Daily Reading #45

Charles Hugh Smith on “Breaking Free From The Captured Media”. Charles thinks well :


Thinking about Obama and the Republicans passing laws increasing government power and escalating the Syrian proxy war with Russia and Iran, one wonders about their motives. Both the sending more troops to Syria and arming them with manpads and this make you think the political classes are trying to occupy Trump’s life after he is President.

Remember, the Deep State are in control of the bureaucracy. Fixing that is one of the reasons Trump is using military men to run the powerful agencies and ex-Federal Prosecutor with political experience to run Justice. #Pizzagate has to be in all their thinking, they watch more than just twitter, twitter can’t censor everything. “Driven by panic” is therefore a motive that should be high in my thoughts as I try to understand events in our near history and future.

If #Pizzagate is as deep into the political structure as it appears to be, that means that there is a very unified opposition coalesced around the Clinton political machine and the Deep State throughout government. They all recruit people they can trust to run and protect their illegal operations. People nearly literally sell their souls for material possessions, and have better opportunities for money and power as a result. People looking into this mafia die with great frequency, very likely because the mafia operations are protected by police and intelligence agencies using their powers to identify snoops. The common case is that people phone their relatives saying “I have such a great piece of information it will bring the world down”, or “they will kill me if they know I know”, and die soon after, the information is lost. This is setting up for government support of censorship :


And Trump reminding everyone he will break their China if they don’t play nice. This cannon isn’t just aimed at China, it is all the oligarchs in the world who have interests wrt the China trade, lots of enemies with lots of interests :


Very excellent analysis of an example of the Fake News from MSNBC :


This is pretty up-to-date #Pizzagate summary, long and detailed, good job putting everything in context :


Another that focuses on Europe in the first section, and the US in the 2nd. Good overview of how the entire society is ignoring child abuse and accepting Hollywood’s sexualization of children. The CIA runs sexual blackmail rings, as Jeffrey Epstein does for the Mossad. Read this, and understand that the lack of any convictions of note means there are high-level people doing the coverup, at least since the Bushes including the Presidents of the US, and that likely the CIA’s control of our government emanates from their child trafficking and blackmail operations. Recall it is how they controlled Dennis Hastert, they supplied him boys on his overseas trip, and their heroin smuggling operations provided cash and boys to his Chicago offices :


Lord Monckton convinced me that Obama is indeed a Communist in the sense of ‘far left, central power and no civil rights, only ideology’, which is also Fascist, tho I think Obama may never have met anyone who had ever been a member of the party. If it waddles and quacks and etc. So erudite and well-spoken on so many subjects at such depth. It would be a wonderful life to be so intelligent, well spoken and socially advantaged. The finding of the error in the climate models that makes C02  was a social result, people gave him parts of the solution, experts in several areas. The worm has turned, the left is going to lose because a large group of people in every area has been doing the thinking and research that overturns Progressive assumptions and explain why the left is failing wrt reality everywhere.

This interview much overlapped with the interview I posted with Molyneux. New material includes discussion of the death threats against climate skeptics. Incitement to murder is already a criminal offence in the US criminal code. He was thinking about a case against Schwartzenager. Lisa Haven is not an impressive interviewer, imho :



This is the oligarchy trying to bring Trump under as much control as possible. Trump has a bully pulpit and social media both. Presidents have been winning these contests, but Gowdy will have the Constitution on his side at least some of the time. That bill seems like a good move, requiring a Congressional vote on all agency regulations. There is a hell of a fight coming :


Eves dropping on children via their toys, universal surveillance begins in the nursery :


Examples of fake news that lead the US to war, it is a long tradition :


Eric Zeusse on Why the US ‘News’ Media Shouldn’t Be Trusted. Basically, they lie about everything and systematically amplify whatever the government’s stories are :


The testimonies being collated by the #Pizzagate people are fairly astonishing, and the comments even more. This talks about a global Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult the authorities think responsible for 50K missing Indian school children. The testimony is for a smaller version of elites watching torture and sacrifice as an avid audience for which they paid large amounts. The woman names many names, Geert Wilder was one. 50 people in the audience each time. Of course, the cops and prosecutors and news organizations didn’t believe her, and otoh, the cops didn’t check anything very hard, and the woman is very specific. It would have been trivial for the police to check the grave plots and the locations of the named individuals on the day in question, they didn’t. That is the pattern around the world, so victims and witnesses don’t bother. The scale of some of the operations and the planning horizon, e.g. 2 coups against Aristide in order to get the proper mining laws and the Clinton Foundation’s projects very likely used for smuggling people (the woman was killed, a strong indication that she was getting good information, that too is a pattern) :






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