Daily Reading #36

The Pedophile investigations are proceeding in Europe. This is interesting in many ways, e.g. at 44 minutes it discusses the reason for systematic abuse of children, attributes it to leadership training of the Kakistocracy, government by the least qualified, most unprincipled, most ruthless. The ending discusses the care needed in researching these topics.

This is the Corbet Report. James Corbett is one of the people who has made his living producing news for some years, is very good. He appears often with the people at Boiling Frog to make a very good news organization, broad scope and all outsider’s views :


This an ex-CIA officer discussing his case, which was his family’s poisoning on a base exposed as part of some secret program.  It is must watch if you have any love for Constitutional government. It discusses the size and scope of the secret government, which is larger than anyone can know, Congress has no control :


Oligarchies and Deep States don’t give up power voluntarily, so I don’t expect Trump to fix things any time soon, but who knows? The Internet is a new thing in the world, we can hope. OTOH, either we get the system reformed from within via new leadership, or we have to do it from bottom up, lots of blood :


Mike Krieger on his guilt in ‘Russian Propaganda’. One man, no budget, a web site, and collectively we threaten the establishment. Technologies do that kind of thing, every now and again in history :


This is an important article. India’s currency ban has been a disaster. The goal was to punish the people who have taken cash bribes and hidden large amounts of cash. The effect is to produce economic chaos, with rural areas resorting to barter. Have economists learned anything? Well, our Fed didn’t learn from Japan, has still not ever recognized a bubble before it popped, etc., so they are mostly oblivious about anything not in a textbook or advanced R&D papers they fund.

India is also a very good example of how quickly a corrupt nation can convert to totalitarian rule :


The US government is the creator of a large amount of ‘fake news’, of course. Who in our government and media think this kind of BS convinces anyone not to read the net and bloggers ? :


As one would expect, the US pays journalists in Russia, who also write anti-Putin stories :


The #Pizzagate investigation is being censored by Twitter and Reddit and major videos are removed from Youtube, so has largely been moved to gab.ai and to voat.co/v/pizzagate. The suggestion is to move videos to vid.me Both Twitter and Reddit founders have connections to pedophilia and cannibalism. The many links to pedophilia and murder of children cases make it pretty clear there are connections between these people and that it is organized as well as individual. There are many murders of investigators and prosecutors of these cases. Individiduals do research and post results and discuss. There is an overall-systematic tracking through the many leads, including those of the anonymous FBI agent who posted on 4chan some months ago. The people doing the research are organized and coherent, I do not see any craziness or lack of connections to reality :


If you watch this, look at the very many NEW  videos on the Pizzagate topic. Lots of updates of previous vids. Also, reading through pizzagate the links to people around the world is mind-boggling. The 2nd video is a British recent story, completely horrible, a documented account of satanic abuse. Ritual killings, cannibalism and abuse of children is very real and widespread, very extremely awful :

Pizzagate is not new.  This is a Boys Town -> DC link from Reagan’s era. This is an example of how FBI covers up crimes that are too politically sensitive. Sickening. This is going to lead to a house cleaning of this nation, Thank God. Way past time. I wrote two blogs on child abuse and how endemic to gov it must be last year, just based on the prior evidence and the obvious coverups :

This is just amazing. The TV news tries hard to minimize it as ‘fake news’ and ‘internet bullies’, but the video cuts its own path in your brain. Some people did campaign ads, I guess, presenting Clinton as one of the Luciferians. This is getting very hot, fast. Some videos by Ron Johnson are rather extreme, Christian vs Luciferians, imho. Not quite crazy, tho the topics are seriously crazy and the people as bad. Stay out of crowds :

This is going to be an exciting year, not at all like what any of us expected. There are many scandals coming to boiling at the same time. 9-11 and Sandy Hook are going to hit the headlines, I predict, nobody believes the government story, and secrecy has gone too far.  The CIA will be put back into a box, and I hope buried.

I didn’t know anything about Steve Bannon, watched this speech. $200T net liabiities at gov level, the total net worth of everything in the US are perhaps $50T. The money will never be paid back, it isn’t possible. Trump has a solid advisor, imho :

This is a very stupid article, trying to fit Trump into a ‘fascist’ label. Trump is very nationalist and what would be called an America Firster before WWII. He is probably more than a bit authoritarian, tho he seems to have talented team around him, inconsistent with much of that. For such a supposed sexist, he has a lot of bright and competent women around him, and seems to have raised a good family. Many Trump supporters are strong Constitutionalists who promise to hold his feet to the fire if he steps out of line. Dumb article :



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