Daily Reading #54

This is Robert David Steel on false flags and the CIA/NSA’s blindness :


This must be the 50th video I have watched on early people and what we know of their genetics and society and cultures. It is interesting how fast archaeology is getting sophisticated. It can’t be more than 30 years since archaeology began practically a grain-by-grain analysis of every site.


‘The Russians Hacked The Election’ in full context. Some of it is lol, e.g.

“Trump’s cabinet must come as quite the blow to K Street. Who needs to go to the expense of hiring a lobbyist anymore?’

South Carolina Lindsay Graham, one of the most petulant and paranoid members of congress, announced to little fanfare that his fly-by-night campaign emails had also been hacked by “the Russians.” No doubt this was when Graham’s poll numbers had briefly doubled, from 0.25 to 0.50%, and Putin needed to act swiftly to snuff out the Graham surge!



Understanding the CIA and media. Very good view, imho :


The internet came to Burma/Myanmar. ‘Buddhist mobs have killed 200 Moslems’ seems to be a result :


Turns out ISIS’s ferocity, massacres and fighting effectiveness isn’t entirely religious devotion, amphetamines are a big part of it :


Erdogan is a menace to the entire ME, including Turkey. He has never done a straight thing in his life, imho :


They carefully don’t ask about death rates for the retaking of Mosul, US, Iraqi or civilian. American units are inside Mosul ‘deeply embedded’ with the Iraqi troops :


This is a standard approach to regulation, rules about how things must look, not measures of effectiveness :


I think data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics is fudged from the source, and this is near useless as a result, should be ignored :


I told them and told them, that is what peer-to-peer means. Clinton controlled the legacy media. Trump used them, but did so by making the news with his tweets and rallies, not by press conferences or interviews. Thierry Meyssan :


me :


More liberals buying guns and joining gun clubs. Now they understand about impending collapses, which they will turn around and blame on Trump. But on the subject of guns and liberals, much wry humor follows :


Hard to know what to think about this. Economic warfare against Trump? Dropping the value of his properties and increasing insurance costs with the implication of terrorism :


This is a lot of generalities and political truisms all intepreting events as tho there was no Deep State and no 9/11 and no blackmail database. We can be absolutely positive about all of those factors, for the last, collecting all communications data as NSA does, the proof is merely “How could they not?”.  This is not even cynicism, all of those are first-order primary truths at this time in history, no hypothesizing needed, and the obvious deep criminality and corruption in our ruling class and their oligarch friends is another confirmation. They all have each other by the balls, not always metaphorically. We live in a very untrustworthy world just now :


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