Daily Reading #39

The world’s headline “Julian Assange has been seized 33 days ago“. Indications are very strong that Assange, the world’s dissident, has been rendered. It would have been the US CIA and UK’s local forces, no other country could manage a kidnapping and extradition on an embassy grounds, that embassy does not have zero protection, so the fact that nobody noticed means Equador cooperated. If it can happen to an Australian citizen in the eye of the world on protected embassy grounds, what do you think it means for your dissent?

Assange was doing legitimate open publication of information given to him.  He did not steal any of it, and some was given by elements of the US government. If our government does not track down the people who did this, and punish them severely, any Freedom Of The Press we thought we had is gone, entirely subservient to one power or another. The trends in cracking down on people and press are very negative, we have several recent examples of open murder of dissenters by officialdom and the rate of unexplained deaths among dissenters and investigative reporters is sharply up, way past time to get excited :

My very next thought is that 33 days ago was about when Pizzagate started. I am late making that connection, in fact the rumors surrounding his disappearance started the next week. I had seen those, then saw what I interpreted as contrary evidence and ignored it. Now we find that Podesta’s emails in the Wikileaks files are scrubbed of Podesta’s emails in the weeks surrounding Madelain McCann’s disappearance.

I note that this entire era in craziness has an end-game feel to it, and have said that for several years. Too many things are too irrational, too short-term.

That was a CIA operation protecting their own. It is not being discussed in MSM. What do you think that means? I think that means our overthrow of the #Pizzagate cabal is going to be painful and take a long time, because pedophile interests have significant control of the CIA and military of all of our countries. We are a variety of military dictatorship. If Trump approves this, I will give him no further support.

CIA’s control didn’t start yesterday. I read the early analyses of the JFK shooting, kept up with the congressional analyses. The last of those concluded ‘conspiracy by people unknown’, but they knew the CIA did it. This has a discussion of a confession to that conspiracy, and a 2nd-hand confession of a guy who told his daughter that he had been standing beside one of the shooters on the grassy knoll :

This association of CIA and coverup of pedophilia is far from the first time it has been noted. The fact that people with intelligence backgrounds are often seen doing that is covered in this, a detailed view of only a few cases in US history :


1 child in 92 disappears goes missing every year! Do you need anything else to understand why parents became so protective this last generation? Along with the rise of the pedophile rings, we will find. Burning Platform has a ton of very good links :


CHSmith on liberating yourself from the mental gulags imposed by MSM’s uniform world view :


Also, I haven’t linked to a Woodpile Report lately. Another place I get behind on reading because everything he links to is interesting. Sensible opinion, for the most part. Not in dealing with a multi-cultural world, I think he gets a lot of that wrong, but still interesting and sensible on many things in our society and political system. Just like all sources, you take the best and leave the rest :


One of the good ones out of there is this very extensive analysis of the Politically COrrect aesthetics, ethics, mindset, point of view, whatever you want to call it :


Our rulers have a great need for war, and the propaganda organs cooperate fully :



Obama Creates New Al-Qaeda Out of Thin Air to Justify His Somalia War

More videos dealing with authorities and pedophiles. This is the UK, but I think much of the same things happen here, because the stories we have heard of the problems parents have if they randomly and innocently come to the attention of child protective services have many of these elements :

These stories, the overall picture, are horrifying :

How taxes were shifted from the wealthy to the middleclass homeowners :


This is the best link of the Podestas to the McCann kidnapping.  I have been looking at other videos that ‘explain’ that event. They all make it very, very complex and don’t handle why the Podestas are the drawings of the suspects, both of them makes that a very very unlikely coincidence. The Podestas staying in the home of a fellow pedophile are a much simpler explanation, and fit with the evidence, at least as this presents it :

Comparison of sportscasting and Trump’s techniques of connecting with audiences. Interesting :


El Nino’s reversal drops temperatures 1C, biggest steepest falls on record. This is a prediction contrary to the AGW crew, that the sun spot cycle is pushing us to an ice age, not carbon dioxide to a heat wave :


The US does not have the moral high ground at Standing Rock :


Fracking produces export liquid natural gas :


We need to end our alliance with the Saudis. What does the US get out of that? Except for arms sales, of course :

WikiLeaks Yemen Files Unmask Washington’s Bloody Role

500 US soldiers acknowledged to be in Syria, part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and a death :


Trump is correct on the climate issue, there is no AGW and all $ spent for those efforts is wasted, as are all the subsidies for renewable fuels. It should not be a political issue, it is an issue of science, and I don’t see how AGW can be supported. They don’t either, they are the ones dong the fraud :


Interesting story of Ohio River locks as failing infrastructure :

Light entertainment from medical diagnosis :


Dogs are better at reading gestures than apes, as good as human toddlers :


Trends are strongly authoritarian, and Trump doesn’t fix that :


Recounts run the risk of exposing vote fraud, so of course they are opposed :


Political currents interacting with economics in Europe :


Aleppo is being retaken by the Syrian government and allies. Those include US-supported Kurdish forces. It is being lost by other US allies, including elements that share much of the ISIS ideology, and sometimes fight wit ht them. US foreign policy is run by the CIA and the military, who aren’t necessarily on the same side :


Yes, the Obama presidency was largely a failure :

Obama’s Legacy: Obamacare Failure, Drone Policy Failure, Guantanamo Failure, NSA Spying Failure

Trump supporters have not, by and large, been the violent ones in the confrontations. Not civilized behavior, proto-brown shirts :


Too much of a conspiracy view, but valid points and they certainly were taken into account by the various interests who affect progress towards the Presidency and influence votes :

This is really why Hillary Clinton was made to lose the election

Ron Paul’s “Real Fake News List” :


We humans have always partaken of the bushy tree of hominid species :


The world if drugs were legal :


Good News About Marijuana Mounts

India’s demonitization is literally starving people :


Apple has lost the flow of products it had when Steve Jobs was alive :


1 new billionaire in the US every 6 days for the next 5 years, everything being the same in hedgefund land :


The liberal post-mortem is not going well. The party has not acknowledge that Clinton’s record was terrible and has not understood the positions of the insurgents to both parties:


This is a BS non-understanding intentionally. Trump supporters hate freedom and equality? BS :



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