Daily Reading #3C

Yesterday I was driving and listened to National Propaganda Radio for a while. NPR had a discussion lead by a local station’s host discussing the “problem of Trump’s people having their own facts”. Their example was the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Unemployment Rate. In their view, Trump’s repeated assertions that the rate was not the BLS’s 5% or so, rather he said as much as 20%, was a complete lie. In my view, it would be difficult to find a better example of government lies, one that has gotten systematically worse since the beginning of Shrub’s presidency. Reality sides with me, I believe :


Another example, #Pizzagate. BBC defended the pedophile Jimmy Savile in its ranks for many years, and the head of BBC moved to the NYTimes, where he is doing it again with Alifantis. No. Alafantis associates with pedophiles, uses pedophilia art and code, and is certainly one himself :


And wikipedia founder and editors are hiding evidence of pedophilia in Jimmy Savile and others :


Meanwhile, Time magazine took pedophilia seriously in the opinion section in 2014, at least. There is no sustained outrage, and thus no changes, as with the other large problems in our national life :

England: Land of Royals, Tea and Horrific Pedophilia Coverups

A summary info graphic of #Pizzagate :

Another view of Clinton’s loss, the counties that switched parties 2016 vs 2012 :


Clinton Foundation was a scam. If Trump pardons her, I will be pissed. She is a criminal and must be held to account if we are to maintain our Republic as a going concern :


Entrenched crony capitalist oligarchs donate money to entrenched political leaders and parties and words change, but not actions, which is why both parties are dying :


When John Brennon says “The Iran deal should not be thrown away!”, I take that as good advice and consistent with what I know from previous intelligence analyses wrt Iran’s nuclear programs. Ditto his stance against torture, no  intelligence professional aware of the many, many studies of the issues can believe otherwise. :


Another thing Trump is going to do wrong, increase CIA-NSA surveillance powers. The trend to authoritarian government continues, the exact reverse of the direction we need to follow :


An excellent comparison of the uses to which Obama and Trump put the same Presidential powers. E.g. Trump applies to rescue jobs, Obama does it to prevent loss of tax revenues. The Intercept is a fine set of journalists doing serious analysis of events and trends. It must be very hard, because not so many journalists or rags meet any reasonable standard. It is incomprehensible that the WaPo could have done that pro-censorship series, obviously supporting a government and policy that enforces that kind of law :


A critical look at Standing Rock #DAPL. I had not followed any of this, just thought the police were out of bounds based on atmospherics. Maybe MSM isn’t doing their job? Again. I had noted that there was an absence of reality under the whole story, no solid reason for doing this blockage, more Green than Red. This blows that out of the water, too bad, our Indians have been corrupted by Hippy Greens, all taken advantage of by MSM to push the leftist agenda. Too bad, it isn’t safe to be assume bias against power makes you more correct. Nice analysis, I have to pay attention to Jeff Holiday. Although I don’t believe his last argument ’92 feet below the bed of the river + gravity’ making the water safe. BS. :

Another of Jeff Holiday’s. I watched part of this, he was how I learned about the professor Jordan B. Petersen, very rational and intelligent philosopher psychologist, and ‘Some Black Guy’ did another good one. They actually passed this law? My country has gone insane, and whoever is doing this to our college kids should be shot. This is how Mao’s last crusade got out of control and they sort-of-accidentally had a Cultural Revolution. Couldn’t work here, given an armed populace, so I am not so worried, except for the idiots themselves. The Weather Underground and Red Brigade terrorist groups came out of this class of crazies, also, so there are no end of ways to go wrong. Good video, I like Jeff Holiday :

And Some Black Guy, excellent analysis of propaganda, good propaganda. This is education, not school :

Pedophilia in Afghanistan, OKayed By Secretary of State Clinton. Another source of good opinion, I think. Alex Jones has good people around him, but he is a hyperbolic mouth too often :

And :

More about pedophilia from InfoWars. I still don’t like the unhinged style Jones has, shut it off when you get to him :

More on the Pizzagate investigation. Thius site has a ton of links and people putting together timelines for groups of people moving country to country, crimes they are convicted of, etc. :



The connections between people and organizations, many apparently organizations to help children, are endless and are being traced out. Serious researchers through public information. Timothy Leary was an early CIA asset in the MKULTRA program developing mind control now tied into the paedophile rings and practices. Here is one of the places that the kids come from :



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