A Debate With a Friend

I have a long-time friend, a very intelligent woman who has a Ph.D., taught college and administered them. She has, to the extent that her values allow her to risk offending me by argument and those arguments reveal them, standard Progressive and feminist political positions.

I goaded her into an argument recently, which exchanges I think illustrate a lot of what is happening in our political system. That exchange ended with her saying :

You enjoy arguments for the sake of arguments. I don’t. In this instance we have irreconcilable differences of opinion, so I see no reason to continue such exchanges.

and my reply :

Only irreconcilable because you do not require that your opinions conform to external reality, logic and the heuristics we call wisdom. I do my best to enforce that requirement upon myself, and view debate as part of the process, the best traditions of science and scholarship. You allow ideology to shape your opinions, I don’t, or at least try hard not to allow it.

Further, and far worse for all of us, there are points my reasoning depends upon that your world view cannot even consider. 9-11 False Flag Operation and Sandy Hoaxen are examples. To admit that people who do are a legitimate part of the debate is to invalidate the entire view of government of the wise and their oversight of the system. Thus, we cannot even debate reality.

If my grasp of reality is at all sound wrt our Deep State and the crony capitalist corruption in our entire Status Quo, Clinton and supporters are just another ruling class choosing to take the system down rather than lose their privileged position. That is a standard end of expansion of centralized power throughout history.

Trump can’t fix that, but he can register my opposition.

That point, that Clinton and her partisans cannot allow us to be a legitimate part of the national political debate is the reason for us being labeled irreconcilable and irredeemable. My friend was concerned about Trump promising to jail Clinton, saying it was 3rd world behavior. My reply was she was indeed a criminal, and people deserve Justice, so she should be prosecuted for her crimes. If she is not a criminal, as claimed, fine, but I want the serious investigations, not coverups as have always protected her.

Everyone these days confuses wishes for facts. Reality should rule, and so rarely does.

Clinton is a world-class criminal, a war criminal, and a war monger. She has surrounded herself with those and wannabes. Trump will need to be truly awful in his unique approach to surpass that, and until he does, we made a good decision.

8 thoughts on “A Debate With a Friend

    1. At base, I think it is the public school system. They do not value critical thinking, and nobody can now.

      We have chosen to value SAT scores, not the capabilities of a MENCH, and so we get people who do wonderfuly on paper and pencil tests, poorly in their personal affairs, and terrible at community.

      Take your kid out of school and expose them to as many aspects of reality as you and your community can manage until they have an adult mind. Plenty of time for academics and SAT scores after that.

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      1. Definitely. We’re home schoolers.
        We took the whole extended family and headed for the hills in 2003. northern Maine. Grand kids are 4,6, &8
        Merry Christmas.


      2. Reading that again, it should be “Plenty of time for academics and SAT scores after they have an adult mind and a formed character, well on their way to being a MENSCH. (Yiddish term, not a Yiddish concept, as old as the hills.)


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