Daily Reading #4C

Strategic Culture is good analysis, imho. Russia does the right thing in Syria to defeat terrorism and ISIS, the US punishes them for their successes, US’s and allies’ failures :


Yes, the CIA has been operating in the US for a long time, protecting budget and powers from the Congress and administration, and influencing opinion and elections. The “Russia Did It!” theme is theirs as much as Clinton’s. Moon of Alabama has been a solid commentator on international issues for a long time, with whom I generally agree :



This has to be taken seriously, as every country that has involved its military in controlling drugs now has a corrupt military. NATO planes move CIA heroin from Turkey through Belgium and into the US, where the usual mafias distribute it. Directly or indirectly, a question carefully not asked, the flow of drug and other smuggling revenue reaches Congress, as shown by the Dennis Hastert case :


The reason for this desperation move, of course, is that many of the CIA and military involved will hang for 9-11 if peace and rule of law are restored, it isn’t just budget as Moon and PCR state. That makes this piece of nonsense much more likely as another way of screwing up progress toward President Trump or limit President Trump’s options, and you see the plan to blame it on Trump. If you don’t yet grasp 9-11 was a false flag by the CIA and Mossad, you need to study the evidence. Nobody who looks at the evidence believes the Establishment’s story on 9-11, Sandy Hook, AGW climate change, Pizzagate, or Clinton’s innocence :


In addition to the Pizzagate open source investigation, there is another being done for the Clinton Foundation. It doesn’t seem very active, and the organization is very inferior to the Pizzagate investigation at voat.co/v/pizzagate. However, there are many links being developed :


Liveleak.com is a possible alternative for youtube, and I see many of the Pizzagate and other files I have been looking at on youtube there. As I do with duckduckgo, I will now search liveleak before I do google’s censored and manipulated alternatives.

The fact that the CIA assassinated JFK with assistance from the Secret Service protecting him is well supported by many careful researchers. Thus, LBJ was a CIA President. Nixon, I don’t know, although his Watergate problem was CIA people. Ford didn’t last long enough to matter. Carter was not, and was pushed out after one term.  Reagan probably was not, but lead the big increasing in spending in arms and the manager of his Presidential campaign was William Casey, 2nd in command of the OSS and head of the London Station during the war, very likely a long-term CIA asset on Wall Street and in establishing thinktanks. Bush, Sr. had run the CIA and had been closely associated for many years before that. Bill Clinton worked for the CIA, testified to by the head of London Station during the time he was a student in England. Clinton achieved the Presidency via cash from CIA’s drug smuggling when gov of Arkansas. Shrub was a patsy, by all accounts, surrounded by hardline neocons, at least. Obama was CIA, worked for them in his first job after law school, was blackmailable, and probably-therefore had many neocons in his administration.

Reagan was willing to do blatantly illegal deeds in harness with the CIA :


Thus, the CIA has had a very strong influence in US government ever since Kennedy. Eisenhower warned about all of that. Truman said the CIA was a very bad mistake of his, he thought them a big danger.

Abolish the CIA, they are incompatible with a democratic Republic and a disaster for America and the world, more responsible for the fubared state of the world than any other single entity on earth. This has been the view since Truman, reinforced by so many scandals and the Church Commission. Legislation was introduced by Moynihan to abolish the CIA in ’91 and ’95, this is a good editorial “Abolish the CIA” :


An excellent 5 minute rundown of the recent use of big lie propaganda, fake news variant :


This would be funny if it didn’t reveal an administration who can’t play any game even one move in the future. Unless, of course, it was primarily for domestic consumption, not international. Also, interesting that the NSA knows so much about Russian oligarch’s foreign bank accounts, but nobody can figure that out for Europe or the US.  In any case, this is a cyber-MAD situation, and I think that there is far more parity between Russia, China and the US in cyber technology than conventional weapons :


If you want to assess how vulnerable systems are, scan this list of recent attacks :


Unfunded pension plans everywhere, with returns on bond and stocks on the way down, far south of the 8% many of them had assumed :


With respect to current fracking, at least, the Energy Returned on Energy Invested analyses have been correct all along. This has been just another cheap money ponzi scheme :


International trade crashed as a result of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act just before the Great Depression and didn’t recover until the 1950s, I believe :


If you do not believe in Satanic churches that do human sacrifices, watching this will change your mind. I had never paid attention to ‘the Illuminatti’, knew nothing about it, but discounted the idea that a secret group could control anything. This changed my mind about that.

It has been some years, so perhaps I forget how gruesome autopsies are, but this is considerably worse. The guy is alive as they cut him up. Will change your mind about the existence of snuff films also. This is an FBI film :


That plus the voluminous material on pedophila should make it much easier to accept satanic sadistic pedophilia as a genuine phenomenon.

Those are from the first 200 returned by news.google on a search for ‘pedophilia’. More than 200, the list was expanding as I searched it. Google says 67,200 links total. These are selected from among the very many non-debunks of Pizzagate and other ‘conspiracy theories about the Clintons’ :

Pedophiles in sports :



The Berlin Senate had a project “in which homeless teens were deliberately sent to pedophile men who were employed as their foster fathers and took care of them, is gaining more and more attention across Germany.” Fairly amazing reasoning by a professor to justify that :


More of that kind of thinking :


This is interesting, the first neuroscience study of paedophilia I have seen. Results are nil wrt the reason for the sexual deviancy, only deal with active-vs-non-active :


The science behind psychiatry and psychology is very thin, at best, e.g. the neuochemistry of the psychiatric drugs are very hazy and I have never seen a convincing study that any talk therapy had positive effects relative to a placebo, so this should probably be considered a plea for more patients and revenue. I haven’t run across anything that indicates paedophiles (really need to get my email system off the British English spell check) can be changed in their orientation any more than homosexuals. For those differences from normality, we know a good bit about the biology and neuroscience, but not paedophilia, so far as I have found :


And the next link was, but again, a drug trial, not nothing, but also not much science revealing causes and mechanism, tho it could lead to that :


Michael Jackson was a paedophile, the center of a ring, in fact :


Catholic priests all over the world. I have seen many claims that the Church is a ring and source of children for other rings, no hard evidence yet, I believe :




This is the evidence wrt sex with underage girls for Donald Trump.  Weak, I think, and the NYTimes article that interviewed so many of Trump’s ex-gfs didn’t come up with much dirt. Trump doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, a major weakness like too-young girls is not consistent with that :


This is Steve Pieczenick, who recently has been claiming to be someone who explicitly claims to speak for the intelligence community in a rebellion against the political powers preventing them from dealing with Clinton and others. Earlier, he had made the news with this bit :

Steve Pieczenik, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State to Three Presidents Is Willing to Name Under Oath The Military General on Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz’s staff who told him 9/11 was a False Flag Attack.  “They Ran The Attacks,” The general said of Wolfowitz, VP Cheney, Cheney aide Stephen Hadley, Elliot Abrams and Condolezza Rice, Among others.

Also, I found these looking for info on the CA case. I had remembered it was ended for some reason, this makes it clear either Trump is innocent or the judge was paid off, which obviously happened in the FL case against Epstein. I come to this same conclusion every time I pursue the question, this is at least the third :



US foreign policy brought paedophilia back to Afghanistan after the Taliban had suppressed it and opium production. As well as suppressing a lot of freedom, education of women, etc, of course, the Taliban certainly was not entirely positive :


Death is a common fate of people who look into paedophile rings :


And accused paedophiles, some 5% kill themselves before trial. Others are killed :


Media drives attitudes on pedophilia toward acceptance. There is a good video link in that, a reporter testifying that “All news is fake” :


Execution by tasers :


If Trump kills the bureaucracies that enable crony capitalism and at least cripples the many corporations dependent upon them before he kills the programs that sort-of-protect people from those corporations, he can make America great again, and otherwise he will be unelected next election and socialists will be installed. This is the story of the medical side of the massive government and corporate control :



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