Daily Reading #3B

International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State has been very active in the people trafficing investigations.

itccs.org is their web site, and it has far more than I have ever read in any newspaper about various Canadian government organizations being involved in deaths of Indians.

Also murderbydecree.com. Tons of links, far too many for me to follow up, but I had heard several things about the treatments of natives in Canada by the Anglican Church that must have been started by these investigations.

This is a link from there. Evil beyond belief by a family and entire cult against a 4-year old girl, and continued for years. Free Masons rituals and torture and killings, many men. Hunting naked children in the forest, on horses, with dogs and with killings when they were caught. High level people involved, who she identifies. Lots of high level people named on these sites :


Obama has rented a house next door to Podesta :


Israel is becoming a ‘safe haven’ for paedophiles, Jewish Community Watch says :


This is from July 2014. How can the information not be known to everyone, and not be a high priority for police forces everywhere ? That information is the active involvement of the Catholic Church with the Italian Mafia in trafficing babies and children that the Church controls as part of the social work :


Other threads on voat.co/v/pizzagate tie previously-exposed pedophile rings in Australia and Norway. They have high ranking government officials, they have lists of names, and nothing happens. Serious investigators push, nothing happens.

The Pizzagate investigation has reached critical mass, this will not be hidden, it will certainly lead to much attention by criminal investigators in the next years. This is a major part of the corruption in our Status Quo, but far from the only part, we can’t let any of them get away. Pizzagate is directly connected to the Hampstead case in England via the children’s father. This is Hampstead, with the full coverup attempted, successful until the present, the children have been removed from the mother’s care and the case is closed. It doesn’t get more unjust than this :


Testimony about ‘snuff parties’ and Alex Jones stating that both parties actively recruit from ranks of paedophiles so that they control them. Thus the concentration of perverts in our bureaucracies :

Suspicions always were that Breitbart’s death was not normal. Now it turns out that the week before he had hinted information about Podesta and information that would damage Obama’s chance of re-election. The coronor who did his autopsy died shortly afterwards from arsenic poisoning :

Before Mysterious Death, Andrew Breitbart Targeted Podesta in Tweet

There are quite a lot of deaths surrounding these investigations.

Look how well this has been covered up? Doesn’t it make it more likely that they covered up 9-11 also? Is one crime more imaginable than the other? There is very solid evidence for them all, and they have been ignored.

This still doesn’t quite pin down why everyone thought Clinton was a bigger risk than Trump, “Will bring needed change to Washington” covers a lot of things that might need changing. ‘Endemic Satanism’ seems to be one of the things that needs changed, I think, strange that nobody did a poll on that question :


CHSmith on why Trump won :


And Part II, “The People Staged a Coup D’Etat”. This is bait, but the teaser contains the best view of what happened I have seen, very insightful :


Another part of the Trump win : whites live in smaller towns and rural areas and were significantly hurt by the shift in jobs to the suburbs and inner city :


Trump’s plans already affect hiring in IT, more US citizens, more people trained in the US :


Autonomous trucks are coming in fast, I nevertheless maintain it will take years to work out the bugs, they will be paying driver’s salaries in insurance costs for a long time :


This loss of income by working peope is what is happening around the world, and the reason for for the many unexpected political upsets, not ‘angry white men’ :

The shocking decline in Australian workers’ share of income

My kid just showed me this, a 41 shot volley in table tennis, Singapore vs Nigeria. The next in the series has more like that. Just Wow! :

The looming tradewar, China’s early responses are ‘we will retaliate, of course’ :


Government has blacked out the DAPL protests at Standing Rock from MSM, but the internet makes the bad publicity the governmet is getting known to anyone who cares :

Actor James Cromwell on DAPL — The Police are ‘Thugs’ Being Shielded By Corporate Media

I am not a fan of Elizabeth Warren particularly, but on this bill she is very right, it is further entrenching big pharma and enriching them, bad effects on consumers of their products and the entire medical system :


The Clinton Foundation was a racket, which is obvious because everyone stopped contributing as soon as she lost the Presidency :


Steins recounts are dumb, the emphasis should be on doing audits for all elections afterwards :

The Stein Recount Needle and the Damage Done

Unz is a keynsian, we learn from this article. Stimulus spending doesn’t work if it produces debt. Our economy is now doomed by the debt, paying interest is eating the seedcorn, the cheap money has driven intelligent investments out of the system. Cutting taxes will not help much, but removing 100 years of regulations would :


The problem of deporting people who have been working in the US for years, without disruption to everything and great injustice, isn’t easy, but people arrested for crimes and involved in gangs go reliably, all of the police cooperate with that program. The databases, however, are full of noise, so can’t be relied upon :


This is a sample of the posts on voat.co/v/pizzagate, telling David Seamen what he thought the best approach to an interview would be. Again, this is rational people following leads and working hard to understand what is going on, not pro-Trump or anti-Hillary people pursuing a vendetta :


Another :


Another :


Another discussing a lead, a connection between a known, convicted pedophile and James Alefantis :


Mark Thompson, the CEO of the NYTimes, which defended James Alefantis from those connections, was defending Jimmy Savile at the BBC when he was Director-General :

NY Times CEO was Same BBC Exec Who Defended Pedo Jimmy Savile: Currently Belittling Pizza Gate

The best discussion of the Fake News Fake Story I have seen so far. Giraldi is smart :

The Fake News Fake Story


This is Columbus Journalism Review lauding the Washington Post’s great progress in digital. WaPo, of course, is the source of that Fake News Story and the call for the FBI to investigate the Ron Paul Institute, Von Mises, and a few other libertarian sites, as well as completely solid people like Charles Hugh Smith, who merely calls the economy and unemployment rate and cost of education as he sees them, real good judgement imho. But they have moved into the digital era, and I bet there is no penalty for getting a story wrong. Amazon has a $100M contract with NSA to provide cloud services, in case you wonder about Bezos’s loyalties.


And The Hill on how the standards of journalism have fallen at WaPo :


The disaster of India’s cash continues :


Demonetisation: Voices From Varanasi, Modi’s Constituency

NYCity is a very rich place, yet its downtown shopping is disappearing :


This is a standard leftish, progressive position. It is very correct in terms of needs and humanity, it is very wrong in terms of the prescription of “more programs, more scope of programs, more aid”. That is how we got here, with military spending out of control and the budget worse, national debt at $20Trillion dollars. The death of our civilization stares us in the face, and their answer is “more of the same” compromises between the forces of empire and the forces of the welfare system, so that our biggest social programs came as we continued losing wars for long periods, no doubt the Trump administration will be more of the same, unless we can stop the wars. We can’t continue on this road, the civilization ends in the kind of breakdown this kind of state will undergoes, an authoritarian death spiral. I don’t think it would take much management to avoid the worst of that, although breakdown is inevitable unless we actively unwind the complexity and costs. We can chose our loses, but only if we acknowledge we have lost and that worse awaits if we do nothing. Lose the Empire, first, end the military spending. Lose the business subsidies next, farm subsides and everything else. From those two, we may be able to keep the country afloat long enough to get the economy to the point where we can reorganize communities and then end the welfare system, pushing it to a local level. That is the end point in any case, the chosen path can be a bit smoother :

Starving in America

Trump is not a totally rational thinker, of course, and is very very wrong on torture. Otoh, remember how many wars Clinton started, and the twice she tried to get Russia involved in one vs the US, Ukraine and Syria :


Such simple propaganda, “Company X is responsible for 4.5% of the CO2 produced since 1750”. Certainly we could stop all of the named 93 companies, but that is the same as telling civilization to stop. And dumb “didn’t happen” stuff like the CFCs being a responsible industry initiative, when it was that the patent on CFCs was about to run out, and they were too cheap to make much $ with anyway. So DuPont, I think it was, invented an expensive replacement and convinced the greens to support legislation against CFCs in the name of our atmosphere’s ozone. The science is BS. They think it is a good thing the energy companies “have stopped fighting the science of global warming”. No need, truth is predominating, and an ice age is likely upon us, reality is the ultimate argument, we hope. All this passes for thinking among the greens  :


The Nobel Institute is cooperating fully in costing the world’s elites the rest of what little credibility they might have had. To be fair, I read something to the effect that Brzezinski has reversed his stance on Russia and thinks our push of NATO up against it so aggressively is wrong. That still doesn’t rise to the level of an award, imho :

Orwell in Oslo: Nobel Institute Honors Kissinger (Again) and Brzezinski

There has been a strong anti-Muslim propaganda campaign since the founding of Israel. This is the result in 2016, far-right parties are anti Muslim, not anti-semitic. No improvement at all :


People need to take more psychedelics, we wouldn’t have so much hatred, literally and reliably :


Improving your privacy protection :


Putin’s annual SOTN address :”We need friends, will work with Trump”. How can that be bad ? :


The story of how Boys Town was corrupted and supplied children for sex to the highest political levels of the US, including the first Bush in the White House :

State of ImmunoTherapy for cancer :


The loss of top predators often leads to a collapse of the entire ecosystem they were a part of :


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