Daily Reading #4F

Robert Gore is an excellent wide-spectrum thinker. wrsa links to all of his for good reason.  This is “Get Up Off Your Knees”, a call for outrage :


Outrage to things like 780M painkiller oxycodone and hydrocodone shipped into West Virginia, 433 pills for every man, woman and child over 6 years. Produced  so many overdoses, and for every death, there are 10+ emergency room visits and EMTs called. For every death, 100 people who have their lives screwed up. Fear not, growing and delivering cannabis is a felony, on the same schedule 1 list as Heroin. It is there because overdose deaths fall everywhere cannibis is easily available legally, wouldn’t want to affect Big Pharma’s marketing campaigns or the local beer, wine and spirits distributor :


No hero worship here, certainly, but the more I learn about Putin, the more hopeful I am. Up to this point, I have judged by his words and actions, he is playing his hand well, and not making things worse, perhaps not even Chechnya. This says he is an outsider. Outsiders are better reformers, on average, tho I can’t think of a data point to back that up just now. Checking with Wife to get her opinion, she having grown up in the USSR and having friends in Russia yet, but that might take a while, this is her ultra-busy season :


As I had said, the CIA has a large contract ($600M) with Amazon to provide cloud services. Bezos founded Amazon and owns WaPo. This additionally points out the long history of cooperation between WaPo, the NYTimes, … and the CIA. WaPo and other papers have been used by one or both sides in internal conflicts of the CIA. In many of the cases, the newspapers run with un-supported evidence presented as well-sourced gospel, and control the nations reporting of the events. Same as the recent ‘hacking’ of the DNC, False News “The Russians Did It”, there is no evidence for any of it and can’t be :


Legacy media + CIA propaganda are not having the effect they once had, 71% of Americans do not believe “The Russians Did It” :


This raises several questions about the intent of such very extreme anti-Russian propaganda. Also, it is interesting that it takes a fortune of $2.7B to be 246th on Forbe’s list of the 400 wealthiest Americans :


This is genuine Fake News. Much of the ‘news’ photos and footage coming out of Aleppo is fake, but of course not all. This example comes from Egypt :


This is more central control of the economy, favouring exporters. Many countries have screwed up their economies favouring exporters, e.g. Japan and Korea and Taiwan and China. This strongly favours oligarchs, among other things :


Mark Blyth had understood the economics and sociology and political science behind the many populist uprisings around the globe long before the US election, predicted a Trump win. A very good talk of 11 minutes, worth listening to :

Another on ‘Austerity’, ~5 minutes worth spending, the video seems duplicated :

Mark Blyth on Austerity – YouTube

Where is Eric Braverman ? :

Virginia has 18.9% of the nation’s missing children in 2016. Something is strange about Virginia, and the 3 counties surrounding DC represent most of them :

This is getting radical enough to make a difference. I would abolish all public education, but of course that is not within the power of the FedGov, so just eliminating any Fed influence on education would be a good start :


Scanning a broad range of sources for understanding produces many gems. This is the evolutionary relationships of the many kinds of elves, Orcs, Trolls, Gnomes and Fairies as deduced by softwre that produces the most parsimonious evolutionary tree from the species traits. Really, you need genomes to get that right, it deduced that Christmas Elves are most closely related to Dwarves :


These articles get some of the complexity of a war in a modern 2nd world multi-ethnic multi-religion country. Many more considerations in everything than filter through news in the legacy media. Extrapolate to our own 1st world country, and realize none of our hard problems as a nation, state or locality can be less complex, at least not while the relevant elites are involved. If you want peace, you and your group need personal relationships with everyone who is a potential adversary, intermediaries always have their own agendas. The last points out that news is often manufactured, and in war-torn areas, the filtering of the people allowed to report the manufactured news is often lethal :





This is hubris of an extreme sort. If the man really could see the future, even in broad outlines, there are futures trades that would make him wealthy. Or very poor, depending on whether reality agreed with his predictions. Generally, even professional historians don’t get it right, and it is a rare politician whose views are consulted by even 2 generations past his era, they are not so much wrong as irrelevant in the new :


I wrote the above before I read it.  Interesting read, makes the same point about ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ politician. His argument depends entirely on how fundamental a transform of government policy and structure Trump manages. America is also an important country on an important continent, and just managing to stop treating the world the way we have since Kissinger, et al. achieved dominance in foreign policy would be considerably larger impact than Brexit, equally transformative of the world into self-interested nation states. And just as difficult to tease out in the multiple causes of everything as Brexit, of course.

Policing has changed, along with everything else :


This will become merely another brick in the edifice of proof there is no policy so simple it can’t be gamed :


How to handicap your nation in the economic rivalry :


This ‘metabalon’ is the next functional unit of control of gene expression, regulators of genome networks, and likely the same element used in tissue differentiation in the different stages.  Therefore the next step in producing a genuine cancer cure, as cancer must be a dysregulation of those control networks, and so best corrected there instead of killing tissues via chemotherapy, inherently much less specific in action :


The Epithelial to Mesenchmal transition must be driven by a set of such regulatory networks, an obvious place to correct cancers :


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