Daily Reading #4A

This is a list of the things I have read and found interesting. I don’t include everything, and comments are for me to record my thinking and so I can look back at my own evolution, see where I was wrong, something not easy to keep track of.  A blog is an easy way to record it, and a very few people find it useful to read. Very few, so I don’t feel bad about stealing from westernrifleshooters.com, nakedcapitalism.com, zerohedge.com, oftwominds.com, woodpilereport.com and many others. I use the original source that those aggregators got. And mention them all often as good general sources for the kind of things that I think are useful in my thinking.

I got the next few things from Western Rifle Shooters Association, which has blossomed over the last few months, it puts up more articles and has a bigger audience. It has some good comments most of the time when I read those :



CHS is very good today. America had a long tradition of progressive populism, our elites want to forget that :


Robert Gore is another of the sensible realists wrt economy and society. These are about what Trump can do to Make America Great again, and it isn’t what Trump has been doing. Trump must “Clean multiple Augean Stables”, and Gore outlines the problem and solution for each. The problem is, universally, government interference in the free market and sclerotic institutions that result. Education, medicine, and military-intelligence, we have garguantian budgets and ever-declining results :



Until around the time of the election, I didn’t pay that much attention to InfoWars and Alex Jones. His incessant bragging and hyperbole are annoying. But, it seems to me he is closer to real reality, when he is right, than anything in legacy media, and the people on his show are better than he is. He presents everything in an extreme way, and always has extreme interpretations. The extremes detract when a reality is genuinely extreme, he doesn’t have any way of making those important, so it is a dumb strategy. Except that he has gained a very substantial following, and again I learn that I should never give advice on what people will think.

Perhaps his strategy was to go extreme early and wait for reality to catch up? It has, seems to me.

Sharyl Atkinson is a good mind and serious and objective reporter. Here she takes on the Fake News issue :

Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute are clear-thinking libertarian sites. This is another “Understanding the Trump Phenomenon”, but has a different take and a good analysis of who Trump really is and what his policies really are vs the hysteria on the left :


My son, in addition to all of his other talents, is a fine cook, and watches cooking shows along with an amazing variety of other sources.  He found this recently, which I think is a fine example of the cultural evolution that is happening in all areas of life. I don’t cook like my mother, my wife doesn’t cook like her mother, and our son doesn’t cook much like either of us. This says he will continue to change for the same reason we all do in every area, the variety of materials and tools and ideas we have available. Understand yet why Trump won and Clinton lost, and why the Establishment is doomed ? :

This is the best drumming album I have found for a while :

Clearly, Podesta has been conducting the ‘False News’ campaign while in hiding and this is more attempt to distract from the content of the leaked (not hacked) emails conveyed to Wikileaks. Do you notice how the legacy media have NEVER ONCE mentioned that the Podesta’s pictures closely match the efits of suspects in the Madelaine McCann kidnapping NOR the extensive evidence of connections to and involvement with Satanic sadistic pedophiles? :


This is a fine analysis of “the Russians did it”, the actual evidence. Marcy Wheeler is not a Trump fan.  I think she gives Cloudstrike far too much credit for identifying the Russian actors involved in the hacks, and the fact that the many pieces of malware are analyzed in such detail that they can be re-used by the analysts means tying the code to an agency is not 100%, but with the most positive interpretations of the evidence, she concludes the case is weak, at best.  The fact that the FBI doesn’t agree, and it did the analysis of the computers involved, is a major point, imho. The fact that the DNC security people didn’t respond to the FBI’s repeated warnings to fix things is another.

I just read the headline that the FBI’s Directory Comey now agrees “The Russians Did It!”. Comey is very compromised, which we know because he let Clinton off from the charges of exposing sensitive security info.

The whole issue is difficult because there are ‘legitimate’ reasons for a nation state hacking into computers, and many private individuals and organizations have their own reasons. Tools are available, e.g. NSA’s tools are now available to others from a hack into an NSA server, security is a very difficult issue, and every bit of code and configuration must be 100% correct 100% of the time, or you can get hacked :


Species extinctions at local, national, global levels are different things.  We have lost very many birds and butterflies in very many localities. The numbers of birds and bees and butterflies in our area has crashed in just the last few years. Crows are still here, but a fraction of their former population, the birds may be due to West Nile virus. Everything in the environment is interconnected, and we can’t predict the consequences, we have to stop the pesticides and environmental destruction if we expect our own species to have a long existence. Otherwise, some linchpin will be lost, and it will be the straw that ends us. Extinction is entirely normal and generally the result of changes the species can’t cope with, we should be planning with that in mind :


Eric Raymond is an Open Source programmer and commentator on many things.  This is his plea to the Democratic Party to please reassess their attitudes, adopt pragmatism and abandon progressive ideology, otherwise the US will not have an opposition party for many years, and that isn’t good for anyone :


“There is no evidence, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.” I fully agree, we don’t have the evidence to charge anyone, but it will come if we take the investigation seriously. Lots of detail, counts to show the breadth and depth. “A widespread problem that reaches from the bottom to the top of the society, every industry. Horrific beyond belief.

This is Sargon of Akkad, another solid reporter :

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