Daily Reading #53

Barabara Tuchmans recounting of the buildup to WWI discusses the socialists across Europe who assumed the workers could not be persuaded to fight against workers in other countries. This is equally off-base, at least until the Internet allows us to see the propaganda that makes Muslims and Africans and … ‘other’, essential bases to divide and rule and enough people find these revisionist intepretations themselves. The Status Quo will never teach any of these revisionist (more true) histories of anything, of course, as it is not in their interest to have skeptical citizens. That is the one thing the public education system has accomplished well, I think, we have an extremely gullible population.

Latest evidence is listening to relatives over Christmas dinner recounting how wonderful the new movie ‘Barry’ is, how Obama was just a standard young man in New York at the beginning. One thing we know for sure about Barak Obama, we know less about Barak Obama than any previous President, very much is hidden. Things don’t get hidden because the average voter will approve of them. Thus, the movie is myth making, not reality :


The US Ministry of Truth is now funded. Do you suppose this was the intent of the “Fake News” propaganda from the beginning? :


European’s migrants in perspectives I had never contemplated. Interesting versions of cause and effect, generally the kind of thing you can’t keep in mind because it is not connected with enough of your reality :



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