OK, Assange is NOT dead

Mere hours later, I see that the evidence is real that Julian Assange is alive. I kept seeing claims, but couldn’t see that any of them were valid, whereas there were so many more-than hints he wasn’t functional. What is the craziness with meeting with the Swedish prosecutor, asking questions via paper instead of a traditional interview?

It was a story completely consistent with kidnap, and then ‘Anonymous’ did that recording.OK, I knew it could be bogus, but it also fit. OK, I was very wrong in all this, but there is something else going on that makes it an esay conclusion to reach. Assange is sick or something? Too much abnormal about the last 33 days of Assange’s life, just as #Pizzagate arrived.

Julian Assange Alive: WikiLeaks Founder Makes First Live Appearance In Weeks Amid Conspiracy Theories That He Had Died

Now I see that Julian Assange runs a slipshod organization. That is too many mistakes in a row in their operations, is that normal to have checksums not match? And what was his refusal to come to the window of the embassy all that time? Or sign some email with his digital key? Their operation effectiveness is shit.


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