Daily Reading #32

This newest scandal is absolutely huge and looks real to me. I don’t hear falseness in the video, the guy is sincere, and the data looks legit. Carl Herman is not a person who lies, so far as I know. I don’t always agree with him, but I don’t know anything negative, he wouldn’t be publishing on Washingtons Blog.

This is more than plausible, it is inevitable that crime would come out from all the emails lost, and if Clintons, it would involve sex. The fact that Bill Clinton was involved is the only reason I thought Trump might have been involved in that stautory rape of the girl in cClifornia. OTOH, Trump doesn’t do drugs, and seems to have been too smart to be caught that way before.

Carl Herman is a nut0 for because of his political opinions, several reasons, including his opinions about free banking and insistance in including that in every post. This story is about a couple of pedophile investigators were looking at the podesta emails, From that small thread, an entire country will unroll. Kid you not. This is an amazing pedophila scandal involving. I rush to claim that I had written two posts related to pedophilia :

Washington’s Blog Correctly Connects Pizzagate to Everything That’s Wrong In The World

And it is also the best of our new researchers and internet publishing. We don’t need MSM. We need more independent investigators.

The worst source of fake news is our government :



More downsizing of MSM, even bloomberg.


These are the same regulators who didn’t notice for so many years while Wells Faro was ripping off the people who had mortgages from them. No executives went to jail. More whistleblowers lost their jobs than executives :


More economic indicators headed down :

Inventory to Sales Ratios: What’s Really Going On?


An example of what any new President faces :http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-18/california-s-democrats-are-ready-for-political-war


And unexpected assistance from Bernie Sander’s crew :



No, AGW is NOT a scientific consensus or scientific fact. 50 computational models build with a particular set of facts and constants do show that, but models of all kinds need validated before they can be trusted, and so far global temperatures have diverged cooler from the temps the models predicted:


I agree, pardoning all of the whistleblowers would be a smart thing for Trump to signal his allegiences. Of course, it might get him killed :


Trump will prove to have banking investments :

Much of the Trump cabinet is not the normal insiders, but not better than that. Maybe Flynn :


The Sessions Nomination and the “Emergency Exception”

I would like to point out that Obama could have prosecuted all the CIA torturers, but didn’t. Likewise, critiquing Trumps choices for so many other admin positions, they are selected from the bastards Obama didn’t prosecute :


BS to all this :


Of course, Mike Pompeo wants to revive mass surveilance. Snowden can forget a pardon. Anyone who thinks they don’t have the meta-data, who called who when and how long for every single call made in the US, doesn’t understand the billing system. All that info gets sent by the telephone companies to an Israeli company, closely cooperatitive with the CIA and NSA because Israel has access to American’s collected raw intelligence, so they can calculate bills. Of course NSA has access to the meta data, it is pure fiction to say otherwise, that ‘the Patriot Act’ was repealed :


I read completely nearly every article I link to :

Dear America, the ‘Fake News’ List Will Slaughter Freedom of Press — and It’s Everyone’s Fault 

Flynn strongly supports Erdogan, so he isn’t perfect. Erdogan has trended strongly authoritarian :


Syrian fighting intensifies

1st world communications is to the point where we see the war porn, but not enough context to judge more than “that was terrible, evil” and the moral and ethical judgements atrocity vidoes make so easy. (That page has been open since October.)



I worked for a monitoring company for a while :


We knew this when I was in school. There were already studies showing transplanted cortical tissue produced behavioral learning improvements :


Copied from NakedCapitalism :

The Bezzle: “Analyst: Tesla, SolarCity Are Nothing But Smoke & Mirrors” [ETF Daily News]. “In total, Musk-connected businesses – Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX – have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support, according to data compiled by The Los Angeles Times. Despite all the largess, none of these businesses make money…. My back-of-the-envelope analysis (and I don’t need more than that) values Tesla and SolarCity at zero. Actually, my analysis values them at less than zero. The opportunity costs associated with both companies are huge. Capital that could have been invested to develop legitimate, market-driven power sources and consumer products has been squandered on a fantasy.”

NC today has a link to Cryptome, a release of Intelius public records on major Trump administration figures, e.g. Priebus. (I didn’t read any of them) :

The problem is not ‘free trade’. The problem is cheap money, which makes the costs of moving production overseas so much less so quickly, and thus increases the rate of what would be ‘natural’ adjustments. One should not try to stop trade, not even slow it down, your own economy will hurt more and you can only help the most-obviously hurt. But there is no need to increase the rate of that natural process :


We thought the priests molesting kids was bad, this is genocide :


This would make it easy to grow a big garden --> distributed food production :


Peter Turchin claims the over-production of college graduates is our version of overproducing the elites, which cause social troubles :
Arrogance, lack of enthusiasm or incompetence everywhere. All of those mixed with Clinton's lack of physical stamina is more like it.

Depending upon whether you think being sub-par educationally means you are sub-par intellectually, maybe Trump had some incompetence on his side. Whatever. It is a big club and you ain't in it :


Just like Obama, Trump got elected on an anti-war theme and then stocks his admin with neocons :

Insurance companies with stockholders pay 12% less of insurance fees to people who had accidents than mutual companies :

Some Chinese smartphones have backdoors so another party can log into your phone and inspect the contents. US phones do also, also government installed, but you aren't as likely to notice them : http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/second-chinese-firm-in-a-week-found-hiding-backdoor-in-firmware-of-android-devices/ Methodology and epistemology in experiments and statistics. Randomized Controlled Trials are one of the few powerful ways of delving information from the real world, outside of a lab. You still have limits to the interpretation of the info, no knowledge is pure : http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2016/11/the-limitations-of-randomised-controlled-trials.html Fostering the dangers that your security software protects against is not unknown : https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/10/spreading-the-ddos-disease-and-selling-the-cure/ As fully displayed by Snowden, NSA can't keep secrets. NSA still can't keep secrets. This has nothing to do with NSA's management or people, it is controlled by the nature of information and people. With people, they nevertheless had moles, and no method of detecting lies fixed that. If someone wants to share information they have, it is very difficult to prevent them. With computers, the problem is worse, computers have no self-control at all, they do whatever they are instructed to, and people's instructions are rarely perfect. Imperfections leak information. Our very miserable government doesn't adhere to treaties, why is Standing Rock continuing? : https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/21/standing-rock-protest-hundreds-clash-with-police-over-dakota-access-pipeline This next link has a good comment stream, pro- and con- MSM. Not many friendly comments, more than a few not even rational. Donald Trump just decided on the marketing approach for his own channel complete with advertising, and that the Web is a fine replacement for MSM. Wonder how long it will take the the news execs and anchors to understand what he told them? Donald Trump is on track to be our last President, but Hillary Clinton would have been also. America's best guess was that Donald's path has less war in the immediate future : http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-22/emotionally-fcking-pissed-media-blows-embargo-and-lashes-out-trump-fck-him

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