Daily Reading #49

The context to judge the total propaganda in our legacy media, and also the pressure put on web sites by advertisers. I am amazed at who doesn’t touch what. But Nassim Taleb continues his independent thinking from his ME perspective :


Justin Raimondo is a fine researcher and thinker, his assessment is the same as everyone outside of the legacy media and Deep State, “the Russians did it” is not supported by evidence. And yet, every other headline and legacy media broadcast says “The Russians Did It!!”. Fake News that has effects originates from legacy media.

The reason, according to Raimondo, is the CIA is very tight with the Saudis, who fund the war against Assad that the CIA runs. This is a joint CIA-Saudi operation to overthrow an elected President of the US :


George Webb is a name to remember, I don’t recall having seen one of his before. Very clear explanation, the man does good presentations. He says that Youtube just took down 50 of his videos. He appears to be able to back up his statements, talks about the email chains found in the FOIA files :



I have stopped following the attempt to overthrow Trump in the electoral college, it doesn’t seem to me that is possible. I also think the Deep State is too aware to push anything to the point of open rebellion, it is very obvious to everyone in the Trump camp they would lose badly. False Flags have been their most successful tool, even tho not so successful of late, so something serious enough to start a major war would be their ultimate move. Recall that Clinton wanted a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria, and the 20K stingers that Web references would have done that for Libya, shipping Manpads into Syria is what Obama just did. They need a major war to save their necks. The FBI is continuing the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, if for no other reason. But the FBI is also looking into #Pizzagate :


I had this same thought, that legacy media was preaching to the converted, keeping the fires hot for whatever came next :


voat.co/v/pizzagate is one of 3 major sites leading the #Pizzagate investigation. It is accumulating links, and individuals archive every site still up as it is found, to all of the leads being pursued, and also the many investigations of paedophile networks around the world. The overall pattern screams “COVERUP!!!”. There are, no doubt, many reasons to prevent investigations, the standard one claimed is “we can’t embarrass the governing party” or coalition or leader or … The many links between paedophiles in all areas of societies, and their need to both cover up their crimes while they continue to pursue them, means there are rings in every government. Mere embarrassment of a ruling group is no longer adequate, indeed, the default assumption everyone should have is “COVERUP”, and then pursue the default crime of paedophilia.

5200 people in the Pentagon bought Child Porn. The investigation went nowhere :



The more stuff you read, the more amazing all of this becomes. This is a pedophile in Bogata, Columbia who was caught after having kidnapped and murdered a 7-year-old girl. Very prominent family, with links to the Clinton Foundation. Suicide/suicided doorman to the building where the pedophile lived, and the comment that the pedophile “had confessed everything and mentioned a high society pedo sex trafficing ring.” The US Secret Service and FBI got involved after that. Few mentions in the US press, most of them disappeared quickly, as all stories about pedo crimes and the pedocracy do these days.


Russell Brand is solid on the topic of pedo crime :


All of this gets more and more insane. This story, along with the usual coverup of paedophilia in government, contains the comment that the State Department’s Inspector General position was vacant for more than 5 years, Jan 2008-june 2013. Hillary Clinton ran the state department from Jan 2009 through Jan 2013. Do you suppose you have more control over an interim-appointee than someone with more stature, having been confirmed by the US Senate? And then the story of the burglary of the law offices of the whistleblower. COVERUP! and coverup of paedophilia in this particular case and more coverup of the coverup.

We have to get serious about this, we have a pedocracy running major parts of the nation, and the CIA obviously believes it OK to use pedophilia to control US politicians :


A book I read a couple of years ago “Dancing Girls of Lahore” by Louise Brown. She is a professor of sociology, researches this particular slice of Pakistani civilization, which is the sex trade. Her stories include virgin girls being sold to a high level official in one of the gulf nations, who has a virgin every night, as he thinks it keeps him young. The age of the girl sold was ‘young’, tho I don’t recall more than that. That particular case she followed closely didn’t work out for some reason, the mother had to give money back to the procuress.  This is another side of that story, the Saudis, at least, like their girls pre-pubescent :


And more and more and more insane. Independent research is producing a flood of rings of paedophiles that were found, documented, and then the event is apparently never discussed again, because I think I would have remembered an Ontario, CA pedo ring that had 400 children to be rescued and 348 adults arrested in an “extraordinary” international child pornography investigation. November 2013, this happened. it is the last link on this page :


Another summary :


Then I found this. I would love to interpret this as evidence of human good and decency and Trump’s great judgement of humans, but PR is ever-present, so one would want other evidence, of course :


I can’t do more of this online tonight, and have a book about a Bronx DA in a sex crimes unit I am reading for a broader view of all this.

This is very hopeful, reversal of ageing and understanding the mechanisms. This kind of knowledge of cellular protein network control systems is what will cure cancer and many other diseases :



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