments do when they need a war, so expect a False Flag event :


This is more whitewash, noble words and high aspirations. Soros funded many NGOs, along with NED, that funding resulted in the rise of the Nazis in the Ukraine after the overthrow of the legitimate government and the consequent war with the Eastern part of their country, as one of many examples of his actual actions to contrast with his noble sentiments. This is not even cynical on his part, this is part of the toolbox oligarchs use in farming the societies they live in. It is not cynical on my part to view it that way, it fits very well with Soros’s actual funding of groups, they are very often on the same side as the State Department’s and CIA’s interests. He is one of the oligarchs who systematically invest both to create futures of a particular bent and to reap the rewards of those futures arriving, and nothing is for charity, however it looks. Never give power or money the benefit of any doubt, and cultivate your doubts :


“2017, where the truth lies” Illargi on fake news in the context of so much fake news from legacy media for so long, and how that brought us to where the Truth of reality is finally intruding on enough lives to make real change happen :


Nassim Taleb is very insightful here, discussing various kinds of inequality. ‘It is respectable to lose a $B, if it is your own money.” :


The data on inequality, wrong because ‘constant dollars’ systematically understate inflation and hereby increase real growth, their intended function in fact. Nevertheless, these figures are screwed up by the demographic shifts happening, both artificially increasing the ‘poverty’ end of the spectrum as people retire and new people move into the work force at min wage jobs and more of the youngest baby boomers and the next generation are in their peak earning years, so you can’t interpret these simply :



Interesting patterns in who marries who :


People are naturally moral, it doesn’t take much skin in the game to keep them there :



Lawyers don’t deal with reality’s primary constraints relative to engineers. Societies have growth when they focus on producing engineers and most of their politicians are engineers. Different realities, credentialism is the wrong choice :


This is surely a new high for cynicism. Here is a song “sung by Niro Feliciano at the memorial service for our son, Dylan Hockley, on December 21, 2012, who died in the Sandy Hook School tragedy”.

Nobody died at Sandy Hook, which is easy to see if you look at the evidence. The school had been closed 4 years. It had no teachers, no students. None of the dead had much of an existance before the event, none of the usual photos up on facebooks, although their donation web sites had gone up the day before their unfortunate deaths. The ‘massacre’ was a not-so-carefully staged scene, and people found the evidence. It is hard to create reality, and their efforts weren’t very real, when it was all said and done.  The big tell to everyone was that it was so difficult to get what would have been and should have been normal information from authorities, and then, when people had started digging, the State of Ct passed new ‘privacy’ laws to make it even more difficult. Meanwhile, the anti-gun group of ‘parent’s all became multi-millionaires from donations and victim’s funds and the US Justice Dept showered the state of CT with special grants, and money appeared to assuage the consciences of the local school system.

Fake parents of an imaginary child who never was born commemorating the imaginary child’s imaginary death making money from the imaginary death, ably assisted by knowing and aware legacy media propaganda. Genius-level cynicism, something to aspire to if you have my attitude of “you can’t be too cynical, but you should damn well try” because otherwise you will miss important levels of reality, in this case, non-reality.  :

Beyond even that level, there is an entire industry doing that, things I would never know about without Youtube to help :


I found those because I was looking for a decent-sound version of Dylan doing Cohen’s Hallelujah after reading this very nice review-obituary for Leonard Cohen. Couldn’t find one, and that first one promised to be Dylan’s version, then I saw what it was.

WRT looking for a Dylan version, all of which are live with terrible sound, don’t know why I bother, I can’t listen to lyrics even when I try, so slow I always get side-tracked and begin thinking of something else so lose the thread. I run all the other videos at 1.25 or 1.5, depending on the speaker, but that really screws up the music, at even 1.25 hallelulah is a very different piece of music.

Finally, after a long series of digressions, the New Yorker article that began it and is very good, I recommend it :


Note the story of the Buddhist Monk, a revered teacher with a great appreciation for fine Scotch, who turns out to have been a serial molester of many Buddhist students and nuns, who were not believed, hushed up, … Reality is, covering up any part of it is bad for everyone.

Costs would be an excellent proxy for EROEI, except for subsidies and taxes that prevent installed and operating costs from being meaningful. Nevertheless, this is a good discussion of energy in biological and social contexts :


I like this guy, Jordan Peterson, a clear thinker. Good philosophy :



I read those last 2 back to back and watched the trailers. They fit naturally, same as two other natural fits I saw in videos yesterday, one jawbones found before their skulls in archaeological digs and the other some SC good old boys digging for Indian artifacts, finding the broken pieces of spear points, and a couple of days ago about an archaeologist saying his ?grand?father had been attacked for faking artifacts from digs, yet later digging had found the flakes from the artifacts. As measures of a natural rate of coincidence, maybe, as they are not connections of ideas in human minds, but of pieces of solid reality, and the total number of found vs unfound broken pieces and separated jaws and skulls is only one small mathematical step away from reality. So I have an exception to my rule ‘there is no natural rate of coincidence’, but it doesn’t save the human mind’s noticing coincidences in social spaces. Even some of those must be reality, networks are real and measurable and at least statistically predictable for people, jobs, classes, … so I need to rethink the issue, there are more categories of coincidence than I had understood.

The current government of Israel is another reason for great cynicism, blackening the name ‘Jew’ every day they exist. Israel is burning its bridges to the rest of the world pursuing the Greater Israel nonsense, and will be left without allies or resources at exactly the point that it has maximum enemies. Israeli militarism will not prosper any more than previous versions in other countries, and time is moving faster than ever in history, this end is in sight. Despite the ME wars that have devastated Israeli neighbors, they will recover and the enmity will not fade, but Israeli military power will continuously decline relative to their neighbors. Israel is still a difficult place to make a living, Jews are net leaving Israel, not moving to it. A completely failing strategy fubaring their own future and a good case to see the effectiveness of propaganda, ‘reality turned on its head’. Few Jews dare to criticize, and non-Jews are considered to lack standing and so are ignored by everyone. The net result is barbaric behavior wrt the Palestinians and barbaric behavior in the resulting extremism of all sides, and more extremism compounding until Israel extinguishes itself or changes its behavior and allows peace. So Israeli policies are also locked in place by 9-11, they need the wars and the distraction of extremism, if peace is allowed, Netanyahu and many in the Mossad will be extradited from Israel to stand trial in New York for 9-11 and war crimes, and many others for insider trading on the event :




‘Jewish’ and ‘Zionist’ are not the same, in fact, reasonable scholarship says ‘incompatible’, and this is one of the old realities in the ME, and how the Zionists have forced coalescing Jewery inside Israel. Power built on lies like this is ephemeral in the modern world where lies cannot be hidden and oppositions have so many ways to oppose, it will consume itself and the nation in its failure the same as every other authoritarian despot has done :



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