Daily Reading #46

So, our special forces will soon be meeting their special forces, and our manpads will be trying to blow their supporting air out of it. Don’t see what could go wrong. Our government is insane, and very fearful of what is going to happen to them if rule of law is re-established :



Liberals always double-down on losing ideas and propaganda memes, and the idea that intelligence exeutives have any concern for American citizens is obviously wrong, e.g. 9-11 and the ensuing wars, which they generated :


The CIA is using here within the US the same takeover-of-government tools it uses overseas. We need to close that agency down and monitor their agents very carefully far into the future, because they are a mafia, or mafias, and associated with mafias around the world. These people are siding with Clinton because so many of them will hang if rule of law is restored here in our country :


CHSmith on ‘fake news’. Very much like yesterday’s post for some reason, different title. Trust must be earned, it can’t be demanded or imposed. Comments are interesting, it is assumed that ‘fake news’ is related to #Pizzagate and MSM’s power and profits, alt-media threaten them all :


An insider leak, not a hacker, which we know because the CIA’s claim of knowing the individuals is not true, otherwise they would have had a case against insiders going in the court or an extradition request for the hacker. Meanwhile, the credible sources claim ‘insider’, and the CIA, WaPo and friends, all very low credibility sources, say ‘hacker from Russia’ :


Alex Jones has an interesting interpretation of “The Russians affected the election, we need to redo the election”. He isn’t always unhinged :

Many countries around the world have succession problems, not just the US :


Medical spending increases at a rate far higher than GDP :


The new Europe is forming now and will be a Europe united by skepticism of centralized, supra-national, political structures :


PC feeds itself on college campuses, to the detriment of everyone :


A scientist’s pickup line should be “Could I help you with your memory?”. Male or female scientist can use that now :


Evolution continues for all species :


This is the article I saw saying that what they call “emerging land use practices’, but originate entirely in organic farming, can return soil to having a carbon content equivalent to native forest soils, more minerals and more water retained after rain, within 10 years of beginning those practices such as “management-intensive grazing”, by which they mean grazing a million pounds of cattle on a few acres for a day, a different acre the next day. That tramps down the grass (normally a cover crop of mixed species) that isn’t eaten, it is then quickly eaten by worms and the worm castings are both fertilizer for the next crop and put humus into the soil. Running an integrated farm is more profitable than standard industrial farming, although yields are not yet quite as high. The reason to do this is not CO2, it is to make your farm more productive in dry years and to use less fertilizer and pesticide in normal years :


Many uses for old genes. We are going to very much regret the extinction of so many species :


New measures –> new models and new technology :


US as compared to Rome, 5 myths debunked :


Commutes as definitions of regional economic and social connections :


Salon’s version of why Clinton lost. Doesn’t mention #Pizzagate, of course, but gets the facts right in refuting the standard explanations from the Clinton camp :


Unfortunately, the modern left is no better than this fears, they do not believe in free expression of opinion either :


I included the very long summary to paedolphile cases yesterday, had only gotten through the first 2 sections. It goes on and on, very few cases have been taken seriously and produced any justice at all, clear coverups, and big name lawyers defending the perps. The last is the case of ‘the Finders’ a cult with strong CIA links, and which the CIA ultimately took over the investigation and nothing further was known to the public. Ugly, ugly, evil, evil stuff :


NPR National Propaganda Radio :


Infrastructure spending is the same as increasing the debt load, exactly wrong :






The problem of explaining infrastructure projects to political policy people :

There is going to be a hell of a fight, but there can’t be any question at all about who is going to win. If this insanity doesn’t get settled peacefully, this will immediately be a rural America against the urban center contest. They can’t suppress a country this big and this well armed, with very many of the soldiers and police and intelligence agencies on our sides. They are infiltrated from day 1, and information about the suppression efforts, many very illegal, all comes out somewhere sometime, so they won’t have any ethical standing. They don’t have the ethical high ground even now, their reputations with their citizens are low and tending lower every year. The government is the lying bastards in this case, and legacy media next, and the entire Status Quo just after that. Military officers don’t count, only the lower echelons, who will find that desertion is easier than following orders to fire against civilians. After all, there are plenty of places that will welcome them and hide them.

Every time I think it through, I cannot see any way for a central government to control this country against its will. And I am also sure that our Elites don’t understand that any more than they understand why Hillary lost :



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