Daily Reading #55


I read an article yesterday about how people in many countries entirely avoid the authorities if they can, and thus the proof that civilization is not the state. Somehow didn’t get the link transferred and now can’t find it.

Charles Hugh Smith has a very positive view of our future. I do also, but think it may take a while. By historical standards, we have a very literate population. I am optimistic that enough people are rational and understand the Constitution in considerable depth, so we will adopt most of it, fixing the deficiencies. :


Symbiosis at the scale of a forest is a new phenomenon. Gaia is more than metaphor :


I would have much more trust in Carl Herman if he didn’t claim to be a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics and History, also credentialed in Mathematics. Rather, he could pretend to be just another person with a mind being judged by his thoughts, his writing. Credentials don’t make the person, especially anything to do with the education system. Education majors have lower test scores than most disciplines, I believe even lower than business majors :


Another Ponzi scheme, more plausible than most. Also another ‘single payer’ scheme, you get your credit from the state bank, and they will likely restrict you to that after a while :


Israel is largely responsible for the turmoil in the ME, actual gov behavior has never deviated from “Greater Israel” and balkanizing adjacent countries. Only support from the US has allowed that, of course, and our vetoing the many UN resolutions against Israel are a major part of our support. The price of ME peace will be ending that support and returning both the US and Israel to legal behavior on the international stage :


NC says “Hell just froze over, the NYTimes publishes article saying Zionism is racist. The comments to this are even more interesting than the article, including a very nice discussion of the implication of the Jewish religion being as proselytizing as was Christianity in the early centuries before and after Christ, in fact the Jews are where it came from.


And the UN resolution is not what it seems, of course :




This is the kind of project that could easily be open-sourced. The big cost is the collection effort, people are already distributed, many travel widely. The project only need to provide instructions for preserving specimens and shipping information, keep track of how many new viruses every individual has found. Costs of sequencing it will average < $100 per new virus, tho I don’t know enough to estimate the costs of extracting the viruses from the samples. 1.3M * 100 = $130M, not $3.4B. This is more a travel fund than a genome project :


Thomas Sowell was always one of the sensible voices in the old-liberal tradition. He was one of the early contrarians on race, but I think he didn’t stay at the forefront of any of it. He became conventional, tho I didn’t follow him closely enough to say more than that :


The reason for the big push to rescue civilians from East Aleppo :


More intrusion into privacy rather than eliminating the foreign policy and wars which cause the terrorism. A cynic could believe the terrorism is needed to justify the police state :


Except for the usual frame of 9-11 as a terrorist event and Shrub’s admin nobly reacting to that, this understands that the war on terror is causing the terror, the same conclusion that 4 successive studies of the actual effects of the drone warfare have come to in the years since the drone assassinations began. Still a big mystery why so many refugees and terrorists, State Department and every minor section of the military have new studies going now, no doubt, just so the official response can be “we are studying that again now” and need not deal with reality :


There are so many reasons for terrorism, how could it not be state-supported? These days, in the US of A, probably half of all defense spending is anti-terrorism, half the FBI, All of TSA, very much training of police forces and distributing of new weaponry and armored vehicles. Half the State Department’s budget, 25% of the DEA, all of the CIA, 3/4 or more of the NSA and photo-interpretation people and all of the outsiders who depend on those cash flows putting pressure on Congress. These are symptoms :


View at Medium.com


And it is, of course :


The only US defense will be “But we shipped it all through Turkey via Turkish military and the White Helmets, why complain now?”

I have to stop trying to read so much, it is incompatible with writing.

As soon as I sent yesterday’s “Daily Reading” along, I had the 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts about “How could they not?” as a proof of the existence of a blackmail database. 2nd thought, who would help in producing such? The answer to that is “Has there ever been a shortage of knaves siding with power?” 3rd thought, “It wouldn’t have to be a separate database. Any competent AI pattern matching algorithm for phone numbers, Craigslist, Backpage, .. will know who is calling art stores and call girls or call boys. It doesn’t even have to be stored explicitly, just the lists of phone calls, and completely explainable lists in databases of people advertising services, kinds and prices. The hookers will be easy to sort out with an SQL query, and all the insiders will know how to do that.

What follows is standard Semantic Web thinking and advanced data mining thinking in an intelligence context of ‘collect it all’. There is no way it would not be done this way, because this, in broad outline, are how it is done in every project with the budget to be general.

Therefore, the way it is done is : Divide the world into geographic regions, and tell them to vacuum EVERYTHING. No particular emphasis –> nothing to hide. That goes into standard tables in a database, connects publication name or other source specification with every data element. Everything after that can run on a need to know a tiny part of the total, but all can know the outline of the technology. Then you have ontogenies and every publication or other source has meta-information. That will allow the query ?blackmailable to be developed that are completely independent of country, a stored procedure that will work through the sub-queries using the standard ontogenies by language of the source and interpreting terms as they would be interpreted within the culture (e.g. ?sex-with-boys has different blackmail value in different cultures) and return yes/no and the kinds of things for which there is evidence to allow an agent to imply knowledge, but not a direct charge, just as an intro to a request for assistance.

How could they not? It is all patterns, and setting up the data to extract meaning from the patterns. Stored SQL commands will run special kinds of queries for the insiders, the ones with the clearance. They will have levels of access over the raw data, over queries, by nationality of hte subjects,… Thus the blackmail is collected automatically, it is just a matter of extracting it from the data on an as-needed basis, and everything ultimately deniable by everyone lower than the tip-top insiders on the executive side, the database people develop general, world-wide queries and test them overseas, as they are permitted to in law. The ontogony people classify terms strictly according to Hoyle, nobody will argue about them being correct, but the result will be queries working against US citizens just as well as against a foreign national, tho you will need a special clearance to do that.

So it is all right out in the open, nothing to deny. Nobody aware, but all have thought of the possibilites, just don’t talk about them. Among the operations people there is wide-spread understanding that favors can get you questions to ask of names who will help your operation along.

Steele is adamat that insiders in all of the agencies are appalled by what is happening, and the armed forces also. Everyone understands 9-11 for what it was, a CIA and Mossad operation that the Shrub administration blew up into14 years of war in the ME. There is no way to justify that, and a bunch of institutions in our government are going to change because they can’t justify either the act or the fact that they have taken so long to notice.

9/11 is established fact, the many, many things that point to ‘demolition’ and cannot be explained in the government’s coverup narrative make it obvious that the answer is ‘demolition’. Further digging have revealed a major coverup and Israelis involved in the planting of the explosives, Mossad agents, in fact. On, and on, and on, the facts are derived from the observations, presented in logical argument, and the government never refutes a word of it, it ignores it entirely.

There is also no question about the Deep State. This is a subject of scholars, there must be a dozen books by now on various aspects of the criminality emanating from the CIA. There have been many acknowledgements of the US’s role in assassinating leaders all through South America. Every year more evidence comes out showing the CIA assassinated JFK, and again, there are no refutations, no scholarly works showing dumb reasoning in all of the arguments. Instead there are ever-more connections between the insiders and to criminals, more deathbed confessions

There have been many deaths around our leaders in the last 30 years which were convenient, and were obviously handled anomalously, indeed perversely, as tho some government entity wanted it ignored forever. And they were. So we have assassination squads running around the US and Europe. People with information or about to get information of great importance in analyzing scandal X are at higher risk of death. Cherry picking the evidence, of course, after the fact connections of speculation of reasons for the crime to speculation of the criminals, of course. Nevertheless, an awful lot of these victims reported being frightened before the event, something you wouldn’t expect if it were indeed an out-of-the-blue stroke of really bad luck. Unless, of course, you and your friends in your middle-class lives report being really frightened frequently, so the victim’s fright is statistically normal.

Also, 9/11 itself is a proof of the deep state. It was demolition, very large scale, in buildings with high security offices of all the major federal intelligence and security agencies and which provided their own security. Don’t you think they would have detected wiring the buildings with explosives?. No cases were lost afterwards due to loss of records. Good backups, I guess. In addition to the testimony that the storage spaces in those buildings were empty.

Again, single-factor explanations of everything are always wrong, but this is another set of events easily explained by 9/11. That event is going to end this government, too many people know and understand and doubt, too many insiders have specific guilt associated to them. The only people who do not grasp 9/11 and its implications don’t want to, and are very aware of that, thus Politically Correct sensitivities. They have to prevent discussion of sensitive subjects, such as 9-11 false flag, the ultimate indictment of our government and the CIA. And thus all the focus on race and ethnic groups and sexual groups and the very hardassed prosecution of any security leaks, the excessive use of NonDisclosure Agreements for law enforcement and justice officials for every new investigation, crazy stuff by historical standards.

The Status Quo knows it is under siege, if the correct political story and some event pulls very many groups in opposition together, the Establishment and Deep State are toast and bunches hang.

Most of the news is just distractions, and it seems to me that they aren’t people’s normal experience. Yesterday had that article of the Pink Pistols gay gun club and such being welcomed with open arms at the gun range, people were pleased to help them learn to shoot. So I am still betting we end as a liberal society in the old definition of that, against the worst of them seizing the government. That is another thing we can be assured of, the criminals of the Deep State must try to seize power and must try harder as peace approaches. If peace and honest government, they hang.

Another example of how running the world by laws, rules and regulations can’t possibly work, because those need too many exceptions to meet a criterion of Just!. At some point somebody or somebodies has to think about everything, so we should simplify the laws and then have a jury of informed peers handle any possible transgressions. Justice is possible then, tho not guaranteed. :



This is a more intellectual version of ‘the sexbots are coming!’ hysteria. It is the same as either ‘Turing test will soon be passed by chatbots like Watson + Siri’ or ‘people fall in love with much lesser intellects, e.g their animals’. I think the latter is far more probable than the former, and think it will be a long while before a Sexbot arises, unless The Generalissimo really did come from the future :




More escalation in Syria.  The US keeps upping the ante, and the Russians keep responding. What is the US goal? It can’t be winning, the Russians control that now, they have bases, and we don’t. While continuing to lose, what could go wrong? :


This is the usual mish-mash, a mostly lefty who believes in civil rights tries to explain the state of the world without 9/11, and gets much of the diagnosis correct based on acute observations, not all, and most all of his recommendations are wrong. ‘Get rid of the military and intelligence agencies’ is a really good one :


We could not have any argument if the searchers were all authorized by a judge for a specific data item or items, even type of items :


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