Daily Reading #3D

A very good discussion. Some controversary may be absurd but not at all trivial. Professor Jordan B. Peterson is a fine thinker and we need far more of those in our universities. Currently, they get fired a lot, tenured or no, precisely because of the absurd laws that feel free to abandon all of our governmental forms in the name of social justice.

This issue is very important. Those are totalitarian laws, exactly as used in Marxist-Lenninist countries for their show trials and Cultural Revolution-equivalents. This is an excellent video explaining the issues :

Very relevant in the above, don’t be put off by the title, feminists are never mentioned. Also, while I think Marxist-Leninists are excellent at Propaganda and subversion, they have never done net good with any power they received, were generally much worse for their society than any king ever achieved :

Another very relevant. The Fake News fake news stories show our country to be deep in the endgame of our democratic Republic. These are aspects of that Social Justice Warrior thinking that gives them the moral standing to impose their thoughts on the rest of us, not thoughts that could have been accepted by the public at any earlier stage of our political system, yet are being passed into law very quickly. Look at previously-reputable journalists falling into line on censorship, who except Greenwald and a few of the completely-independents has opposed this?

I agree with the first comments, #Pizzagate explains their panic. That is the beginning of their last unraveling and the reformation of our Status Quo. Read the comments, they understand, on average, who is who in this saga and why they need this :


Two other aspects about fake news I got from a comment. Fake news is automated, a guy published 10K books on Amazon via a robotic process that generated novels, very poorly, but people bought them and there weren’t any refunds, so he made $ net. The second link has many links to videos and commentary about the use and misuse of data, algorithms and mathematics :



No matter how hard I try, I can’t believe how stupid they are, or that it works so often. What can this level of clumsiness of propaganda mean? It is on par with what they were doing in the Ukraine, not much better than the very raw and obvious Sand Hook Hoaxen. Just make it up, make claims with no backup whatsoever. Clinton and Obama worked it together for whatever benefit there was to her political advantage and for the intelligence agencies to get this dumb thing passed. How the hell could this have passed with a sweeping majority? No Congresscritter could be fooled by that WaPo article, so that and the echos in all the other propaganda organs was there to give them something to point to when outraged constituents complain :


There was no hacker attack from Russia, it was far more likely the FBI or NSA itself that leaked Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks. The new Russian scare and cold war is just the latest in the Pentagon and State Department’s threat escallation, at which they are very practiced :


“People are turning to democratic socialism because of the failure of the Democratic Party to deal with their needs”. More central planning, which is what failed and must fail because we humans have no way to deal with the complexity of a modern economy except free market capitalism, which we keep handicapping with laws and regulations and then saying it is the failure :


There are many ways to make a living that depend on internet access, but not where you live. Saigon and other places have great internet access and low cost of living, so smart millenials are moving there :



Von Mises, who I warn you was one of the identified pro Russian publications, lays out how we ended up with so many bureaucracies that defy Congress :


AntiWar, another of the identified pro-Russian publications, lays out my reasoning for deciding Patraeus as incompetent. Sharing intelligence with a girl friend indicates he is untrustworthy, also :


There is no specific information about Russian disinformation efforts, but we have revived cold war institutions to deal with it :


And probably PropOrNot is the result of one of our own agencies engaged in propaganda :


Ably assisted by the propagandists at WaPo, the first amplifier of this new big hate :



I read this before, didn’t link to it. Unz thinks the fake news meme was meant to kick off with a Clinton win, part of escalating Syria :



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