Daily Reading #47

OK, this is citizen journalism, raw bandwidth of research into public events and the power of search engines. It doesn’t take long to find out much about anyone, even when you are trying to hide. (Alternatively, it has the feel of a detective writing the results of an investigation, so is either paid for or being used as advertising. Way down at the bottom, ‘advertising’ )

This shows that it takes $ to hide well, and the many hacks of the files and emails of major companies and government agencies everywhere in the last few years says even that is working less well than before. Also, 9-11 … #Pizzagate and now faithless electors. This man has a history of betrayal and deceit. Clearly the Republican Party does not check its electors at all, something I bet everyone takes a lot more seriously after this election. Realize that Mr Chris Suprun has just begun to receive the attention of internet and local-to-every-city investigators :


More of GotNews.com advertisements for their research team. You can’t get away with so much in this modern world, your history will follow you forever :


What an interesting way to fund a news site, doing oppo research which you publish and collect ad revenue for. The world of the Web as  source of information is evolving much faster than legacy media. 4th Generation Business strategy and tactics everywhere.

Voltairenet.org seems to me to be a fine source of good opinion, although Thierry Meyssan is not very prolific. If Meyssan’s analysis of Flynn is correct, Donald Trump will do a great deal for Freedom around the world :


I just noticed that Flynn started advising Trump end of Feburary, and the retired generals wrote their note of support early September. That letter begins :

The 2016 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity to make a long-overdue course correction in our national security posture and policy. As retired senior leaders of America’s military, we believe that such a change can only be made by someone who has not been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military and the burgeoning threats facing our country around the world. For this reason, we support Donald Trump’s candidacy to be our next Commander-in-Chief.

The alternate someone “who has been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military and the burgeoning threats facing our country around the world” refers to Hillary Clinton, of course.

This was released Aug-Sep, Flynn started advising Trump end of February, so that letter means that a lot of military people understand what Trump is going to do and approve, there are many more mavericks than we might think.

The CIA is going to lose this fight, and I think few in the military will side with them should it come to a less civilized approach to rule.

<Later : removed some duplicate text of the next 2 paragraphs. Need an editor.>

There are several opportunities for the self-interest, $ and blackmail to influence the next few steps of converting election winner into President of the US. This interprets the many Clinton-machine efforts and says ‘soft coup’, but he says they can’t stop. True, I think because if the Clintons and Deep State mafia lose power, they will all hang, tho he doesn’t state it so baldly.

Alex Jones is unhinged, but nevertheless it is good advice, these people need to be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, and Trump better run them over or they will be a plague forever. And I add #Pizzagate and 9-11 and Sandy Hoaxen, they all have to be exposed and prosecuted :


Keith Olberman on “the Russian coup under way in America” is rather good evidence of that coup, it seems to me. He makes Alex Jones seem mild and rational, and I find it indicative of our times to see a hard lefty love the CIA this way. Wow, beyond merely unhinged as is Alex Jones, in the worst case with Jones, you don’t see his interpretations of history are correct, so you don’t agree with his conclusions. Otoh, Olberman is an amazing liar, he absolutely lost it in this broadcast, pure emotion, very much like the old Hitler broadcasts. There is no coherent intellectual argument to follow, just a sequence of assertions that contain many untruths.

How can this benefit MSNBC? What hold do the Clintons have over Olberman that leads him to destroy his reputation this way? Good comments :

The Establishment is a lie machine, of course. exactly why they don’t want you watching sources such as RT, those are Russian Propaganda, of course :

One way of interpreting this is as a measure of how much the CIA and oligarchy control Congress, so they can expect Trump to lose in congress if they can hang the election in the Electoral College. It would cause a civil war, of course :


And Ian Welsh, quite far left on the US political spectrum, agrees with me on ‘civil war’ as a result of stealing the election from Trump. He is far too soft in his assessment of the CIA :


It is a losing campaign. The extent to which it has an effect is a good measure of how the CIA can carry off a Big Lie disinfo campaign using the legacy media, because nobody with mind enough to check sources can believe any of it. With the same reasoning applied to Yemen, how can the administration justify manpads to the Syrian ‘rebels’ (actually ISIS in training and ISIS suppliers of weapons) and more Special Forces troops into Syria? :


More indications that the CIA and Israeli-Neocons are losing power in the administration :



The investigations into paedophile rings in Britain are reaching deeper into the establishment than anything in any other country until #Pizzagate. As here in 9-11, Sandy Hook Hoaxen and now #Pizzagate, much of the digging is being done by citizens independent of government, and published on the Web. Good-sized audiences, if you check Youtube counts or Google for the number of links on any of the topics or videos or major people in any camp :

This is a leftish web site with interesting opinions, tho he gets the usual things wrong. Here he gets the climate wrong, but except for that side of the analogy being false, and ‘rightward swing’ being the result of economic problems (Hitler was very socialist left, just anti-Communist, who branded him ‘right’), he grasps the problem American leftists are having with understanding Trump’s win. All the articles on his site I skimmed have flaws like that :


This is an indication of a seriously failing society and its medical system. Increased death rates from the diseases of despair are one thing, but 8/10 top diseases causing more death is the system. Obamacare did a lot of that :


This is the left’s setting up for a universal basic income, an old scifi dystopian scenario of robots doing all the work, people being an idle rabble :

Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash

Maybe the real problem is the infestation of all of the US news services by CIA agents of disinfo ? :


WRT ‘Russia influenced the election so Trump won’, total BS. All it is doing is making Trump’s team look good, I am impressed with Conway. Mish is good in attacking the CIA as a source of dysinfo, while both D and R congressional leaders side with the CIA. Guess who the CIA blackmails-bribes? With Dennis Hastert, it was little boys and drug money, Wonder about McConnell ? :


Are CIA statements on Russia proof? Believable at all?


McConnel wants to run the investigation of ‘russian hacking of the election’ out of the Senate Intelligence Committee. So the CIA investigation will use the CIA to judge its own veracity, effectively, although the CIA has become ever-less forthcoming and honest with the Senate since 9/11. Remember when it hacked the Senate computer system to retrieve files someone ‘accidentally’ passed to the Senate investigators of the ?Tortures? as I recall, but there have been so many scandals involving the CIA it is hard to keep up with the scandals and factions they reveal :


And the campaign against Russia is not doing the D party any good. Good article:


Obviously, it is the CIA doing its best to prevent the return of rule of law, which will result in many of them hanging.

“Modeling Putin” is interesting, tho I haven’t read all of the links. Yes, #2 and #4, rational but flawed and generally getting excellent advice, much better than US leaders give our president :


Who quotes Newsweek and Time as sources of insight about a foreign leader? False all the way through the Newsweek article, e.g. ‘popular rebellion in the Ukraine’ was purely US NGOs paying $5B to make the rightists and Nazis powerful enough to overthrow the legitimate government as part of the Orange Rebellion, a fake ‘populist’ revolt against the corruption. We immediately installed our chosen team, who are more corrupt than ever and have destroyed the Ukrainian economy. Posner overstates the case of the US and international community wrt Crimea, where Putin had a very strong case and no outsider had any standing at all. Crimea was Russian territory and naval base long before the USSR and the people are thoroughly Russian :


The color of consciousness, another consideration of where conscious arises from and how we know. Color does not reside in light, nor objects, nor the retina or any known part of the brain, although they all affect our perception and experience of color :


Some accurate reporting here, much propaganda. Most people are like me, “Trust Trump, but keep checking and oppose what we don’t like”. And few of us think his economic program or much else besides foreign policy wrt Syria and Russia and general moderation and mind our own business is correct, those and his opposition to the Establishment and Deep State caused us to vote for him. However bad he turns out to be, we KNOW that Hillary Clinton, criminal, war criminal, war-monger, representative of the Deep State, and increasingly likely a Satanic Pedophile, would have been far worse :


The problem with this analysis is that the US’s $63T in private wealth advantage is not uniformly good for the US :


This is correct, however :


Now we have Football Leaks, and astonishingly it shows that sport to be as corrupt as all of the other segments of our society, and for the same fundamental causes, $ and secrecy :



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