Daily Reading #43

This is an article on a talk that General Mattis gave in 2014. Very solid opinions, imho :


#Pizzagate progress, an indefensible scandal, and David Seaman knows how to hammer hard :


This is one of at least a dozen documentaries dealing with abuse of children in various orphans’ homes in Britain. This documents a long investigation, forensics that found many traces of children’s bodies, and then it was taken away from the lead detective and all the evidence declared various forms of dumb mistake. The original lead detective was an experienced guy, his teams weren’t making mistakes. The government and police on the island of Jersey are totally corrupt :


Another of the young commentators pointing out that the Catholic Church is run by the usual corrupt insiders and dominated by sex offenders.  This may seem extreme, but she is referencing real publications and cases for most of it. And also, I remind you all how many of the ‘impossible to believe’ stuff is coming true, e.g. the number of dead Indian children who were in the care of the churches. That hasn’t even been investigated here in the US yet, but given the number of cases against people operating orphanages and child protective services around the world, it would be really unusual if none existed :


Anyone who expects senior officers in our military to be any more honest than politicians really needs to think again. I must have included this before, I saw it previously, but we didn’t have the ‘fake news’ context, obviously a new psyop.  Fake news has been a CIA and military project continuing since at least Kennedy’s time. Yes, I had seen it on Newsbud, an excellent news group with website ‘Boiling Frog Post’ :


The effort to seize the government of the US continues a law that authorizes propaganda and censorship :





Contrary to politico, RT at least, is a far more reliable source of information about the US and Europe, at least, than the NYTimes or WaPo. It is on the right side of the ‘fake news’ stories, at least :


Total BS. There is no connection between Flynn Jr on Twitter and the idiot who took a gun into Comet Pizza. The first major result of the propaganda about ‘fake news’ and #Pizzagate, which is very real. Reading between the lines, I could speculate that General Flynn was not involved in 9-11 and understands that event. He is dangerous to our military-cia Status Quo :


True that Google and the other media platforms make it hard to understand reality, and can strongly bias public opinion by how they order search results, but censorship is not the way to fix the problem.  This is clearly supporting proposals to censor the web :


An indication of how much of a battle it will be to take this government back of Trump is not the man he promised and we don’t give him enough support. These people have been planning for this stage for a long time. ‘Fake News’ and the coming suppression thereof, i.e. censorship, will happen if Trump doesn’t stop it. The facts and analysis of the new standard for police dealing with protests is correct. Otherwise he is very anti-Trump :


Mnuchin wants to do the right thing, but this will end up giving 10s of $Bs to fat cats in a very favorable deal for them because mortgages aren’t a good deal no matter who bundled them :


Another indication that things are not going well for the people of the US of A :


The economy is going to crash, not get better :


Trump continues to appoint people of dubious connections :


Trump’s pick of Mnuchin is possibly as bad as Clinton would have done. He forclosed on a 90-year-old woman who owed the bank 30 cents, but sent a check for 3 cents :


TheArchDruidReport. Guy apparently is a druid. Otherwise, he has good views on where the US is in the trajectory of economic and political power and systems. Dumb prescriptions, for the most part, but at least he believes in de-centralization rather than centralization. Smart guy, writes very well, interesting even when wrong :


This is one of the excellent things Trump is doing, the reverse of Clinton’s plans :


Coding schools are not all equally effective. Excellent, because they use different approaches, and the best are serious about improving. The public schools are not generally serious about that, and have declined in their effectiveness with every innovation :


Naked Capitalism, a seriously progressive group, publishes one or two lists of good links every day, with a bit of commentary. I go through their lists religiously, have gotten several days behind because of all the videos I have been watching. Because I read a wide variety of sources, I have been seeing the same links showing up on NC and Western Rifle Shooters Association, the patriot site I read every day, and also on Libertarian sites. Charles Hugh Smith’s blogs are an example, they are occasionally posted in all 3 places, often in 2. There is increasing community of opinion about the problems of our system. All of them think ‘fake news’ is a propaganda campaign and are very concerned about the loss of Freedom :


So long after the Vietnam War, both sides endure continuing major problems :


All companies do the government’s bidding, because otherwise they lose very profitable contracts for 10s of $Ms. This discusses Trump’s proposed “Muslim registry”, a simply terrible idea :


Meanwhile, tech companies means of censorship are being developed :


Ian Welsh is another progressive who considers evidence. This is him appreciating Trump for what is good and critiquing the rest :


An obvious thought about 9-11 just hit me, while reading this :


Some of the phone calls from loved ones on the 4 seized airliners were real, meaning they were landed or nearly so. They were cell phones, meaning they went through standard cell towers and all of the information needed to triangulate location was available, BUT NEVER FOLLOWED UP! More coverup.

This woman had an interesting life as a professional gambler, a long and interesting read  :


This woman did it gambling on Wall Street, also interesting :


Both are strong arguments against the standard feminist positions, imho. Women select themselves out of male professions from an early age. Indeed, they hit ceilings, many of us do, and for such a variety of reasons. But until a female-run business wipes out its competition via paying 5% lower wages for equivalent female talent, nothing convinces convincingly that women’s pay is too low relative to men. I also think that isn’t true in the near-minimum-wage labor world. Those people are close to too many edges, and jobs get slighted as a result. Paying them more would benefit their productivity. The amount of forced labor that exists everywhere says a lot of people would rather use coercion than incentives.

The art of protest is far advanced in South Korea. The US has the same ‘post-democratic’ government, formal democratic systems actually managed entirely by elites. The usual left correct diagnosis of the problem and hopeless centralizing remedies that haven’t worked anywhere :


And the result of all the protests :


This is insanity, Trump will not fix America, increasing military spending is exactly wrong :


I didn’t read this, because the first few paragraphs state that the economy is already growing at a 3% rate, so it is obvious BS :


This is important, a consolidation of economic power. In 1950, institutional investors owned 7% of the total market value. Not it is 70%, and the 3 largest own 88% of the companies in the S&P500. Thus the payouts to investors and stock buybacks rather than investing in the businesses :


Another BS article, this one begins with Obama having inherited an economy losing 500K jobs a month while Trump inherits an unemployment rate of 4.6%. Government bogus numbers, so I didn’t read further, because if you begin with a false premise, you can conclude anything :


Pretty clear how Theranos lasted despite the lies for so long, every big name in politics and the media was on the board or invested in it :


The US continues to attack Yemen and starve the people, 20 months running, for no reason except that Saudi Arabia wants to :


The US of A spread ISIS and other extremist groups throughout N Africa, refugee problems followed, naturally :


Brian Williams lacks the ethical standing to lead a crusade against ‘fake news’, having been fired for lying about reality as a news story :


Outright attempts at bribery. Will be interesting to see how Trump handles Boeing after this. Maybe it was just another hard-ball negotiating tactic of his :


More internet devices that have backdoors. How can companies still be delivering such dangerous software? One answer is NSA makes them do it, tho you would have expected them to have figured out a better way of hiding their access mechanism :


The article failed to mention that the war on drug is responsible for nearly all of the gun homicides, and all of the opioid deaths, and many of the suicides :


Fukushima radiation is carefully ignored, the governments provide no numbers that anyone could use to judge :



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