Daily Reading #4D

Big picture on Fake News. Thierry Meyssan is a European intellectual, so he states the case that it all begins with 9-11 more elegantly than I do “the course of events could only lead to repression in the United States and the Allied states”. Mine is “9-11 means that if peace or rule of law are allowed, the traitors who did that false flag hang”.

Either way, 9-11 is the key to modern government here in the US and allies, they cannot tolerate dissidents on things that threaten their legitimacy in fundamental ways. 9-11 and Pizzagate do that.

Meyssan was an early dissident on 9-11, the French drove him into exile, but the 9-11 FF understanding has spread, nobody who has thought about the issue believes the government. Meyssan says that the White House approved a plan that NATO implemented beginning in 2009. The British, NATO, NED and others have been the network trolls seeking to discredit dissent, we all see them at work. In 2014, the meme was spread that the Russians had “deployed a vast propaganda system abroad” which was innundating the West with conspiracy theories. Finally, it resulted in Propaganda or Not, which unites the usual suspects, Voice of America, NED and the Atlantic Council.

There is a lot of detail in this, the man does his homework.

We in the alt-media are winning:


More evidence we are winning :


HUD is an agency that can be eliminated with few side-effects and large net-positive good. It will simultaneously obsolete a large number of net-negative state, local and private bureaucracies. The systems-analysis of why HUD can never succeed is that cities are complex systems, we do not have technology to manage complex systems. HUD and its regulations and $ have screwed up far more cities than they have helped :


More support for Trump’s policies, with warnings about what might go wrong. Good thinking, imho :


Reality vs gov statistics. WesternRifleShooters is doing more real articles, adding to their aggregator work :


Indeed, men from Arabic cultures are not part of European cultures and do not have common cultural understanding. Some lectures by more acculturated mullahs is the appropriate first step, followed by some vigorous enforcement of respect by large and aggressive officers waiting around the corner from refugee centers. Proactive, and the word will spread. Had they done this from the beginning, they would have 1/100th the problem they have now.

Nobody does anybody any good protecting their prejudices and beliefs when so very inconsistent with the controlling culture. This applies to Europeans in other countries, as well. Only when you have sufficient power can you ignore the local culture, and that is both hard to judge and also a bad idea because it will cause you problems, something Clinton forgot here in the US :


All Muslim cultures are not Arabic, several Muslim countries have many women in high offices and the professions.

Some good questions about how Clinton-Democratic America thinks it can exist without the support of Republican-Trump America :


This is the same pattern as clinical trials, funding has strong effects on conclusions :


Palast is a solid reporter, I think this rings true. OTOH, nobody has identified the areas where the Democrats were busing voters from precinct to precinct to vote for dead people, which we can be very confident happened based on the videos of Project Veritas, no identified non-citizens who voted, which we can be very confident happened. We have lousy election processes, they are not auditable, and thus we have no way of knowing who cheated more :


China is going to have even bigger problems with its economy than the US during the next 10+ years, and has less ability to manage the resulting social turmoil, therefore it is not likely a stable country :


The Lessons of Aleppo – Buchanan.  This is a link from NakedCapitalism, one of many over the last few years that show increasing support for left-right-and-center supporting Trump’s stances :


Another NC, this from a hard leftist and expert on the ME, coming to supporting conclusions, hard line Sunnis enforcing Sharia Law don’t have a chance to win because they alienate everyone else :


A small part of the Big Pharma Crony Capitalist medical complex, displaying their usual concern for people’s health and their own profits, and of MDs playing along :


One assumes that the global climate models can be run backwards to predict previous climate events. Do they show the Greenland Ice Sheets melting entirely 1M years ago? :


Yes, Abolish the Fed, the first of the bureaucracies that will screw up any of Trump’s policies, whether they mean to or not :


I used paracord to replace shoelaces recently, cheap and easy and looks like everyone was doing it before I thought of it. Problem is, it comes untied, so I asked duckduckgo how to fix it. 1.53 minutes and so easy :


There is a secure open source phone coming along, I don’t recall when it is scheduled, but soon, I think. Meanwhile, you should assume NSA and other criminal organizations are inspecting your every action and word :


As symptoms of another tech bubble, Rocket AI’s “Temporally Recurrent Optimal Learnng”, TROL is outstanding :


I believe that Richard Sharpe fought in the Mysore campaign in the first book. My son and I listened to that audiobook driving too and from school. He subsequently read all 25 books in the series. This says it was an interest on the American side also :


I have never watched Glen Beck, have no clue about him. But this fits my understanding from reading biographies of people at the time, and also the fact that there are many archaeological findings in the midwest that are either evidence of much earlier people in America or very excellent hoaxes :


Mathias Duplessy is a fine musician on so many different instruments in many styles and genres and accompanies it all with overtone singing :



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