Daily Reading #38


Funny, but exactly how was Hillary Clinton going to be different from that? The banksters and Soros-class people like her a hell of a lot better than any of them like Trump.

Indeed, there is reality to Pizzagate, and MSM is doing a lousy job of investigation :

If Trump wants to get the economy going again, abolish the Fed :


We live in an increasingly authoritarian state, the other side of the government failure. Repression requires increasing intensity of application as the injustices continuously increase and those foster the next rebellion. People who seem like they are rational and serious and in circles of the same express very often the statement that we are close to a shooting war. Donald Trump is interpreted as the last peaceful attempt to get the government back inside the constitution :


Zionism is an ideology not supported by serious Jews :

The cumulative war crimes of Western Civilization against the Middle East now exceed those of Nazi Germany :


I have not watched Alex Jones much. He is more reality based than I had thought, but his entire personna is exactly that (he was the comic Bill Hicks, who I liked a lot, before deciding to to become Alex Jones, a more lucrative career for an entertainer), . I liked his guy Paul J. Watson first, had watched a few of his videos. Yes, I was wrong, Jill Stein is working for Clinton, and the evidence for Clinton stealing the election is much stronger than I had thought — Alex Jones cites 5 states clearly stolen as judged by the most serious researcher in voter fraud, Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, a Democrat. However, I haven’t found a link to her saying that yet, so not confirmed, imho. Alex Jones is not a moderate person, he overstates everything by a great deal and at great length, so I can’t stand listening to him for long. Watson is plain spoken, unnecessarily forceful from an academic-wannabe’s pov  :

At least one newsman gets it :


This discusses Stein’s recount motives. In the comments, ‘Chris Dakota’ links to :


So Stein is just another two-faced politician, and her motives in the recount must be entirely for Clinton. I was very wrong. Also, Bev Harris apparently said that 5 states were clearly stolen for Clinton, although that was claimed on InfoWars and I haven’t found her saying it. So, Clinton did try hard to steal the election, but you can’t steal a landslide of the size Trump got.

The zh article also has a comment by skepsis101 on the Electoral College and how changing that is a goal of the Democrats, very good.

This is a link from the voat.co/v/pizzagate investigation. It discusses Janet Reno’s role in child sex prosecutions, and how she made it harder to prosecute them and did so with a method of generating evidence that was entirely bogus, so the prosecutions unraveled.  From her examples, at the time it seemed to me that the entire pre-school molestation scare was hugely overblown, that child molestation didn’t exist :


NPR vs reality in #Pizzagate. Sort of funny, but give it a few years and every news presenter will sound like this, or worse. MSM is doing a lousy job. There is a very solid connection of the Podestas with the McCann kidnapping, and a social group that has strange tastes in art and entertainment, very different use of some parts of our language, and has many connections with commercial sex, an abnormal number, in my opinions.  Hillary Clinton is a big element in that social network and was involved with a scheme to move orphans from Haiti, allied with people who had been involved with child trafficing. Those are not fantasy, the are obviously major leads for any law enforcement interest, they are not widely known yet, and NPR was careful to go near none of them.

That interview left the listener with the impression Alafantis was the rational, well-spoken victim of a vast internet conspiracy of right wingers who all hate Hillary. It is easy to find expression of opinion on any of the large sites like zerohedge to support that opinion, it isn’t entirely false. However, it only applies, as far as I can see, to the consumers of the research, not the researchers. the posts on voat.co/v/pizzagate’s threads are all very careful to be calm and cool. There was a proposal to ban any use of the term ‘faggot’ because it made them seem biased, I believe the concensus was they weren’t about banning things, and nobody did it anyway. They are all trying hard to be unbiased and super rational. Long polite arguments about whether some incident in recent events is connected and how so if useful.  Clearly and forcefully stated, lots of emphasis on logic and reality, they follow leads but don’t jump to conclusions. Good epistemology, it seemed to me.

No, it is not a conspiracy, it is people following up the lists of leads and finding new ones. Lots and lots of new ones. It is a citizen research effort very much like The Generalissimo was running in the future. His were to be private until the case was ready for an open trial.

These people can’t hide everything, and all of the electronic, digital, videos and chats they have ever done are being retrieved. The standard question is “how can NSA not know all this stuff?”, but it answers itself, there are a ton of new leads, each of which generates one or more threads, every week, an exponential explosion of leads and company names and associations, most of them not relevant, but you have to look to be sure and tidbits come up in the stranges places. NSA probably has a rule that sexual deviance leads are given to a special group that prioritizes them for security risks and otherwise carefully notes their existence and ignores them. They don’t have an infinite number of analysts either. But guaranteed they have an interest, because it is blackmail material, and most of NSA-CIA’s power comes via that.

That is a verity for any intelligence group, their power is blackmail. If you don’t believe it, consider the case of the good friend of John Podesta, with whom he keeps up with to the present as shown by the Wikileaks emails, the ex-Republican Speaker of the House from Chicago, Dennis Hastert. Hastert was the pedophile with a taste for little boys who the CIA supplied with boys in his overseas trips, and in turn the CIA had its way in the House of Representatives. Hastert was connected with drug smuggling because there were a number of ex Gladio operators/mobsters from Turkey who relocated to Chicago. They delivered delivered suitcases of cash and little boys to his Chicago offices, where he lived.

Hastert was in office 2 years after the first public information about his $3M payment to a kid he had molested in high school because MSM didn’t think it newsworthy, or something. This in the same era as Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to a federal judge about screwing Monica Lewinski. 3 or four Speakers of the House in a row resigned because of sexual scandals.

I have several important threads in my mental queues. One big one is the intelligence services of the US being rather active in helping select our President, in that they have released the various email archives to Wikileaks. William Binney stated that some time ago, I believe, and I saw it claimed that it had been verified inedependently, but didn’t see the link itself yet, still looking. However, I also haven’t seen any arguments against the idea, seems like it is accepted where I read comments.  I personally think they would have failed to support the Constitution had they done anything else, but the fact that they had to make the choice is a failure of the system.

Systems with self checking and corruption are not stable, I believe the massive corruption is an inevitable part of large government, a system cannot develop in a human-compatible way when controlled from the center, when using rules and regulations. That corruption breeds these methods of training loyal minions in crime to think and act like a psychopath, depend upon their leader and do what they are told.

These things spread as do any disease or fad, our society seems to be on a high point of interest in the occult, I see it everywhere, people in the software world as prominent as ?? are leaders of some Wiccan whose ceremonies, he hints every now and again, involve sexual activity. I think they are benign, voluntarily, but those bleed into all sorts of other groups and the Luciferians or whatever they call themselves are one of the extremes. These Luciferians or whatever aren’t new, but they are certainly newly prominent and I want to believe that these sacrificial rites are new. They were real in the old days, “The Vikings” has episodes of human sacrifice, and people claim to be resurrecting the old powers. Don’t laugh, Clinton damn near made it.

The claim of a coup by clinton stealing the election and counter-coup by intelligence services was in several threads on zh and voat.co/v/pizzagate today, as well as videos on Youtube. This is a video :

Steve Pieczenick is the info, Alex Jones being a crude human being if the first section, why does he think that helps?

Very fine PR Trump produces for himself :

This is the backup of the claim that the Podestas were in Portugal when Madelaine McCaine :

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