Daily Reading #44

Our government is absolutely insane. This says that the US is going to deliver manpads, anti-air missiles, individual on the ground to attacking airplanes and helicopters. A very serious escalation of the conflict in Syria, and we are absolutely on the wrong side of that conflict. This pre-empt’s any policy of President Trump, who will have to unwind a much bigger conflict. Along with the weapons, Obama is sending an additional 200 special forces to Syria to operate with the ‘rebels’ == Al Qaeda and ISIS when they want to be because ISIS pays more. Certainly the weapons will get to ISIS, because the Turks support them. Insane :


And also Yemen :


And Tulsi Gabbard’s comments on that :


Economy is in reverse, active investers are invested more than 100%, and the DJI is predicted to hit historic highs :


This is a recounting of the Republican vs Democratic parties in opposition. Part of the aim, I think, is to make the ‘fake news’ meme more credible as just one more kind of truck the Ds have had to endure. I don’t pay much attention to partisan politics, most of their claims are OK, I think, it is the frame that is so wrong. Also, Obama has turned out to be the danger everyone thought he was, and #Pizzagate indicates the same for a major slice of our government. So I applaud R’s strategy, and love the unintended side effect of a Trump Presidency, karma at its best :


Applying the WaPo’s standards, Charles Hughes Smith adds more ‘Fake News’ sites to their list :


Can the media recover from ‘Fake News’ ? They make it so easy for us, tho. This guy is funny, a bit over the top for my taste, but gets it right. There are a lot more ways of presenting hard info in the new media than the old, they aren’t evolving fast enough :


And the ‘Fake News’ assault continues, worse all the time. There are many, many people in the bureaucracies who will hang for 9-11 and the many other crimes they have committed, around the world, if they lose power. They are losing power, so we can only hope it remains a ‘soft coup’. Read the comments, and I agree, we need to get rid of the CIA :


Claims that there is no backing for this ‘cia report’ they claim to have. It didn’t happen, the NYTimes ignored the evidence, it is all fake news, no question, the CIA doesn’t do reports like that :


This suggests that MSM is arranging a bailout of their businesses via government imposed censorship of their new media competition. It is certainly a reason for them cooperating so completely, and the other side of the corrupt elites trying to avoid hanging :


Every time I go off the beaten paths looking for interesting points of view, I find what seem to me to be cracked minds. Sorting out the reality and valid data and views from the strangeness is annoying. This guy is a good example. This makes you think he has insight into Satanic connections to #Pizzagate paedophilia. He happens to believe in magic, says it has helped him envision the quantum field, not a level I have achieved, so who knows? I gave up by 8 minutes, not sure he has a point, ever. You all owe me :


I hadn’t heard from Molyneux in a while.  His opinions on the Muslim religion are not, it seems to me, entirely rational, so I stopped being so impressed. So I searched for ‘molyneux pizzagate’ and found this. This is from a month ago, before the Podesta-McCann connection, I believe. 3 very intelligent, pretty damn rational, people who clearly possess much humanity, saying “evil, evil, evil running our world”, “end of an era”, …

This is what is coming at the society, this is the scale of the amazing mess our society is in. Seriously serious, no kidding, way past time to get real excited about all this. If you aren’t working hard at getting to be good friends with ALL of your neighbors and excellent links across neighborhoods, and preparing for hard times, you are not paying attention. This is the kind of historical change of states that produce new religious-social groups sweeping this country, as the old stuff has all failed. These guys are a measure of how lousy MSM is, and they are merely 3 people out of many who show up on each other’s video blogs and internet radio shows. The best opinion is much better and more open than MSM. MSM is trying to adjust, but not doing well, the NPR group the other day defending ‘fake news’ were far out in the area of Alex Jones’ worst disconnects from reality. :


The group at voat.co/v/pizzagate has a summary of the findings so far, and an amazing list of links. The depth and breadth of paedophilia rings in our world is scary, genuinely scary. Many local or other agency investigations get pulled into the FBI or CIA and disappear. Very few have any high level people charged or jailed :


That says that Marina Abramovic is often seen with Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson was one of the last people who Julian Assange saw before he disappeared from public view and started saying he was afraid of being assassinated. She took him vegetarian food. I must have see a hint of that, the idea she poisoned him is everywhere on youtube. Amazing how I could still be oblivious, a measure of how much new stuff there is on youtube every single day.

This is Part 2 Operation Ore documentary. It has more interviews with victims, lots of cops discussing their cases, plans for the next raid and plans for dealng with a case. No knock raids, guy drops his computer into the full bath, didn’t work to erase the evidence. The prosecutor’s side of a case said it was strong. But the assaults took place 21 years, even 8 witnesses isn’t a slam dunk. “Kids don’t tell” is normal. They don’t decide to wait, they re-eval their early decision to be silent. Good cops, I am impressed. That guy escapes because court rulings that sex crimes are ‘one word against another’, and some other decision to remove everything that made his patterns obvious. 4 abused kids willing and anxious to testify, the case is dismissed. “Just the way the system works”.

The specific case was an adult woman accusing a step-father, and the court ruled that if a person can only say “I didn’t do it” against the accusation of ‘yes he did’, there can be no fair trial because neither side can be corroborated. It is now applied to all other sex crimes, and the combination of careful definition of evidence of a sex crime that removes the pattern, etc., this guy got off.

Worse and worse, now the people generating porn are including bestiality, Great Danes with young children.

Humans are endlessly inventive in all their interests, just the way we are, it accounts for the best and worst of our civilization. But we aren’t being serious about the evil aspects, dammit. Nor being open enough with our children to allow them to protect themselves by telling. We will never eliminate mental aberration, but we can minimize their consequences by not allowing it to continue for the individual child, and nor further children to be assaulted, nor for an individual career to extend long enough for networks to form. Of course, some will form in prison, but a prison sentence will keep them out of government or other important positions, so they won’t have cover. Not a complete solution, but this is the kind of problem that doesn’t have those, every solution has side-effects.

The description with the Youtube video is :

“UK police investigation into paedophiles sharing images of child abuse on the internet. This started as an FBI investigation into the Landslide website. FBI passed details to police forces around the world. In most countries the arrests were made swiftly. UK police took their time, allowing paedophiles to destroy evidence. Most suspects were never investigated, including many prominent people.”

Naive me. I assumed because there were so many documentaries, and some high level Brits were caught, that they were doing much better than the rest of the world. What high level people have been tried in the US? The thread above has all the investigations in the US of paedophile and sexual slavery rings, many, many, but not so many arrests or convictions of any but the lowest level. When you see our Sec State Clinton intervening in the Haitian justice system to rescue people charged with attempted child smuggling and theft you can see reasons for the low pursuit rates and effectiveness, it will hurt your career.

Also, police work is an incredible time sink. Model is wrong for this kind of thing.

We need to fix the priorities, tracking down all of these people is key to cleaning out our society, draining the swamp, although far from the complete set of corrupt individuals and not the only interlocking group protecting each other and sharing like crimes :

This is another BBC documentary on a predatory pedophile group, a discussion of how it formed. Prison informant found ‘many killings’, one guy bragged of 15 killed in his presence. It is very clear the model of policing and justice we have for this sex crime does not produce justice nor deterrence and does not minimize future victims at any stage. Guys convicted of 1 of them, the ringleader of ones for which there wasn’t enough evidence, gets out of jail, question of what they do with them. Keeping an eye on them means knowing where they are, and NIMBY doesn’t allow that. Requiring them to wear a particular costume that makes them instantly identifiable as a condition of freedom from prison and walking on the street is an idea. A modern shunning would work, and they deserve to go through life being afraid of everyone :

That is one of dozens of videos on sellers and killers of children. Another, child porn films, including violent sex leading to a ‘snuff’ film of children. British network in Amsterdam. 25,000 paedophiles in Britain is the police estimate, police stalking the paedos, kids warned by police and taken home to parents. London + drugs too hook them –> Amsterdam and then they are lost, sold to brothals and sometimes not seen again. The sentences for their crimes are very light, and they very often continue their very terrible organized and often repeated crimes at which they make good livings from films and clients who want to abuse boys :

The Korean political scandal is ‘shamangate’. They have dark cults also, tho we don’t know if this one involves paedophiles or not :


Clinton Foundation ties to organ trafficker and heroin smuggler :


And to an operator of casinos, houses of prostitution, and known smuggler of sex slaves :


And the evidence of Obama being gay I think is persuasive even tho I haven’t actively investigated the subject and haven’t seen any blogs doing so, which makes this very plausible, Obama’s connection to it all :

When you ask Youtube “Is Obama gay?”, there are 10,700,000 results. Doesn’t mean it is true, but the pictures are persuasive. I recall a book on the subject of Obama’s times in Chicago’s gay bath houses, and there was a recent National Press Club event where a gay guy put on the record his experiences with Obama which I had seen a week ago. I didn’t look further, don’t care, except for the paedophile aspect of all this in that email and his long and solid associations with Clinton and her group. Podesta was Obama’s chief of staff before he left to become Hillary’s campaign chairman. Those two alone make Obama suspect. Obama being gay increases the suspicion, of course.

I am very afraid that Buchanan is correct, that the Liberal world order, which is generally better than what came before (until corruption set in) will be replaced by loss of religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of economic action, homophobia, racism, etc. Those are the high points of our civilization, the measure of a government’s legitimacy under a modern Constitution… :


Another summary, including the many censorship and suppression events in the major media and major social media. They are all anxious that it should be ‘fake news’.  Everyone had to move off reddit to voat.co. And now people will move from youtube to another service, I don’t know what they have chosen yet :


This is the Norwegian paedophile network, big and, because of the timing wrt #Pizzagate, strongly suspected of being connected to someone in the US,  a lynchipin that will take down the entire US side also, but no real hard evidence of that yet. This is only from 23 Nov 2016, so relatively new for the #Pizzagate researchers. This case was all over the US news, although mention is being removed from some of them. There were still many on news.google today :


And, The NYTimes is claiming that any child porn found on government computers is Russian planted, and Fake News. I think governments do that, including our own CIA/NSA, and the Russians may have done so for Mr. Bukovsky. That evidence does not support the claim that the Russians did so for 5000 people working in the US government. That is the same as the claim that the KGB cyber services can break into any government network and system they wish. Really, quite an amazing propaganda effort.

This is the voat link discussing that, I included the two main links out of it below, but the comments are good, including several recounting all of the times the US government has used CP installed on people’s computers to discredit them :


The ICE investigation is where the 5000 number comes from. The comments to :


Canada is active, many countries are very active in busting paedophile rings of late, except for the US government, of course, we do next to nothing about the elites running things, tho they arrest low-level Child Porn downloaders a lot :


I am very tired of this topic, it never ends, every day I find new research to be read, new videos to be viewed. Every country has many of these people, with high-level people in support groups protecting each other.

Back to other stuff, try to get back to reality for a while before I post this.

More mainstream fake news of the fakest kind :



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