The #Pizzagate Scandal

This is my research going down the rabbit hole of Podestra, the Clintons and #Pizzagate. I initially believed it because the researchers believe it and because I assumed the researchers weren’t completely crazy. Now, in the big picture, I don’t see how it is possible, but I could still be wrong.

I started digging into the evidence just after I found this :

So, “The Illuminati”, the Pope, … Titus Frost is not (some combo of tightly wrapped and well-educated in thinking carefully.). He is more than a bit crazy. There may be truth in it, but certainly I can’t believe it without accepting his premises. Not every piece crazy, but way too many stretched interpretations and too many questions even on the stuff I think OK. From this, far more problems than I am going to do for a crazy hypothesis. Too bad, and I was wrong, which I hate. At best, it is a very weak lead on what could have been an amazing story. This guy doesn’t have good judgement. (This was my original judgement, before I changed my mind about the strength of the evidence.)

Then, I looked at this, apparently his. The 30 minute short piece came from this, and so you assumed that Carl Herman or some other journalists cleaned it up. Actually, It isn’t bad. The only stretches are to the various symbolisms, those are no worse than any literary scholar uses and likely better connections than the average intelligence analyst uses, and a defense attorney will say ‘cherry picked evidence’.  Certainly as good as anything forming most hypotheses in science, if they are any good. If it is backed up with evidence in the outside world, which requires honest cops.

Sick shit.

Midway through, I was convinced, and was impressed by the evidence of his and the groups research and video making. I didn’t change my mind until after watching all of his videos.

I just finished that.  The links are weaker toward the end, more easily confused with normality.  That will be the police’s job to run down the evidence, but the public will collect a lot of the network evidence, accounts linked to each other, etc.

The next videos are a) a discussion of occult symbolism and the symbols on John Podestra’s hand. I don’t know anything about it, it is numerology.  That is the problem of meaningful relationships, harder in math than in the real world, and there are so damn many of them. OK primes and squares and sums are of course important, and in occult symbolism mirror images are important and meaningful. Meanignful because they defined them to be meaningful and searched for the connections and gave them meaning, in my view, but of course they would claim they have existed in the deep core of reality since the beginning of time and so had intrinsic mystical meaning. If it wasn’t 14 and pi and … it would be something else, there are too many irrational constants of deep mathematical significance and other cults could easily be built on the others, in the same way. You just have to be a nut and play with numbers long enough.

No question, many of the people connected are seriously strange, but the evidence for disappearing children is slight. I think kids can be disappeared easier than adults, you see cases every now and then where some adult apparently killed a child and covered it up for many years, but what these guys are talking about is organized and considerably larger scale. There is no evidence that I know of for such a thing, and it is the kind of thing that would get attention.

I know the world still has a pedophilia problem, where age of consent is the issue. Ditto hidden homosexuality. We have seen indications of that for many years, and quite possibly this case is mixed into some of that. Dennis Hastert showed the CIA controlling a congressman via its pimps providing boys to Hastert. DC has scandals with pages every few years. Haiti complained about the Clintons and friends stealing children. Epstein, Wiener and Clinton are certainly a firm nexus of sex crime with the too-young.

I could be wrong, tenuous evidence does not mean ‘no crime’, necessarily, of course. But I think it would take a lot of police work for any individual to be charged, and not many will be because many are innocent.

Added 3 days later : The day after I published this, I found the article saying the FBI had confirmed the Podestas were in Portugal and same town as 3 yo Madelaine McCann when she was kidnapped. Tony Podesta apparently does grueling trips to Europe. That connection puts a completely different light on them, and also ties the various subjects of the #Pizzagate investigation much more firmly to real crime. (That is in tomorrow’s Reading List.)

So #Pizzagate has a very real core, where concluded they were likely occultists and other strange folks who just liked to spend time with people like them, that there was a more innocent explanation or at least a defense attorney would produce one. Now I think the defense attorney is going to have to work harder, because the prosecutors only have to turn one participant, the entire case may unravel.

Tie any member of the tight group to a real crime, and it is imperative to investigate all of them.


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