Daily Reading #48

Tulsi Gabbard is an independent mind in the House, who proposes a “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” to make it against the law for the CIA to arm Al Qaeda and ISIS and for the US to provide any assistance to countries that do, e.g. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. That contains a small problem of logic, as the CIA doesn’t follow laws, including the laws about running info ops against the US electorate. Also, the CIA has a black budget, so how could anyone tell? :


Virginia Freeman on the attempt to deny Trump the Presidency. It is an exceptionally bad idea to annoy all the people with the guns and the values that people who know how to use them largely share. The left is clueless about the rest of the citizens in their own country :


CHS is very good today :


Many people distrust the CIA’s “Russian hacked our elections” meme. Legacy media are losing their audiences to better thinkers on the web, and the CIA also :




The Deep State builds the Case. I was driving and listening to NPR again. Long segment on the Fake News and how it affected the election, discussion of Facebook and what Facebook is doing to fix the problem.

There definitely is Fake News, and it definitely is a problem, and it often attempts to influence elections. Everyone agrees on that, what I disagree about with our Establishment, and so many others with me, is what the Fake News of import is. NPR doesn’t discuss its own flaws, now it almost never disagreeswith the government line on anything important, that is a type of Fake News in my opinion. And the NYTimes fomenting the Iraq war by publishing stories based entirely on Judith Miller’s source, never identified, who was Cheney or one of his minions. 9-11, Sandy Hook, and now #Pizzagate, nobody has any question about the reality, if and only if they study the evidence. Legacy media makes sure all of those are viewed by their readers as beyond any possibility of reality, as entirely the result of ‘conspiracy theory’, and ‘right wing nutso’ thinking. They do their best to prevent people from looking at the evidence, they do not attempt to rebut the evidence.

This is a propaganda effort to justify censorship of alt-media, important since many web sites have far more traffic than the NYTimes or WaPo, who are losing audience because they publish so much Fake News :


I had watched this before when it first came out, wrote a couple of blog posts on the subject.  I had already read Siebel Edmond’s book “Classified Woman” and subsequently read “The Lone Gladio”. This is, among many others, the Dennis Hastert scandal, his boys were provided by the CIA and other groups through the US Embassies and private businesses on overseas trips, but many congressmen were involved in many scandals about overseas trips, pages, lovers, homosexual behavior, etc. during that time. Very minimal leak of this info through the court and into the legacy media, despite the Vanity Faire 7 page article that exposed Hastert’s financial corruption.

Their conclusion is “The corporate press’s duty is to protect the system they are part of”. Thus the modern alt-media, who need the public’s support. But also, the public doesn’t take corruption and paedophilia seriously and make it an issue, scandal upon scandal forever, and they have no political effect because people do not get outraged.

Sibel Edmonds has a long list of things that people should have gotten excited about it. Societal moral decay, from that point of view, or perhaps moral desensitization, if you want a softer interpretation.

Many, many obvious questions not pursued, this case reveals very wide-spread corruption throughout the Federal government and many state governments. Very good video :


There are obviously more ways to dance than yet discovered. These two people are very good, and such an unlikely pair for a modern dance competition. Don’t take your eyes off of them, you will miss something clever through amazing :


Mozart’s music is re-issued 225 years after his death, a 200-CD boxed set :


Crowd Strike is the source of most of the information on Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. These guys are very fallible, e.g identifying the Sony Hack as North Korea. There were other indications that argued insiders were involved, and good hackers don’t leave information about who they are unless they want to. Hackers outside of state security agencies are fully as competent as those inside, and tools move freely from outside in, and NSA’s loss of all of its tools recently says inside out, also. Crowd Strike is a company with products, no doubt sold to government and their technology no doubt is used by Federal security agencies, so their ready attribution of these. Thus, I have serious doubts about “The Russians Did It”, even before all of the weasel words about ‘state sponsored hackers’ vs the implied state organizations hacking. They can’t be sure enough to KNOW, and unless they KNOW, they should not claim that they do so :


An intelligence analyst’s view of ‘The Russian Hacks’, very intelligent analysis, imho :


The Guardian and NYTimes are firmly on the CIA’s side. Their ‘new investigation’ is BS, it claims that people knew where the hackers came from. That is not possible to know from a hack, tho the NSA might know from its surveillance of the internets. Compare this story to the one immediately above :


Also, the new story is that “Hillary lost because of a typo” that caused Podesta to click on a spear phishing attack. Even if true, which I doubt, it makes 2 points: Security must be 100% correct in every detail 100% of the time, while attackers only need to be right once, and all of this avoids discussing the content of the Podesta emails. The content of those emails showed much illegal and unethical behavior within the Clinton camp, that may have cost her the election, and will likely put her in jail. Unless Pizzagate evidence linking Clinton to a specific victim is found, in which case her fate could be much worse.

And, of course, there is the possibility of False Flags, although DHS is obviously too ham-handed to pull this off (or some other group has free use of DHS computers) :


If you wish to understand what is wrong with our bureaucracy :


This is a very good group of singers and acters, ultra-light entertainment most appropriate for someone who is too drugged or otherwise lethargic to change the channel or turn it off :


How the Clintons were not ever convicted of anything, rarely even indicted, is only answered by far more political power than was apparent. Clinton was absolutely a terrible candidate, they have been criminals from their earliest days in politics, and Bill was working with the CIA while he was a Rhodes Scholar. Those are not imaginary, this is not their claimed harassment by the right wing, this is the Clintons being criminals and getting away with it :


Ibuprofin and Tylenol/acetaminophen over 6 years are correlated to hearing loss :


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