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In case you need more items in your reading list, I invite you to go sign up with Charles Hugh Smith of oftwominds.com. He has good and interesting opinions, and sends them around in his weekly Musings list. People like me send him things they find interesting, a fire hose from which he selects. I include his in my lists. We are, all of us including you readers who send me stuff, the alt-media at work, a new level of social consciousness directing the information streams from node to node.

We are winning share of public mind from the old media, and it is changing the power dynamics of the US of A. If there is enough outrage about the #Pizzagate connections in our government and many government-associates and -dependents, we could end the rot and go on to great days of civilization. Peaceful days. But not if not. Corruption and war are linked, cause and effect, they need maximal distraction at times like this, when they are on the edge of losing power.

They did 9-11 and made $ at it, $Bs in the immediate fraud and 10s of $Bs in the shifts in government spending. They control their minions and trust their allies because they are all pedophiles together, selected from the time of the college fraternity secret societies in occult rituals and shared sex.

All that is going to come out because of #Pizzagate and Trump’s election. Trump is going to have big problems, needs political power from some crusade. I think the man may well decide to clean the government out, he has the right background, personality and allies.

It is hard not to be hopeful, but realism suggests the economic problems will be guided worse by the various groups as distraction, and there will be opposition to everything. Given the pedophile links into child protection services and investigative and prosecuting agencies dealing with sex crimes, so many politicians needing to be covered up, … And the judiciary, Epstein got off real light, mere months of sleeping at the jail and continuing to live life normally otherwise, in defiance of the rules about needing to tell the victims of the sentence ?and perhaps get their input?, from a Florida judge, with a Bush the Governor of the state. Judges turn out to be pedophiles too.

I hope Trump is clean and gets good advice, otherwise this just goes underground for a while, nothing changes and the society gets more rotted, bigger and bigger divisions between us outside the class of oligarchs + government + minions and dependants and that shrinking class with shrinking power bases and shrinking actual capabilities at the same time as they accumulate more and more laws and legal powers and also ignore the law more and more in fact. Those are the trends, and Trump is the major deviation in that path, we hope.


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