Daily Reading #3A

I was very wrong about Julian Assange’s status. I hate being wrong, this is about the 3rd time for something major in the blog, and I always spend half the night thinking about how not to do it again. Again I conclude, there is no way to prevent being wrong if you try to understand the real world, because it is the nature of nature. Most people don’t notice how often they are wrong because they don’t render their thoughts public. Anyone who does will see how fallible we all are, and will trust others less as a result.

I work through a lot of evidence on too many topics every day. I have to depend on other’s collection of evidence, nobody can go through it all. I check deeper than many for at least some topics, because I come to different conclusions frequently and am not so often wrong, but when I am wrong, I missed something. In this particular case, I missed or didn’t believe claims he was OK, because I didn’t see that they were authoritative and it would have been so easy for an alive and well Assange to reassure everyone, but he didn’t!

This was his mechanism of reassuring everyone, finally.

Julian Assange Alive: WikiLeaks Founder Makes First Live Appearance In Weeks Amid Conspiracy Theories That He Had Died

I extrapolated about what Assange being abducted must mean, perfectly reasonable commentary based on an incorrect premise.

Sorry about that, but when I get omniscient you won’t have to be skeptical. I keep trying, but unlikely to succeed, the nature of nature being what it is.

Following the 4th Amendment carefully would help make America Great again :

Following the Fourth Amendment Would Help Make America Great Again

My thought that the Podestra’s images as suspects in the McCann kidnapping was the simplest explanation is just what makes it more likely blackmail by intelligence agencies than reality. I included this link yesterday, he says the witnesses did not have that kind of detail in testimony, so he doubts it, and still thinks Madelaine was dead before the ‘kidnapping’ based on a cadaver dog. Not simple :

Abby Martin on the Podestas. I watched this before, don’t think I included it :

This indicates law enforcement is part of the coverup, so many missing kids in Virginia, no photos for half of them, and no systematic alarm about the pattern. “Numbers are ramping up in 2016” ; Halloween is a hot time for kidnapping children for rituals. Past time for pitchforks and torches, I think. Missing and Exploited Children is an organization that isn’t entirely legitimate, I think, as a 97% recovery rate is not true, but I could be maybe extremely wrong. That could only be true and OK if the great majority of the children reported to the police were local runaways, went to some friends’s place for a few days. I need to study that, because “where do so many children come from” is a big question in this. Trafficers must be the source of a lot according to some of the articles I have seen so far, it is big business.  Where do they get the kids? :

Another run through of the basic #Pizzagate info. Rational people looking at the evidence come to the same conclusions, but I remind you a lot of people thought Assange was dead for rational reasons:

A man who was a ‘cleaner’ for Interpol, a group that went around kidnapping the sex trafficers, torturing them to extract info, and then killed them. I am far more concerned about the fact that Interpol had such a group than anything else, nobody seems to pick up on that point. Guy wrote a book on his experiences. The interviewer here takes him at face value, I have not seen other reviews :


This MP thinks that Parliament and associates are not taking slavery, sexual or otherwise, nearly seriously enough:

The same stuff is happening in the US, the authorities take children for no reason, and they end up being very abused and worse :

More examples of CIA and federal coverup of elite sex crimes :

All-time most ridiculous ‘crisis actor’: President Bush’s gay male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, acting as White House ‘objective professional media’ to pimp US Wars of Aggression

Monkey in Libya causes 15 deaths, an effect of Clinton’s foreign policy. Hex on a foreign policy topic, a better commentator than anyone in MSM by a long way :

The more I watch Alex Jones, the better I understand why I haven’t watched him. He likes to frame everything as a giant conspiracy from the beginning of the world. The CIA put Mao into power as part of a long term plan to use cheap Chinese labor as a means of taking over the world? Not likely, I think. OTOH, some programs are a lot more rational and believable. A very mixed bag.

I find it amazing that any University in the first world would need to pledge to support Free speech. PC was always insane :

The last couple of days I sent a link to an Orthodox Rabbi explaining what an anti-Jewish concept Zionism is, and publicizing the many demonstrations against their government’s policies against the Palestinians, who they regard as fellow citizens of Palestine ever since Islam began, along with the Christians for the last 2000. This discusses Kushner and his strong influence on Trump. But, this disusses Kushner’s strong ties with people close to Netanyahu. Discounting all the other stuff as standard NYTimes BS, I will be surprised if a Trump Presidency touches 9-11 :


I certainly hope these people are wrong in their fears that a Trump admin will be less open than a Clinton admin, but have to admit I never looked. I didn’t care how bad Trump was or how, she was so much worse by any objective measure. She had a track record, all bad, no triumphs big enough to outweigh so much bad.

At this point, Flynn looks surprisingly good from half a dozen of analyses of his career. I should look at Bannon and Priebus and Kushner more. They are shaping up as the inner level of the Presidency this next term :


TomDispatch’s view of a day as a reporter in TrumpTowers :

The Manhattan White House, the Secret Service, and the Painted Bikini Lady

The only conclusion I can draw from this amazing case of a German intelligence officer, having converted to Islam secretely, being caught online organizing a plot to bomb German Intelligence HQ, is that recruiting standards must be very low, training standards much worse than that. Intelligence officers really should not be caught from online traces :


I am against PC. This decries the various EU versions of PC. In the Netherlands, the Dutch have a problem with Moroccans, Moroccans are a big majority of the recent immigrants, and their kids are wild, standard inner city shit. The Dutch have too much PC to deal with it, not that it is easy to deal with it inside any society for any social group. PC insists on saying that any version of “there is a problem with Moroccans” is racist per se. Lousy thinking, and the EU is going down there because of the equivalent in other countries. Much of France has had close relationships with Algerians from previous generation, they are as now French as anyone else. You can easily find comment from the older Algerians about how terrible the new French-speaking refugees are. And meanwhile, the Left is relentless in calling it racist, and they are losing that argument, finally, thank God.

But the thing they all miss is how much the government makes everything worse, children in modern societies are brought up by the school and their fellows as much as by their parents, because they spend more time with school and fellows than parents.

I know we can get along with Muslims just fine, I have in my work several times, and several of my MDs in a recent medical problem were Muslim, others were Jewish. I couldn’t tell anyone noticed. Also, watch The Wire. From reading the several “year with a detective unit in a big city” novels that came out a few years back, that script seems solid. Those detectives are part of a team selected in a meritocracy, and they work for each other’s regard. Race is a consideration in who might be best to get play the good cop, but not much otherwise. That is all very believable, imho :

Multiple Simultaneous Threats: Nexit Next?

This is a review of The Wire from the side of the drug dealers. Their verdict is ‘fairly authentic’, but they thought the writers didn’t understand some of the higher-level interactions of feds and locals in drug investigations, and that Bunk was too smart not to be on the take from drug dealers :

What Do Real Thugs Think of The Wire?

Although these are academic and ideological, the genre is wide, so they are the kind of “OKs to vote against Clinton” I have been reading all year. They came from every part of the political spectrum and all the ethnic groups. Somewhere I read that 1/3rd of minorities voted for Trump. Very few were NOT entitled to vote, I am willing to bet :

Coming Out Of Election Haze: How Do Women On Left Overcome Elite Feminism?

This is true and a good discussion, but also a simple black and white view of our very complex country and government, 2 dimensional. His is a very pollyanna view of government as pure good, which it certainly is not. Reasonable view of political minds, I think. People aren’t simple, even so, and like he says, everyone wants to believe they are good people and mostly are, except for the unfortunate effects of their more extreme opinions. Lakoff is a fine scholar, but no more rational in his own politics than any Progressive :

A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do

The war on cash is entirely bogus, of course. It is a way to force all spending into view of the government :


Trump is very good at producing supporters. Here, he feeds cops :


This is Alex Jones on 5 Nov, not long after the revolt within the NYPD and the FBI and the leaks. Funny I don’t recall the ZH headline, but the FBI testifying that “Hillary is the Anti-Christ, Literally” must have had an effect on the election, and this amplification by Alex Jones far more. This is what spread that meme, which I had heard often about both Obama and Hillary beginning years ago. I do not like this guy’s approach to the news, but have to admit that MSM makes it easy for him because they don’t touch stuff like this. Did you know that the Clintons are known devil worshipers and associate with the same? Looks like they are, really, otherwise Alex Jones’ lawyers wouldn’t let him say things like this on the air. From my other reading, this is all very easy to believe, there are people doing these things throughout the world. Also, I see why Trump thanked Jones for electing him, I think this kind of stuff certainly had a big effect :


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