Daily Reading #4E

CHS gets it right again. His combination of data and history and insight with the ability to produce a book every quarter and an excellent blog every day is moving him up in the ranks of bloggers on economic and social issues, so I see him interviewed on more and more shows. He deserves every bit of his success :


Central planning + NIMBY == Oakland Ghost Ship fires :


War on Drugs + laws against prostitution => disadvantaged children, among many other bad social effects. Add in a welfare state and you have provided the foundation for inner city poverty and crime and ruin of lives and fortunes. Central planning did this to us, moralists in power :


This is foolish journalism : Meyssan’s work I cited yesterday went after the funding and intent of PropOrNot group, showing they were a NATO – NED dysinfo operation of long standing. This is merely an analysis of their piss-poor methods and those of WaPo and other stories that echoed them. So what? We knew they were shoddy analysts from the results :


That the fact that America wasn’t going to be able to rule Iraq was a revelation to Nixon, the CIA agent interrogating him, is a statement about how the CIA has no clue. Iraq was one of the best countries in the ME in turning oil wealth into infrastructure and public goods. Saddam and his family were tyrants, his sons were out of control, but the Iraqis would have fixed that eventually, all societies on earth have gone through some equivalent tyrants and eventually gotten rid of the. The US instead sided with the Saudis, who didn’t like the Iraqis selling oil and exceeding OPEC quotas, and the Israelis, who wanted to balkanize the entire ME for their Greater Israel goals :


This is the story of journalisms’ evolution from a blue-collar profession employed by small local organizations to well-paid elites employed by mega-conglomerates and the resulting limited perspectives. As legacy media tried to appeal to the younger readers who were getting their information from the web, women and feminists came into the mainstream without acculturation to the values of old-school journalism and now have their own social and informational cocoon, beyond which they cannot see. Thus, 53% of women voted for Trump, and nobody in our Establishment anticipated the rejection of Clinton. Do no feminists take pride in Trump’s winning campaign manager being the first woman to do so?  :


This is another view of the evolution of legacy media, very excellent :


Bad politics everywhere, this is an NC state-level version of Congress for the last few years. Political power is worth big money in an era of gigantic budgets and oligarchs :


The work of the people researching Pizzagate continues to astound. This is one of many many threads, patiently following up leads and exposing associations and companies that comprise the paedophile rings and their operations. There is a new level of critical analysis in discussing Podesta’s emails and other leads :


The Russian view of the world is that America’s help in converting their economy from the USSR owning everything to capitalism left them ruled by oligarchs and mafias and government on the take. Putin is popular because he has at least tamed the mafias and reined in the oligarchs. Government corruption is not fixed, but that is the hardest problem, the US and Western Europe have their own versions and haven’t fixed them.

I don’t see that Russia has any incentive to conquer any other country, and has not. Georgia was US-supported probing, and the Russians claim Chechnya also, which could be true, given the US’s long-term support for Islamic radicals pushing on Russia and China’s borders. The Russian response to the US’s provocation in the Ukraine were intelligent, they accepted 2M refugees and provided weapons and a few specialists for the pro-Russia forces fighting Kiev, and otherwise avoided being provoked and irrational responses. Their incorporation of Crimea had near-universal support, indeed the Ukrainian troops in Crimea defected to Russia.

Further, they analyze Putin in the frame of 1930s KGB. Putin was assigned to East Germany, could see the contrast of E and W up close, watched the Wests’s TV, and saw the Wall fall. Hell of an education for a KGB officer of the time, it seems to me.

Thus, I doubt the premise of this long piece in reviewing 4 different negative views of Putin and Russia selected by  NY Review of Books. Putin is not a saint, but the Russians didn’t have a wide variety of choices, exactly as our recently election. Russia’s tactics in Chechnya were atrocious, but we have had our own versions of those in Iraq, we don’t believe as extreme, but likely our drones and bombing have killed as many innocents as the Russians did in Chechnya.

I am not an apologist for anyone, but try to be rational and objective. These books and this review don’t even try, it seems to me :


This is right about MDs and their political power in the past  I think it misses the more recent effects of financialization and the growth of the large medical conglomerates, which have moved most MDs into employee status, although very well-paid employees :


This is undoubtedly true, repeal of Obamacare will produce a major tax cut for the wealthy. But the effects on the poor are less obvious, as most are suffering from the high deductables it produced. ACA proponents don’t talk about that, nor the degradation of medical care that the centralized control of the system has inevitably produced.

We got into this failing economy and failing systems of all public services and all government-controlled private services via step by step to ever-greater government control. Without reversing that, you can’t fix anything. To reverse it for medicine, abolish the FDA, CDC, charge the state medical societies with anti-trust violations, abolish all the licensing and certification agencies of the government, then enforce fraud laws. Then stop goverment from paying for it, give the money to the people and let them figure out how to spend it to fix their disease.

If a medical care provider tells you up front what training they have and what the limitations of their training are, he or she is clean wrt fraud. That is what we will have to accept from an automated diagnostic system, automated treatment systems will follow along in a few years. Presumedly you are getting cheaper or quicker service and are willing to accept the gain for the lesser or less-certain skills. Might be a good deal on a lonely country road in dealing with your injuries from an auto accident, them fastest on the scene, or when you can’t afford anything at all. And if you can’t protect yourself because you can’t judge, then it is a cheap volunteer organization that can tell you what is available for the price of a phone call or net query.

This is a good country, fully civilized. Looking at the sources of our problems, government and corporations protected by them are the problem, not the people. Freedom will win, if we let it. Doesn’t mean it is perfect, doesn’t mean you are safe anywhere from everything, but I only know one person who was ever held up, and I am not sure he was honest, more likely he was covering up spending money on hookers and needed an excuse for his wife :


This could well be, and I remain skeptical and hopeful about Trump, whose chief obvious qualification was that he was better than Clinton, who was a world-class criminal, a war criminal, a war monger and now very likely at least strongly associated with pedophiles and traffickers of children and sex slaves. Trump must have hidden depths, or is extremely lucky, he won against 13 Republicans in the primaries, all of whom were real politicians who should have been able to knock out the amateur, and then against a Clinton campaign which spent ~$2B. If he is what is being claimed by the most knowledgeable of his proponents, Trump could be America’s Fabius Maximus, we will see. As this does, I have very little faith in America’s elites of any kind, Trump’s administration is a check of whether any of them are decent folks. That link the other day to our new Secretary of State on a jury could be honest, in which case ‘yes, very likely’.


This claim of ‘next to no voter fraud’ is complete BS. The people who were checking generally were the ones administering the votes and counting to begin with.  They have no mechanism to clear dead people off the voter roles, and no solid ID checks, so no way to know how many votes were fraudulent due to buses of people moving from precinct to precinct. They have no way of knowing if non-citizens have registered to vote, and voted. BS, we do not have auditable elections, and until we do, there is no way to make this claim. This refutes nothing :

This is a very excellent rundown of why “The Russians Did It” or “The Chinese Did It” or “The Koreans Did It” are likely not to be true. If Script Kiddies can so easily pretend to be any of those, genuine professionals can do much better, pretending to be anything. Claims “The Russians Did It” are simply propaganda, no matter how many intelligence officials claim so, and they know it :


And another reason :


Our government is filled with scum. This is a sad story of misuse of power for no good reason, unless you think instilling great fear among intelligence people so that nothing about 9-11 and the Sandy Hoaxen comes out is a good reason :


From the following is such an excellent riposte which I post the link to. Krugman is wrong about everything, that is his job :


Drop taxes, get the government spending out of deficit by cutting budgets and closing the anti-useful departments and fund infrastructure with private spending as a way of minimizing costs and maximizing actual economic returns.  Gov-run infrastructure are like the CA Train, $10B and it will have a few hundred riders on the average day, if it is like all the other non-commuter trains in the country. The economics will be awful, I haven’t read about it forever, but the economic case against it is that there was an hourly commuter between SFO and LAX and lesser frequency between the other LA region airports, the prices were so low it is difficult to believe the train will have a huge economic advantage.

Trump’s economic plan makes more sense than anything else, and ‘gold bug’ is very good. There is going to be a hell of a fight.

The considerable rejection of the NYTimes senior gurus by the younger left, right and center is telling, I think :



Trump, master manipulator and also exposed them for what they are. Genius messaging, genius positioning. The press had to come to his party, and having come, worst case their reporting cannot be more than tough, but rational. Best case, as sycophantic as they are to Obama. Anything else and he can say ‘just out to get me’. Trump gets to define ‘tough, but rational’, to a big extent. And he can still keep them at arms length, go directly to the web with his own message. Genius. Also protects against anyone doing to him what he did to them :


True statement, and I read somewhere that Trump has already sent Kissinger to China to set up a visit and channels for working out the various issues between US and China. Kissinger has killed so very many with his stupid theories and bad decisions, war crimes, I hate to see his name :


This is a tiny part of the story. CF was, among other things, an investor cabal in seizing ME resources, Libya was apparently the test case. I don’t have good backup for that, but more than a few people are starting to make the claim, and videos have been removed from Youtube, which makes it more probably true. If that is true, there is very big money behind Clinton’s candidacy and they won’t stop. Ask yourself whether the CIA must be in on it? :


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