Daily Reading #4B

Mark Blyth is a clear thinker, has predicted Brexit and Trump. He is not a Trump supporter at all and believes in AGW, pretty much standard academic opinions, also in possible solutions. The President of France has an approval rating is 4%, the French National Front 40%. Governments will fall in Italy, France, and then all the others including Germany. The Left and Neocons are losing everywhere. His summary was, in 2015 Wall Street Bank’s total bonuses was $28.4B and total compensation for the the working Americans on minimum wage was $14B, and “The era of neoliberalism has ended, the era of neo-nationalism just begun” and “Austerity is just a side-effect of bailing out the banks” :

Ian Welsh is a lefty, but much more objective than most. The comments are very good. My comment would be that China is in for a very rough patch, and Trump is negotiating from strength, despite all of our own troubles :


Fake News everywhere, Fox, NBC, … and zerohedge :


The Establishment makes it so easy to make them look very bad, there are 1000s of videos like this on the web. This is Sanders making CBS morning show  ‘journalists’ looking very bad, and allowing people like Jimmy Dore to make a living amplifying Establishment hypocracy and stupidity :

There is more of that in this Jimmy Dore, but also some good history, discussion and rational argument. Dore is another comedian. Interesting how many of them move into political commentary. This is a good measure of the political sophistication of the country, imho. 20K – 40K views is a serious voice, many radio shows would be pleased with so many listeners :

Humans have been workers in offices for a few generations, farmers for 500 generations and hunter-gatherers for 50,000 generations. It is likely that we need nature for psychological reasons, in addition to ecological reasons. This is a review of “The Moth Snowstorm”, which includes the scale of the losses of numbers of birds from human areas, e.g. house sparrows. When I grew up, they were literally everywhere, they had nests in every nook and cranny of buildings out of the cat’s reach, and now I can’t recall when I saw one last :


Excellent questions, why the rhetorical hysteria against Russia and China now, at the end of Obama’s admin? :

There has not been on iota of evidence revealed that indicates the Russians did anything to influence the US election. There are many internal contradictions in the hypothesis and questions it doesn’t answer,s o the  conjecture really makes no sense. The whole story is big lie propaganda, every headline of the top stories on Google’s news repeats “The Russians Did It!”. :


The extreme rhetoric and violence and fake claims of violence have been entirely from the left. The deaths have been entirely among investigators looking into the criminal activities of the Clinton Cabal. Legacy media does not notice, if it can help :


This government is very far from a liberal government as Jefferson and Franklin envisioned, and the Bill of Rights has entirely failed to protect citizens from government. If we don’t drain the swamp and begin the reformation under Trump, there will be a revolution in the immediate future. Revolutions are not good for societies :


If you need further confirmation of the reason for the ‘fake news’ hysteria generated by legacy media, this will do it:


Inspectors General are supposed to be confirmed by the Senate so as to provide an independent power to monitor and correct the management at each agency. Clearly the Senate has failed to take its duty seriously :


I believe I have misjudged Roger Stone, maybe. Perhaps his image of a solid and reasonably objective analyst from a libertarian stance is the truth. Alternatively, he did dirty tricks for Richard Nixon and has been the PR for a bunch of people with real problems, and is very good at facades. Either way, he writes interesting and factual stuff, e.g. this little gem “The NYPD thoughtfully supplied a full copy of the email files [650K emails on Weiner’s computer] to several members of congress before sending a copy of them to the FBI.” :


I never believe the Obama birth certificate, because a) everything about Obama is hidden or fake and b) there are half a dozen anomalies around the story, e.g. a young man who moved to KY who produced a notarized document saying that he had been told by an executive in the Hawaiian ?? that it was generated by them and b) the TWA passenger arrivals at Honolulu are in the library on microfilm, and they are missing for the week before Obama’s supposed birth. Add in his social security number being from Delaware, I believe, and a forged draft card, and of course, he wasn’t born in the US. Everything about Obama is hidden or fake. If it is good for the American people, why would they have to hide the facts? :

So Obama’s birth certificate being forged was known before the 2012 elections, and had no effect, it was just ignored. Wonder why people are so distrustful of media and government?

Young Turks is good for something. Love the dialog. Cop – “Can I search your home”, Home owner -“Got a warrant?”, Cop – “No, but I can get one”, Home owner – “Bye”  :

This is not nearly critical enough of the CIA, interpreting the CIA as just another agency doing the government’s bidding, but ignoring the CIA’s many agendas independent of the administration, e.g. drug running and providing boys and girls to pedophiles as a means of blackmailing politicians, including politicians here in our own government. Nevertheless, it makes clear that the CIA is not to be trusted in intelligence analysis without independent evidence. There is NO evidence presented by the CIA :


This is from 13 December, so before the FBI changed it’s story, but the other intelligence agencies did not endorse the CIA’s story wrt Russia hacking the elections. Additionally, McCain thinks the CIA is right, and he has never been correct about anything, is one of the neocons losing power with Trump’s election :


This is a 1982 article about a pedophile ring in major cities, including DC. This is from before the Franklin scandal. Call a #, 12-year-old boy is delivered to your room in DC, pay with a CC :


This is a solid, if very skimpy, no context at all, news story :


This purports to be that context. Certainly Finland has had a big problem with pedophiles, they arrested an associated group of 51 of them recently, and this event claims to be linked to that, but I don’t know enough to evaluate it. OTOH, it claims a direct link to Hillary Clinton as a part of an international trafficking smuggling ring and speculates the way they people were trained links them to Pizzagate. The Norway pedo ring is one of the pedo events that our legacy media is NOT covering at all :


Note that the Hastert case was confined to his ‘structuring cash payments’ to hide his payoffs to a wrestler he had coached years before, but there were many other kids who testified against him. Nevertheless, no charges of sex abuse were part of the case, and he only got 15 months. Much speculation, e.g. on Boiling Frog, explained that as Hastert’s ability to bring down the world because of his knowledge, e.g. pedo friends and protectors and the fact that the CIA provided him (them?) with boys. This article talks about the serious, i.e. non-legacy media, reporters who have connected Hastert to so many other cases and pedophiles, and Podesta’s email referred to Hastert as a good friend and had numerous exchanges with him :


This is the kind of sort-of-documentary that is too slow and info sparse for me to watch, even 1.25X speedup. But ‘pedophilia in Hollywood’ is a real thing, maybe it gets somewhere, eventually, but I couldn’t find it in skipping through. You can’t skip through this video, I skipped into a scene of many seconds of nothing before someone walked into the room. Interesting technique of hiding a problem, make it so boring no one will pay attention :

How obesity became the new face of disability in America. Eating once a day is a very easy ‘diet’, not really a diet at all since you aren’t normally hungry.  It takes a few weeks to get there, gradually moving eating into the 1 or so hours, but after that, no problem at all. Any diet method that requires enduring hunger will fail :


Why kids should NOT go to college. In addition to his list, I add the fact that there are infinite resources for learning anything you are interested in on the net, at least up to the graduate level, including on-line courses that will give you a certificate if you pass, for no cost :


Interesting what your government knows about you and what it can conjecture from that. This is’t the gov, this is Facebook, et al., and they make many mistakes, as you can easily tell from the ads you see. Meanwhile, the prices you see online are a direct result from the conjectures. The other day, I received a recorded call at home from Orbit, which I believe resulted from my wife’s purchase of gum at a big box store recently :


European football is corrupt, just like all other big money segments of society. If someone was honest about American sports, we would see the same pattern :


This is very long, interesting, technical and philosophical, a presentation of how decentralized knowledge was built into the web. Not sure if I would read it again, however :



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