Daily Reading #3E

Our government is closely tied to it’s military contractor Blackwater, which is closely tied to MOAS, an NGO ‘rescuing’ refugees from Libyan territorial waters at points designated before any of them left Libya. NGOs, with government knowledge, are performing large-scale smuggling operation of Africans who wish to enter Europe. Any sentient individual, given #Pizzagate, must ask how the interface to sex and child trafficking and organ / blood harvesting is handled. I posted a link to a claim that 10,000 children of immigrants had been lost a few days ago, that they were preyed upon every step of the way. I think I didn’t post it, but there are other claims in the voat.co/v/pizzagate threads about NGOs and international agencies in various N African and ME countries being involved in sex trafficking. This would cut out a lot of middlemen and complexity, seems to me :


The United States is an oligarchy. Our oligarchy and minions are no longer a legitimate ruling class :


The economy must fail, it is built into the massive debt which has propped up what faltering economy we have had during the last 2 presidencies. We are headed toward a genuine and massive crisis. The following are two aspects of the same failing system of oligarchy + deep state + government :



This is very positive. It claims Flynn is going to roll US intelligence operations back to pre-9-11. If Mattis can do the same for the Pentagon, the US has some chance of continuing in existence. Still not high, I think :


David Seaman is a very coherent speaker and his laptop allows him to read from the screen while appearing to look at the camera. This updates Pizzagate :

The State Department is being used as a conduit for international slave trafficing. Clinton Foundation and big names are involved :


More background on the WaPo reporter and WaPo’s recent history wrt ‘Fake News’. Good article, concludes that that campaign was the beginning of a repression of the left by a Clinton admin :


A long piece by John Helmer about ‘fake news’ and the digital information model’s failure around the world and the failure of political systems dependent upon it :


I have to stop reading the critiques of ‘fake news’ propaganda, this is the last. Fair.org says ‘the standards of skepticism and sourcing employed by some of our most trusted news sources have sunk to tabloid levels’. Not that good, I think, as tabloids have done some real news lately :


Our diplomats think personal contact between leaders is a bad idea. Is the world a more peaceful place with diplomats in control? Arguable, e.g. Reagan’s nuclear arms deals and SALT talks, and meanwhile, depending on the NYTimes for any advice would be foolish :


Ian Welsh agrees with me that Bannon is smart and clever, and people shouldn’t underestimate Trump’s team. His economic understanding is louisy, just like all leftists, but they grasp people and trends, sometimes :


More on #Pizzagate :


This is the kind of research being done. A large number of facts and connections, from which you can conclude all kinds of things, but corruption is obvious and connections to people with an interest in pedophilia is obvious, tied also to a specific suspicion by an employee that her boss was involved in child trafficing. This is the kind of background information and research that police often don’t have time for. Add it to police interrogations and open exchange of that information, and we could clean our societies up in a generation, maybe. But clearly not, if we don’t allow the public to participate, this is too big, too intertwined with everything. Read this, a link from 2015, before #Pizzagate :


The Medium has lists of government people who indulge in child porn, with a special section for the many police chiefs. There is big $ in child porn and a lot of it on government computers. Another thing that NSA doesn’t notice, of course, since blackmail for sexual deviancy is a large part of the CIA’s and NSA’s power. Completely horrifying, what is going on in our corrupt agencies of government. Again, the author notes “the apparent level of involvement by America’s national security and federal employees” :

I am now researching and writing a book: Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden Security Threat. My starting premise is men, and increasingly women, are raping children, very young children, including infants and toddlers, and sharing videos, images, and live-streaming of this abuse at epidemic levels. These criminals are, by and large, getting away with it because America refuses to move beyond our denial.

We are sustaining crisis-level numbers of seemingly normal, often powerful and successful men, and some women, involved in America’s child sex abuse industry; far too many of whom are federal or state employees.

Here is a thread that is a plot from Science Fiction of about 1980, using the blood of very young people to rejuvenate the old. Very dark stuff, and I believe some of it is likely to be real. Certainly organ harvesting is real, that is big business :


The  WaPo’s attempt to make it look like the authorities are doing something about human trafficking. Note the perps, probably none with a college degree and all caught by accident or elementary low-level policing :


Generally speaking, the authorities do a very lousy job prosecuting sex crimes by elites against the lower classes :



A good comment by Paul Craig Roberts on Trump’s appointments and the possible canniness they represent :


Setting the record straight on Castro, bloody butcher from his earliest days, and who had a house of girls all to himself :


Sister Rosetta Tharpe is a great gospel blues singer from the 1940s :


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