Daily Reading #42

Driving this noon, I was listening to NPR, truly National Propaganda Radio. They have become a leftish Alex Jones in tone, unhinged from reality. Jones is more linked to reality, imho. Going on about ‘fake news’, Flynn Jr pushing #Pizzagate, and mentioned the guy who came in with a gun to Comet Pizza and threats to the parents of some kid killed at Sandy Hook.

We have a society running on complete fantasy BS, too stupid or trained to lethargy and helplesness to check any evidence. Nobody has refuted #Pizzagate, or Sandy Hook or 9-11, or on and on. They label them conspiracy theory and anyone who looks at the evidence as crazy. ‘Truthers’ was their general drogatory term. Wow, when did ‘truth’ get an ugly connotation?

Nobody looks at the evidence, and nobody doubts after they do. Nobody asks the firefighters of NYC about 9-11, they know perfectly well what it was, knew there were bombs from the beginning. Take a poll of the FBI or NYPD about #Pizzagate, they know perfectly what that is. Nobody in the CT gov can be honest, they were all involved in generating Sandy Hook, but nobody refuted any aspect of the voluminous evidence that Sandy Hook school had been closed for years, and that FEMA had run the practice the day before the drill which became the hoax, they just made it hard to get the evidence, dragged everything out and kept pounding the propaganda. For exactly the same reason, more than half the country thinks that Saddam Hussein was behind 9-11! The NYTimes helped on that, of course.

That is the fake news. And everyone in MSM wonders at how the great divide keeps deepening between sections of the country. And old friends must believe that I am insane as a condition of keeping their beliefs intact. And never look at the evidence, of course.

Very fubared system we have allowed to happen to us.

Government power continues to increase, civil liberties and rule of law are seriously diminished. These are laws that allow the government to lie in court, “a total, utter, inversion of justice”. Get outraged before it is too late, this is totalitarian government at work. Compare this with the import of your morning news program :

This is the connection of child smuggling out of Haiti to the Clintons and another unexplained death of an investigator into Clinton crimes :

More researchers into ‘global, satanic pedophile rings’.  Powerful testimony about their research, knowledge. The woman is a psychiatrist who has talked to many victims and criminals. There is a bit of a ‘we are professionals, amateurs are dangerous’ in this, but very good information. Their main point is, there is plenty of information about pedophile rings if you look into them, but the people who are supposed to protect children instead protect their own crimes against children. The police, prosecutors, judges, child protective services and lawyers act as a cover, to hide, the opposite of their jobs.

‘They like it’, however they get started. More and more it is required for trust, because homosexuality and affairs isn’t enough of a hold on people in this society.  Pedophilia and satanic cults are widely spread, organizations need to clean themselves. A common fate of victims is to be consigned to mental institutions when they insist they were raped, molested, abused, tortured.

The two researchers are solid.  The interviewer much less so, imho, but ymmv. Very fine discussion, call to do things right now, a plea to listen to victims, it is conceivable what they claim :

The beginning of the media climbdown from the ‘fake news’ theory. This means legal advice was finally sought and taken, they were going to get their heads handed to them in court and also that their defense of #Pizzagate as story of conspiracy was costing them too much credibility. Some Bezos idea was tried out and failed, no editor would have allowed that, that had political backing :


The ‘fake news’ stories have resulted in many stories about the ‘fake news’ from government and media over the years, reminding everyone of the media failures and wars the failures produced :





Every time I watched so-called TV News, I hate it more, this is no exception. Even if I didn’t hate their posturing and manipulation, it is a full year late, during which they supported the Clintons against reality for the entire campaign. Also, having Newt Gingrich pontificating on political morality is insane, how can he be a political leader, given his obvious payoffs and personal immorality?

To rescue their reputations, MSM is having to finally expose the full range of Clinton crimes.  This will lead to them dealing with #Pizzagate, sooner or later, if they wish to remain going concerns. I don’t think these reversals will save them, TV news like this is not nearly as good as the best of the alt-media :

Guy knows how to make his points on the way to the bombshell connection. The social and political links of the elite are being tracked down because of #Pizzagate, among other benefits :

The dynamics of partisan politics without signficant constraint by rules of law and conduct do not produce improving futures for the people ruled :


For example, everything that can be rigged has been rigged, all of the major markets. This discusses silver, gold is still happening, all the stock markets are still skimmed by High Frequency Trading and the various institution’s dark pools. The law suits that will result will be a significant reason for these institutions’ coming failures :


The ‘fake news’ focus on #Pizzagate hotted up some more. David Seaman has 3 in a row talking about how he is being taken off Youtube and Wikipedia. 10.3M views total, all his recent ones have 20K+ even an hour after they are posted. Some that have been around for a few days 100k+. The man is not insignificant in alt-media, I see links to his info everywhere, plus I have seen him on Alex Jones, who is bragging that he is larger on the net than the BBC, the NYTimes and WaPo. Seaman is surely making a living from ad revenue, deserves every bit of it. Alex Jones is likely becoming wealthy. This is a good view of MSM and its problems and coverup. 32K+ views 4 hours after it was posted :

Podesta has not been seen since #Pizzagate started getting internet attention, 30 days. This is very real, ‘fake news’ is a major coverup, a lie, it is not doing MSM any good nor the Status Quo they represent.

My thought is, “Now we have our Dreyfus Affaire”. It could have been 9-11, should have been, but they controlled that one. Do you suppose the FBI insiders tried to do that for 9-11 but found no outside takers of sufficient stature, failed, and this time they have Assange? There are some great novels and insider accounts in all this.

And meanwhile, David Seaman and the dozens of interesting versions of contrarian, reality-based views are defeating MSM and the oligarchs and deep state. This #Pizzagate is serious enough to get the public attention that will bring down this corrupt system and put many, many of them in jail or in a noose.

There is going to be one hell of a political fight, I hope Trump is up to it, he has been the last chance short of bloody revolution. Roger Stone says “Donald Trump will keep his promise to save the republic” according to an InfoWars headline. Could mean anything, but at least he isn’t trying to take attention from his goals and promises.  The rest of this Alex Jones is the usual mix of real fact (very major political losses for Democrats during the Obama admin) and bragging about how important his show has become.  Stone says he is writing the inside story of Trump’s winning the election, will be ready by inauguration day. They are both now saying “rally support for Trump” and also “hold him to his promises, those are no longer his to own, they are his to execute”. Prosecute the Clintons is the first of those to be mentioned, repeatedly. Also, mention of personal loyalty, again. These guys have a big view of themselves, mostly true, but modesty is more distinguished.

That was 14 November 3 weeks ago. “Prosecute Hillary” has come through my mind from a number of articles and videos in the subsequent 3 weeks, but it is largely pushed out of my mind by #Pizzagate, where it is one thread in those researches. Certainly not forgotten, the connection of Hillary to smuggling children out of Haiti

Watched another on the Alex Jones Channel with Roger Stone. Second time I have seen this. Easy to see why Stone was a high level political advisor, no sign of the dirty tricks guy workng for Nixon, which he was as I recall from several different sources. Impressive guy in how good he is at being very real, so believable. I hope he is also honest and right. The ads are outrageous. These guys made money while they were winning the Presidency! Wow, the alt-media is much smarter than the Status Quo. It is going to be a hell of a fight.

Lots of bragging about their roles in everything, but seem to talk sense, I don’t see any bias that worries me, they try hard to agree with most of my values. I don’t like the personna of Alex Jones. Most of the people around him are pretty good. Jones is the weakest part of his network, imho. This is the 2nd time I watched this particular video, and the 2nd time I have come to these same conclusions. Can’t be just my opinion, this interpretation of history is simply impossible, there are no individuals who would have the power and motivations to make this happen at this scale. Jones is not reality-based, the reason I didn’t watch him before.  Here he must be representing groups that need China as an enemy, so it conflates ‘globalist’ with ‘China domination’ and connects them with Kissinger’s agenda, presenting Kissinger as a representative of the globalist agenda. Kissinger was that, but it must have been more complex, there are far more than a few views and a few countries to take into account, each with a mix of interests..  It is a description of what happened rewritten as conspiracy with damn little evidence. It takes more kinds of evidence across a broad range of sources than that explanation has data points.

Middle-class still don’t like homeless, despite how fast middle-class people are becoming homeless, which is happening as a direct result from the same kind of centralization of control of everything :


Universal Basic Income requires a source of tax revenue, which will require a very different political structure. It can’t stop individual or local commerce, but will have to tax it steeply, one can see built-in conflict everywhere. Make no mistake, UBI == revolution followed by universal discord through the society. That is the inevitable result of central power producing solutions, UBI is a solution from centralized power, more centralized than ever, and therefore must fail :




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